Coronavirus and tourism: how to travel during the epidemic

Despite the fact that the coronavirus is trumped from all the cracks, many travelers do not sit still in place. There are no serious closures of boundaries, if anything stops, then only a personal fear of the tourist to infect. We will not persuade you to go or not go somewhere, but just tell me how to maximize to protect yourself on a trip.

Precautionary measures

Any public place – ramp. After all, a person may not know that already sick. Therefore, it is necessary to taste about safety measures already at the exit of the house, suddenly your neighbor has just returned from Italy or another country, where the flashes of the COVID-19 virus were found. But this does not mean that it is time to wear a mask and glasses (a mask just take with you, we explain below, why).

What WHO recommends:

  • Wash your hands with soap as much as possible, especially in public places.
  • If there is no possibility to wash your hands, use antiseptics for hands, in which at least 60% of alcohol. It can be gels or sprays, sold on any pharmacy or cosmetic store.
  • Try not to touch with dirty hands nose, mouth and eyes.
  • Since the virus is transmitted by air-drip and through liquids, hold onto the sneezing and coughing people.
  • Do not eat and do not drink from someone else’s dishes.
  • Wear with you disinfectants (the same antiseptic spray). They will be useful to wipe the armrests in an airplane, for example.
  • If you are going to cough or sneeze, use one-time scarves or – if they are not at hand – do it in the bend of the elbow.
  • Coronavirus and tourism how to travel during the epidemic

What to take with you on the trip

Antiseptic for hand. If you fly with a manual loop, see the volume of jars not more than 100 ml. In luggage can be a bottle more.

Recipe medications. If you get stuck on a quarantine or at the airport, you must have a margin of the right drugs. And do not forget the recipes for them, otherwise you will take off the customs.

First aid kit. In addition to the necessary drugs, take the standard (antipyretic, from allergies, runny nose, throat pain, diarrhea, if necessary). We recommend capturing and a thermometer, just not mercury.

How to protect yourself in an airplane

Since now at many airports, security measures are strengthened, and passengers on inspection measure the temperature, that is, the probability that the patient simply will not be allowed aboard. However, the incubation period of infection is from 5 to 14 days. That is, a person can carry a virus in himself and not to know about it, and the measurement of temperature does not show anything at this stage. What then? We all will die? No.


  • At the registration stage, try to choose a place in the forefront, as there is less permeability during the flight and in general, calmer. Dvizhah most often starts in the middle of the middle and to the tail of the aircraft (there is a toilet).
  • Choose a place by the window. Statistics show that on short and high flights 38% of passengers do not leave their places, because they are sitting by the window. Most often on the salon run comrades who are sitting in the passage.
  • If you hear how someone coughes, look at how far this person sits. What he next is that safer.
  • Remember we talked about a mask that you can take with you? It came her time. If the coughing sits next to you, tactfully offer him his mask, against the background of such an epidemic, it looks normal.
  • Direct the flow of air on yourself, if possible, make it cold. This air is cleared, so it is better to breathe them.
  • Wipe the folding tables and armrests with antibacterial wipes, or pour them with an antiseptic.
  • If possible, wipe the antiseptic also the surface of the suitcase / bags, electronic devices that often keep in hand.

Remember: Masks need those who are already a carrier of the disease. This applies not only to coronavirus, but also any respiratory disease.

How to behave at the airport

Because of all these checks, a lot of time is spent. Consider this and come an hour before the usual arrival time at the airport. Believe with understanding to all security measures, do not grumble and do not be nervous, because you just delay the queue.

Also try to bypass large groups of people. Yes, at the airport it is complicated, but you can always find a secluded place. Keep the antiseptic, especially after inspection and passport control. It makes sense to wipe the antiseptic passport, you never know how many passport tried the border guard to you.

If you are already sick of the usual cold, but still decided to go on a journey, think again, whether. The loss of money on the journey is not as important as health. And if you still raise the temperature on the way to the airport, it is likely that you will not be allowed to fly at all. Also on the room all shut out, I will make answers to questions. So, if you caught the day before the departure, it is better to cancel the trip.

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