Coronavirus in Thailand

Even at the end of January 2020, when the first skeptics was identified in Thailand, skeptics proper a sad situation and a large-scale epidemic. First, all cases concerned only the visitors of Chinese tourists. In March, they began to fix the sick already inside Thailand. For a couple of months, Kovid won, but in December the second wave went, and then the third.

Latest news

In March 2021, the third wave of Kovida began in Thailand. Daily more than 2000 people of ill, which are placed in hospitals and field hospitals. Home quarantine in thailand no. Many places are closed, wearing a mask must, some provinces introduced a quarantine on arrival and the curfew.

Thailand allowed usual tourist visas for citizens of all countries and returned a visa-free entry for Russians. Read the information on the Thai Consulate website in Moscow.

Thais hoped to open Phuket for vaccinated tourists July 1, 2021, when 78% of the inhabitants of the island are vaccinated. Among the allowed vaccines, there is no satellite yet, but accreditation in the process. Vaccination of the inhabitants of Phuket goes pretty fast. Chances that Phuket will open in July, big. Thailand itself plans to open for mass vaccinated tourism in October.

Sandbox Phuket

July 1, 2021 Phuket is open for vaccinated tourists. In short: Russia in the list of permitted countries, but the satellite is not certified by Thailand. In the sandbox of Phuket, they allow tourists from countries with low- and middle risk. In the list of 66 countries, Russia is included, Ukraine and Kazakhstan – no.

For entry, the following documents are needed:

  • Employment certificate issued on the website;
  • Negative PCR test, made in 72 hours;
  • insurance for the entire period, covering the treatment of CAID, with the amount of coverage of 100 thousand US dollars;
  • Refirmation of payment 14 nights in the hotel from the Thailandsha list.COM (you can live in 3 hotels, but the first 7 nights spend only in one of them);
  • confirmation of PCR tests (you can book at home sites or even on the Klook website);
  • Vaccination certificate (vaccine must be approved by WHO or Thailand);
  • Children under 18 do not need to have a certificate of vaccination.

Upon arrival at Phuket you need:

  • go through check all documents;
  • at the airport to pass the test for the MAKID (at its own expense);
  • Install the application for tracking the movement, turn on geolocation;
  • on the transfer provided to the hotel reached the hotel’s booked;
  • wait for a negative test result in your number, after which you can leave it.

Additional tests are rented by 6-7 and 12-13 days. Paid at the expense of the tourist, an average of 80-120 dollars per test. After 14 nights on Phuket, you can go to other provinces.

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The first wave of Kovid in Thailand

In the first wave, the government quickly reacted, introduced a state of emergency and a curfew. The persuasion did not help to selfish. Then all the inhabitants obliged to wear masks. For their absence, a fine of up to 20 thousand baht relied (540 dollars). Commandant hour obliged all residents after 22:00 and to 4:00 am staying at home. The police patrolled the streets, detained the violators and fined in the amount of up to 40 thousand baht. The curfew was canceled in June, a state of emergency until the end of August.

First you might think that big fines helped to keep the thais at home or motivated them to wear masks. But it is not. Thais once again showed their cohesion when you need to unite the whole country. Perhaps one of them did not believe in the virus, but her elderly relatives will be removed.

Coronavirus on Phuket in 2020

Schools, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, entertainment and bars were closed across the country. Dangerous zones where many sicks have been detected, cut off from another world. So Phuket Island in April was not easy to be blocked from the mainland, but also be divided into areas. Between these areas it was forbidden to move. First blocked Patong and Rawai beaches. Then the mass prohibition on movement spread to other areas of the island.

Almost a month of Thais and local foreigners were forced to stay at home and wear masks. In some blocked areas there was no infrastructure: there were no hospitals and large supermarkets. I had to buy products in 7-11 or ask friends from the neighboring area to bring the required PPC. To visit the doctor, it was necessary to register online, only with such permissions were passed through block posts.

Thais even canceled one of the main holidays – Songkran or Thai New Year. In 2020, he took place in "Sukhom" mode in both senses of this word. The traditional doughs of water on the streets, the ceremony in the temples and the sale of alcohol were canceled. Phuket met the quietest new year in history.

Now limitations are removed. Shopping centers, shops, beauty salons and massage, restaurants and cafes. Everywhere comply with the social distance and worn masks. At the inputs are sanitizers with disinfectant liquid. Thai schools also opened for students. Schoolchildren and teachers wear masks, comply with the social distance and often wash their hands.

The second wave of coronavirus in Thailand

In mid-December, in Thailand, Sakon Samut Sacons found a woman, a patient in Thailand. Immediately checked thousands of people. As a result, the number of ill sharply increased. Cases of the disease already found in 30 provinces, including Phuket, Krabi, Pattaya and Bangkok.

The Thai government divided the entire country to areas: a red hazard level with a large number of patients, orange with more than 10 patients, yellow with less than 10 patients and provinces without cases of Covid. In some areas, schools closed, students transferred to the remote.

While the Thai authorities assure that the total locard, as in the spring, will not. But New Year’s events are prohibited in areas with red and orange hazard. This is primarily Bangkok. Shopping centers one after one exhibit information that all events are canceled.

On Phuket and in Pattaya, the new year has not yet been canceled, but very much reduced. Mass events are prohibited. Traditionally, residents and guests of Pattaya met the new year near Pier Bali Hai. This year there will be no reverse report.

Phuket authorities decided to cancel the new year on Patong. There were tourists every year. But now Patong and Bangla Street are more like an abandoned town from the film about Zombie Apocalypse. All cafes and clubs are closed, the streets are empty, there are no Tuk-Tukov and Taxi on the side.

While private parties are allowed in the hotels and restaurants of Phuket, if security measures are complied with: mandatory wear of masks and social distances. From the mass events, the New Year’s Fair was canceled and suspended the work of the Sunday Fair on Talang Street.

Third Wave Coronavirus in Thailand

In April 2021, the third wave of Kovida began. The first cases have revealed after mass parties in Bangkok. At that time, active partners have already managed to go to Phuket and disperse at different parts of the country. Songkran, as in the past year, passed dry. Water battles, beauty contests and foam discos were canceled.

How to come to Thailand now?

While foreign tourists must necessarily go through quarantine at the hotel at their own expense. The cost of such services begins from 22,000 baht per person. A quarantine package includes accommodation, shuttle, three-time meals. For those who are accustomed to comfort, hotels 5 *, for example, Anantara Siam. See prices and book quarantine hotels on this site.

The website of the Thai consulate in Moscow already has detailed information about a tourist visa. It can be accessed in Thailand for a period of 90 days. On the border you will put a stamp 60 days, and then you will need to extend the stay for another 30 days in the immigration office.

Documents must be submitted through VFS Global Visa Center minimum in 15 working days Before the planned departure. The full package includes regular documents:

  • passport, valid more than 6 months from the date of entry to Thailand;
  • One photo;
  • Application form for a visa;
  • Extract from the bank account in the amount of 20,000 baht (700 dollars) per person or equivalent;
  • Marriage certificate for a spouse or birth certificate for children;
  • 40 dollars for a visa,
  • Flight back and back.

Of the unusual documents on the list included:

  • confirmed and paid quarantine hotel booking;
  • confirmation of accommodation after quarantine – reservation or Cankot real estate owner; .

But just submit documents for a visa. After receiving it, you need to register on the website Coethailand.MFA.Go.Th and download documents to obtain a certificate of entry, as well as prepare documents for entry into Thailand:

  • Print certificate for entry;
  • Print booking a quarantine hotel and his payment;
  • Print medical insurance;
  • Complete and receive a certificate of permission for a flight less than 72 hours before departure;
  • make a certificate with a test for the absence of Kovida less than 72 before departure;
  • prepare a passport and visa.

Only with such documents you will be allowed in Thailand. If at least one piece will not be, you will not be allowed into the country. After quarantine, you can move freely in Thailand. Detailed list of documents for a tourist visa and all links are looking for on the website of the Consulate. To clarify questions, contact the visa center directly. Only they are engaged in visas.

The article is periodically complemented and complemented by new news. keep for updates.

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