Cornish – Azure water and skyscrapers

Embankment and Kornish Beach Some guidebooks are called "the main attraction of Abu Dhabi Emirate". Every month there is up to 50,000 tourists here, and these are only taken into account visitors to payable beaches, and just strolling tourists even count difficult.

We will not agree with this statement, because the Sheikh Zaid Mosque in the world is famous much more, and the Yas Waterworld Waterpark and Yas Mall Shopping Center take much more visitors. But it does not implore all the advantages of the Kornish embankment, and will not weaken positive emotions from local beaches and entertainment.

In this article, tell all the most interesting about this place.

What is "Cornish"?

The word "Cornish" call the road on the slope of the mountain or rock, when the road is raised on the one hand and lowered on the other. The word comes from the French "Route a Corniche", translates as "road to the ledge".

There are several dozen root in the world, even in the UAE several roads with such a name: Buheira Corniche in Sharjah, Deira Corniche and Jumeirah Corniche in Dubai, Corniche Prominade in Abu Dhabi, about which we speak in this article. An interesting fact is that all these roads are called the word "Cornish", but none of them is on the slope of the mountain and the root is not. Apparently, the Arabs very much likely like it, so use on any occasion.

Where is and how to get

Cornish Embankment is located in Abu Dhabi Emirate on the coast in the northwest of Abu Dhabi. Length of 5 kilometers away – from Hilton Abu Dhabi to Old Fish Market (Old Fish Market).

The cheapest way to get there is a bus. Fare price – Total 2 Dirham UAE. Actual course, see our page "What money in the Arab Emirates".

Throughout the embankment, routes of three buses are held: 005, 034 and 063. Feel free to ask the hotel’s reception, which buses stop nearby.

Buses 007, 009, 011, 032 Tower to the island al-Marina to TC Marina Mall, from where on foot to the promenade Kornish go 20 minutes.

If the bus is not available, you have to go by taxi, the cost of the trip depends on the distance from the hotel to the embankment. About prices Read in our article "Taxi in the UAE – Prices in Abu Dhabi". If you take a car rental, the embankment has parking for 1 100 Machinesture, parking price – 10 dirhams.


Most sightseeing excursions in Abu Dhabi pass along the Kornish embankment, show it to tourists from the windows of the bus, but do not stop. If you want to visit local entertainment and soak on the beach, you have to go on your own.

Opening hours

The embankment itself is open 24 hours, even some restaurants here work up to 4 am or around the clock.

The beach is open to visitors from 7-00 to midnight. Paid parts are open from 7-00 to 22-00. You can swim from 7-00 to sunset.

A bit of history

Before the "oil era" in the history of the UAE, the pearls lived here.

In the 60s with the beginning of oil production, this area was given to the construction of hotels for residence of businessmen and officials visiting the country. At one time, Hotel Hotel Sheraton, Al Ain Palace and Hilton were the highest in the city. Hotels were right near the sea, no promenade was not yet.

In 2002, the authorities Abu Dhabi decided to "take away from the sea" part of the territory, arrange the embankment and beaches. The project was engaged in the company Landinc (Toronto, Canada) and Parsons International. Outpassed about 50 hectares of the square. In 2003 and 2004, they laid the road, equipped the beaches and planted gardens.

Many tourists are striking, the whole promenade of the root is the creation of man’s hands.

Beach Cornish

Kornish Beach received a "Blue Flag" in April 2011, since then it does not lose.

The beach is divided into 5 zones.

– Family Beach Section – for families, women and children, lonely men are not allowed here. This part of the beach is paid and fenced off the fence "from prying eyes", the input price is 10 dirhams for adult, 5 dirhams for a child (up to 12 years);

– West Plaza Area – Public beach, free, let all;

– Al Sahil Beach – let all, paid beach, the income price is 10 dirhams for adult, 5 dirhams for a child (up to 12 years old);

– East Plaza Beach – Public beach, free, let all;

– Western Extension Beach – Public Beach, free, let all.

Beach manages Bake, it is they charge money for entrance, towels and umbrellas. Rental Towels – 10 Dirhams, Umbrella and Sunbeds – 25 Dirhams. If you do not want to pay, you can lie right on the sand or on your towel, it is not prohibited.

On the beaches more than 600 chairs, equipped 27 cabins for dressing up, there are showers. Use of shower and cabins for free. Bake company arranged several shops with beach and beverages.

Bottom on the beach Cornish Shallow, adult man on the chest, fans to swim will be inconvenient. 40 meters from the shore there is a fencing from buoshov, swim away, where deeper will not work. Lifeguard duty on the beach.

On the beach there are small gardens with palm trees, flowers and lawns. The beach is very beautiful.

On Kornish Beach with maximum comfort

If you want to relax on the Kornish beach with a chic, then you can pay the entrance to the "Beach Club", there are two here.

Club "Nation Riviera" at the St Regis Abu Dhabi Hotel offers a day pass to the hotel’s private beach, in the pool, restaurant and gym for 200 dirhams for one person and for 300 dirhams for a couple.

Club "Hiltonia Beach Club" offers access to a private beach for 200 dirhams on weekdays and 290 on weekends. Their special offer – the entrance for 140 dirhams for the pair after 15-00.

Distinguishing on the embankment

You can move around the root by bike, along the waterfront there are several rental points, the main one is in the western end opposite the Club Hiltonia Beach Club. The range of bicycles is very wide, there are mountainous and city models, and even you can take a special bike for women dressed in Abai.

Rated price is quite high – 30 dirhams per hour for adult, 20 dirhams for a child. Rent a bicycle at once for 12 hours – 250 Dirhams. Just be honest, for such money it is easier to ride a taxi.

Family Water Park – the most interesting place for children. On some sites and in guidebooks this place is called a water park that is not quite true. Under the word "water park" we used to understand the set of water slides. There is no slide in the Family Water Park, but there are many fountains, between which you can walk and run under jets.

In addition to Family Water Park, there are several children’s playgrounds on the waterfront.

Cornish - Azure water and skyscrapers

On lawns near the embankment, it is allowed to organize picnics, but the breeding of fire is prohibited here.

In the center of the embankment there is a large outdoor platform of Plaza Area, where events are arranged.

During in Abu Dhabi, Formula 1 is arranged here "F1 Fanzone". On the big screen show direct broadcast of the race, contests are arranged for children. Here, during the races, Yasalam festival is held (translated from Arab as "Wau!"). Concerts and distinguishing for guests of the festival are settled, everything is free.

And now an extremely interesting fact! The parades of the UAE army parades are arranged on the Kornish Embankment! The first parade passed on March 2, 2017.

Along the embankment, columns of soldiers were held, and a combat technique was shown near the square. By the way, it is very interesting to see the technique, because no country has such a large "zoo" of military equipment – from the Russian "SCAD" and "Grad" to the French tanks of LECLERC and BTR-3 Ukrainian production.

In the parade it is interesting to look at military divisions of cavalry on horseback and camels, in the UAE army they still have, although these troops are not planned to be used.

At the end of March, the festival "Mother Nation" under the patronage of Her Majesty Shahini Fatima Bint Mubarak is held. The festival lasts 10 days, entertainment for children: Tarzanka, concerts, master classes, swimming pools and other attractions. paid entrance.

Skyscrapers, skyscrapers, and I’m a little such

Skyscrapers of the Downtown area are clearly visible from the Kornish Embankment.

The most interesting is the ethihad towers who have become one of the "business cards" of the city and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In the highest tower on the 74th floor at an altitude of 300 meters, there is an observation deck "OBSERVATION Deck AT 300". Look these towers in the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge. About the observation platform Read our article "Lookout 300".

From the embankment to the skyscrapers of Echad go about 15 minutes. Ticket price: 95 Dirhams, 55 of them can be spent in a local cafe. Opening hours: C 10-00 to 18-00.

Near the Embankment is the ADNOC skyscraper (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). He is even higher than the highest ethihad tower, the height of ADNOC is 342 meters. Skyscraper looks amazing, solid windows of black glass in a white frame.

Right on the Quanish Embankment there are two more interesting skyscrapers. Two Nations Towers Towers cost 435 million dollars. Between them is laid the world’s highest air bridge at an altitude of 202.5 meters. The height of these towers – 268 and 233 meters. In one of these towers there is a hotel "Abu Dhabi Suite of the St Regis Hotel", where there is own cinema, fitness center, spa and macliness. Price accommodation at the most expensive Southeat – $ 25,000 per night, do not try to find it in the attract, book such a number using regular sites (Booking.COM and other) can not.

Where to eat

Along the embankment a lot of restaurants, cafes and eateries. For every taste and wallet – from hot dogs to restaurants of Italian, Japanese and traditional Arabic cuisine.

If you want to eat cheap, then look for the 6th street (6 Street), go on it from the embankment, 150 meters on my right hand will be McDonalds, another 100 meters supermarket. About how inexpensively eat in the Arab Emirates, we discussed in detail in the article "How much money to take in the UAE".

Tips for tourists

– Near the Kornish embankment (via channel) is Al-Marina Island, where many interesting places are. The main attraction of the island is Abu Dhabi Heritage Village. Also on Al-Marina Island there is a big flagpole, Ferris Wheel and MARINA Mall. You can walk from the embankment Kornish to the island you can walk in 15 minutes, or take a taxi for 12 dirhams.

– There will be a lot to walk, prudently crumpled shoes and clothes on the weather. We talked about this in the articles "What to take into the Arab Emirates" and "Weather in the UAE for months".

– Next to the waterfront, in the west of Hilton Hotel, you can see another interesting sight of Abu Dhabi – Hotel Emirates Palace.

– In many cafes and shops on the embankment, dollars and euros are not taken, traded only for Dirhama. Do not forget to change money, read our review "Currency exchange in the UAE".

Successful walks on Abu Dhabi, and read our interesting articles about the UAE (Links below).

Cornish - Azure water and skyscrapers

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