Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Turkey – Rules for tourists

What are the rules of wearing masks and observance of the distance in Turkey? What are the fines, and whether tourists are fined? Does the test for coronavirus needed at the entrance to the country? Are there any restrictions on the movement of tourists? Read the answers in this article.

Turkey is open again from June 22

From June 22, 2021, flights with the Republic of Turkish republic resumed in full. Great news, given the two months of the lack of tourists and tourists of good news. At least people will be able to implement tours canceled due to coronavirus.

New rules of entry from June 1, 2021

Passengers arriving from Brazil, Bangladesh, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Nepal, can not enter Turkey. But they can proceed through Turkish airports with transit.

Passengers who visited Brazil, Bangladesh, India, South Africa, Nepal or Sri Lanka for the last 14 days, should present a negative result of PCR test and pass quarantine 14 days.

Passengers arriving from Pakistan and Afghanistan, or visited these countries in the last 14 days, must present a negative result of PCR test and pass the quarantine 10 days.

From June 1, 2021, new requirements are operating in the Turkish Republic. Now for entry you need one of the three documents:

Option 1. Negative PCR test result on COVID-19 with a prescription no more than 72 hours. All details and requirements below in this article.

For arriving from the United Kingdom, Iran, Egypt and Singapore this option is the only one. For arriving from these countries, the test is required.

Option 2. Certificate of Vaccination from Coronavirus. The certificate must be issued by the competent authorities. There must be trampling both doses of vaccine, and the second at least 14 days before departure.

Unfortunately, no more details about the requirements for the certificate of vaccination are not yet. Turkish authorities did not even know how to inform us about what languages ​​this certificate is allowed. Although recently received information from the Turkish Ministry of Tourism that the certificate should be in English. As they say: it’s better late than ever.

It is also incomprehensible, whether all vaccines are allowed or only certain? But here, Turkey’s ministries of tourism recently explained that all Russian vaccines are accepted. Only it is not clear how to take a satellite light, because it is one-component. This Minturism did not explain.

It is also not clear which information should be present in the certificate? Is the certificate that can be printed from the state service? Do I need to put original medical institution?

Given all these circumstances, we recommend making a PCR test. It is reliably!

Option 3. Certificate of transferred coronavirus. The diagnosis should be made from 14 days to 6 months before departure. No details about the requirements for this reference.

Option 4. Test result for antibodies (up to 48 hours). No details about the requirements for this reference.

Latest news

This article is updated as the situation changes. Last update 01.07.2021. Latest news: From today, the curfew is canceled. New rules below in this article.

The number of new cases has been holding 5000-6000 in the corridor for almost a month, which is undoubtedly pleased.

Meanwhile, Turkey makes progress in vaccination. Already 34 million people vaccinated, of which 15.1 million already two doses. Medical workers and people with age 65+ began to make a third dose of vaccine. President Erdogan promised that Turkish TURKOVAC vaccine will be available until the end of the summer.

Commander’s Rules from July 1

1. Commandant hour canceled.

2. Wearing masks and compliance with the distance.

3. Cafes and restaurants are open without time limit. But in order to let guests are obliged only by HES code and with temperature check.

4. Shopping centers, cinemas, theaters, entertainment objects are open. Capacity – 100%.

5. Simulatory rooms, pools, baths, saunas and similar institutions open again. But the hookah are still closed, and in hotels to serve a hookah forbidden.

6. Attractions open almost all.

7. Public transport works, but with a limitation – no more than 50% capacity. Intercity trips are permitted.

eight. Smoking is prohibited in squares, lively streets, transport stops. Each province can enter additional bits to smoking.

nine. Massive events are allowed, but capacity is limited – 4 kV.M. per person outdoors or 6 kV.M. per person indoors.

Changes from March 15!

From March 15, 2021, all those arriving in Turkey must fill out a special declaration on Register . Transit passengers and children under 6 years have been released from the declaration of declaration. Fill you need within 72 hours before flight departure. For landing for flights and / or entrance to Turkey, you need a printout or screenshot of this declaration.

Also, after filling out the form, HES code will be generated for you. Write it down, it may be needed in some cases, for example, for Istanbulkart, other transport cards or entry into some institutions.

Rules for entering Turkey

At the entrance to the territory of Turkey with 30.12.2020 requires a pre-commissioned PCR test for coronavirus. Turkish authorities authorized airlines and departure airports to check tests.

Whether they will check the tests themselves in the future at the entrance? Wait and see.

The test requirement is only one thing: the limit of not more than 72 hours – from the moment of the intake of the biomaterial until the arrival in Turkey. But it is so far. Results can be in English or Russian. You can make a result in electronic form, but there must be a QR code. Children under 6 years old are freed from the test.

Important! Different airlines consider these 72 hours differently. Some consider from the moment of the intake of the biomaterial before departure to Turkey. Some consider from the fence to arrival to Turkey. We recommend in advance to ask your airline on their opinions on this subject using email. Next, keep the letter with the answer on your smartphone or tablet to present it in case of disagreements when landing.

Important! Different airlines interpret the rules in general. Be sure to be interested in the airline about their rules and test requirements! And do not be surprised that the opinion of the airline differs from the requirements of SHGM (Civil Aviation Civil Aviation). Now airlines do what they want. And it is not clear why they need it?

By arrival. If there are signs of infection (high temperature, cough) passenger asking for a PCR test for COVID-19. Test free! The result of the test will be obtained within 4 hours, and this time you need to wait in the airport building.

You must fill in the declaration in which the main points: the number of the chair in the aircraft and the resting place. This is necessary in case of an infected person from those present on board. In this case, the authorities will find his neighbors (on the right, on the left, in front and behind), and these people will be asked to pass the COVID-19. Test free!

In the case of a negative test result, you can safely rest on. In the case of positive will have to spend time in a special quarantine number of the hotel. Additional stays pays for the hotel. Reverse flight provides tour operator. In case of poor well-being delivered to the hospital. In any case, treatment measures are paid by insurance (if its size is grabs).

Does test transit passengers?

From January 1, 2021, the test does not need transit passengers. But provided that the transplant is made at the same airport.

IMPORTANT! As it is necessary to check the tests of the tests of the airlines, then they need to ask whether the test will need. The airline may have its own opinion on this. Be sure to check with the airline, whether the test result in your particular case will need.

Restrictions on movement

There are no restrictions on movement in Turkey for tourists.

Oil mode

Now mask mode is valid in all the provinces of Turkey (in total 81). But it is observed and controlled everywhere in different ways.

Everywhere Rule One: you need to be in a mask outside the house. However, the Rules are not talking about hotels, therefore, in hotels, guests walk without masks throughout, including beaches (if the hotel has its own beach). But if the beach is public, then the rules require wearing a mask.

Important moment! In Turkey, wearing a chin mask is the same impairment as the lack of mask. Penalty is the same.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Turkey - Rules for tourists

The real "Circus" was first worked with the fines. Article 282 of the Law on Public Hygiene does not appoint a fine. Therefore, at first, the size of the fine began local authorities on the principle of "who for what is much".

There was an anecdotic situation when in Istanbul in different parts of the city fines ranged from 379 to 3 150 Turkish lira! Only on June 19, the mayor gathered all the heads of municipalities at the meeting, and they developed a single fine for the lack of mask – 900 Turkish lire. Subsequently, this figure took most provinces of the country. But not all, in some provinces fines a little more or a little less.

Here and then the dimensions of the fines are given in Turkish lies. Actual course, see the article "Money in Turkey" or use our Lira Calculator.

In the province of Antalya (resorts Antalya, Belek, Side, Kemer, Alanya) The most soft attitude. Here the authorities arrange checks in institutions, on the streets and beaches. All warn you, distribute brochures about coronavirus, explain safety measures. But still finally.

The last information about the raid against violators police gave on May 31. Then fined 341 people, all for violations of the Commandant hour, but one person in the field of Alanya was still fined at 900 lire for the lack of mask.

The size of the fine in Antalya is 900 lire in the "Istanbul Standard".

In the Stambul The ratio is larger. Here are really fine for the lack of mask on the face. Penalty in Istanbul – 900 Turkish Lear. Police usually do not doubt on the streets, but arranges raids. Usually stand on the lively streets, they catch about 100 violators, then you are leaving. Apparently they have such a plan for catching violators.

If you just meet with a policeman, and you are without a mask, then he asks to wear a mask. And it is better to do that not to provoke a fine. There are places where the police are always a lot, for example, Sultanahmet’s Square (between the Blue Mosque and the Holy Sofia), and in these places we will have to wear a mask.

In the province of Izmir (resorts around Izmir, Czech resort) Starty, although they try to warn at first, to tourists are more loyal. Penalty – 900 lir. Raid technology similar as in Istanbul.

In the province of Mugla (resorts Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye) try not to finish, but only to warn, and even distribute masks for free. However, fined those who refuse to wear a mask. Fine floating – from 900 to 3,000 lire, but still write only at least (900).

In the province of Aydin (Didim and Kusadasi resorts) Start after warning, tourists are loyal. Penalty – 900 lir. Raid technology similar as in Istanbul.

Interesting moment on fines

In Turkey, police do not have the right to take a fine cash. The policeman is only by the protocol, and the receipt for a fine then comes by mail, and with a big delay. Now in some provinces, police began to write a receipt immediately. The receipt can be paid only in three state banks: Halk Bank, Vakif Bank and Ziraat Bank. Payment period – 30 days.

Naturally, in such a situation, it does not make sense to finish the tourist. Tourist will go home faster than getting a receipt. It is not surprising that tourists are not fine. Why? Who needs it?

In Turkey, there is no practice of restricting departure or entry into the country of people who have not paid fines. So there are nothing to be afraid to tourists. However, do not forget that in the case of inadequate behavior, a policeman can delay and deliver to the department.

Social Distance

From April 3, 2020, the Social Distance Rule was introduced – 3 steps. Unfortunately, the rules do not explain how big this step should be. Probably meant 1.5 meters.

For violation of the distance of ordinary people are not fine. But actively fined the enterprises where jobs are too close. Stretty restaurants and cafes, where seats for visitors are too close.

Responsibility for violation of quarantine

In Turkey, the Criminal Code has article 195. For a violation of quarantine, a sentence is imposed in the form of a prison sentence of 2 to 12 months.

However, the punishment under Article 195 does not apply. Police quarantine violators just returns back, and in extreme cases, 3,150 Turkish lire.

Another important to know

– to lift the mask for the reception of water or food can be;

– It is impossible for smoking. In general, the rules of smoking in Turkey remained the same, as follows in the article "Cigarettes and smoking in Turkey – prices and rules";

– What other troubles can wait and how to avoid these troubles, read in the article "What is impossible in Turkey".

Have a good holiday in Turkey, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

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