Coronamaian bike trip

– What do you think he improvises or still plans in advance?

Unlike Captain Jack Sparrow We are planning every next year of travel, but always keep in your head that in the case of force majeure will have to improvise.

On the May holidays of 2020, we have planned a bicycle expedition for the Republics of the Caucasus. Tickets were purchased, the group was formed, the active preparation of the physical form began until the moment in April, one fine evening did not come from RZD. Without opening messages, it was possible to 100% confident that this is notification of the abolition of the flight and the return of tickets.

At that time day day "Nuts were tightened", Restricted movement and interaction between people. And we as travelers intently tracked all changes in restrictions, prepared formalities, "Legends" and spare plans. The training program had to fit with caution. Common sense suggested to take the observation position:

– Not to be "kovidiotami", which packs "Taken" Police officers.

– Not to be provocateurs for inexperienced cyclists, as individual activists did.

– Do not sit at home and continue training in order to prepare for the cycle destroyer.

– Change travel calendar by canceling abroad and adapting trips under the changed train schedule and aircraft.

Rating ahead, or rather at the end of the cycle, some participants in the journey of the season 2020 failed to avoid the disease. But everything went in a light form, without complications and hospitalization. The most unpleasant, according to them, was self-insulation and social monitoring.

Coronamaian bike (for the first May holidays) was preparing in full secrecy, for those who have already won our trust and there, where the scale of COVID-19 was not yet critical. Smolensk and Tver region for this fit the most.

By the time of departure, we already had a detailed instruction on the rules of behavior and movement of cyclists in the conditions of a pandemic without violating regulatory acts with a minimum risk for health. All the provisions of the instruction we checked on our weekend training on evening cycling. Here are some items that were relevant at that time:

– Comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health
– Observe bandwidth
– Avoid the location of the accumulation of people and major transport and transfers
– Avoid potential police patrols
– Be polite with police officers, controllers, etc. and TP

Cocking route: Shahovskaya (border of the Moscow region) – Immaculate (Smolensk region) – the source of the Dnieper – Rzhev (Tver region) – Shahovskaya

Exit to the route was carried out by train at night before "Platforms 149 km". Experience suggested that passengers at this time will be little, controllers and police, perhaps and will not be at all. Plus, the Shakhovsky district is a depth of the Moscow region, which means there will be no close attention to this station. We did not make a mistake.

During our trip, we published "Diaries" in social networks. Deliberately late and without specifying a specific route and places of stops. And not in vain! Upon returning from the campaign, we learned that the cycling officers from the Pskov region were shot down police officers, returned home and hit a penalty for a violation of self-insulation. Caution is not excess.

Next will be excerpts from those diaries to pass the most fully impressions from such "Dangerous" trips. There are insignificant changes and refinements.

The 1 of May. The first day cycling trip koronamayskogo.

Day The first cycling end without adventure.

Cordons in the suburbs and on the border with the Smolensk region, which "Separate zombies and people", We have not met. (At that time, the propaganda was frank on TV that people catch, unfold or fined.)

As a result, I drove 80 km and already by 18-00 put the camp and managed to take a river shower. Water from kanov, approaching the river was inconvenient.

The direction is kept in the direction of the Smolensk region because there is no extra bandwidth and "Oil" modes. By the way, in Vladimir and Tula (neighboring areas) operate regimes. Well, a separate obscurantism in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Nightly zero day was very cold. Got up in the dark near the pond, the soil was wet. Punchy bedrooms were weakly held, on average everyone slept everything. Now the night is planned much better.

May 2. The second day of the coronary cycling.

Probably you lost us. Yes, we ourselves lost in villages on the border of Smolensk and Tver regions. I wanted to write a post, but did not come out. Internet here at all.

Overnight after the first running day was much better. Stood on the banks of the river back in the precho. They tried to even swim, but there was too cool.

From the morning moved to the main goal of the entire cycling – the source of the Dnipro River. Passed with fool 105 km. As they say, who gets up early – he grows a lot =)

There were no special attractions on the way. Only the ruins of the Palace of Golitsyn-Muromets.

And then the forest fields and forest-swamps of Smolensk region. Scanty spring landscapes. In the owl, finally, the local one did it, when we purchased overnight. S. began "Cho you sit here" Ended "Come on, Bratuha, good luck". Well, you understand how it happens =)

Another night – did not reach 20 km, to the source. Stood in the field, close to the village and cemetery. Because there was no wind =)

The souls took from the fire pond, how was it magnificent!

May 3. The third day of the coronamay cycling.

But they could twist the pedals somewhere in the warm Caucasian republics. But no, Smolenshchina!

Morning began with coffee, and from puncture. More precisely, the reason for the shedding wheel is not known, but the camera changed. It seems that the camera is a rubber who got under the tire. In any case, the tire will have to look very careful at home.

The weather gave Over +20, we are partitioned to T-shirts and anticipated the first May tan. And in general, he was slightly received before the arrival of the Vladimir monastery, which was cut off for the money of taxpayers at the very source of the Dnieper to the 1000th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia.

Coronamaian bike trip

The remainder of the third day of the coronary biscuit was spent on the road from the source of Dnieper to Rzhev. And immediately got a portion "Short roads". These forest swamps are so good that you go on them as in the greenhouse: a lot of light, sun and heat.

And then there was a soil, a lot of soil. Dry and tight. Backway wind drove us on it at a speed of 25 km / h. This is a race for a cyclist: no cars, only nature and we. By the way, we were lucky with the wind all three days, all the time is passing.

And then the fairy tale is the end =)

More for a dinner, the local holy source covered us the first rain. Hiding from him right under the roof of a comfortable spring. And then it began: we went to the asphalt (and it is very good) and rained. He was with a variable force and with different constancy. How did two punzs asked under this heavenly happiness. Get out of the clouds pursuing us did not work before Rzhev.

As a result, 93 km passed, the products were purchased and went to the local Nizhny Bohr. Here we have already spent the night in 2017 during the next May cyclotte. Place verified!

May 4th. The fourth day of the coronavirus cycling was just a weekend.

For three days we have overcame the planned four-day route and decided to stay in Rzhev. It’s better than to go crazy in Moscow in four walls.

But cyclists can not turn the pedals =)

After breakfast, we divided: part of the group went to the inspection of a new memorial, and then to the store, part supported life in the camp.

Unfortunately, the memorial is not open yet – there is a pre-holiday marafet. Put asphalt, put markings and cut the fresher lawn. Monument itself is hidden. Wound, of course, but the picture is expected very!

After lunch "on duty by the fire" We decided to try good luck and moved home, trying to catch the last train with Shakhovskaya to Moscow. The rest are left "self-insulating" in the forest. In the morning of the 5th of May to home on electric trains with transfers.

Drove 25 and 80 km respectively.

Well, The first coronoma bike trip was completed successfully. Weather managed to please and frost and sun, and the rain. Add only a small fool to our instructions for cycling in COVID-19:

When starting at the train from the Shakhovskaya station home to Moscow, the controllers granted somewhere under Volokolamsky. We have presented paper tickets + tickets on the bike, the usual procedure. But they also asked to show pass. That we knew even before the start of the campaign. Scanned a personal phone, did not come. There were no interrogations. There is – I mean there =)

As the conclusion of this report, more than six months after the main events "First wave", I would like to note some irony in relation to past events. What nonsense: hid from the police, "Mukhlevai" With passes, limited the number of participants?

But how else to live in the period of complete uncertainty? Just to think to think about security and improvise.

PS. At the time of writing reporting, Russia is at the peak of the second wave of the incidence of COVID-19. And the situation does not seem so terrible.

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