Coronavirus in Tunisia – Rules for tourists

What are the rules for entering Tunisia for tourists? Need to enter a test or quarantine? What is the epidemiological situation in the country? There is a mask mode? Pretty tourists are fined? Read the answers in this article.

Attention! In Tunisia, different rules for independent travelers and for tourist pachnikov (on tour operators). Read the following rules for all categories of tourists.

New rules of entry from June 1, 2021

These are the rules for independent travelers (not for batch tourists). Quarantine in a special hotel canceled. Now for entry you need one of the three documents.

Option 1. Negative PCR test result by no more than 72 hours with QR code. Details below in this article.

Option 2. Certificate of vaccination issued by the competent authorities of the country. Attention! Two doses of the vaccine must be obtained and the QR code should be on the help.

Such a help can be downloaded from the portal of public services. Just do not forget to double-check that in the help:

– the name and surname in Latin letters coincide with the passport;

– There are QR code and printing organization.

Unfortunately, recently, tourists have written that certificates from the state service are obtained by "curves". Be carefull!

Option 3. Certificate that you have reached coronavirus at least 6 weeks ago until the flight. The certificate must be issued by the competent authorities.

Now there is still no accurate information about the requirements for references for this option.

Therefore, we strongly recommend tourists until you use option 3, as it is risky. You can try to clarify with your airline on the requirements for references, but even in cases of fulfilling the requirements of the airline, there are no guarantees that water into the country. In addition, do not forget that this certificate will have to translate from Russian to French (or English) and assure notaries. It costs money. Easier and reliable to pass PCR test before traveling.

At the entrance of the arriving sign a commitment to self-insulation at the place of residence (stay) for a period of 7 days. Until June 1, it was necessary to undergo self-insulation in a special hotel, and from June 1, you can anywhere (in any hotel, on a removable apartment or in the apartment).

Rules for Pauchnik tourists from April 19, 2021

Since 19.04.2021 new rules for organized tourists entered into force (on batch tours through tour operators). Tourists on batch tours for entering the country need only a test with a prescription no more than 72 hours. Quarantine, self-insulation and additional tests are not needed. Rules for independent tourists lower in this article.

Latest news

This article is updated as the situation changes. Last update 09.07.21, latest news: From yesterday it is forbidden to move people between provinces. Is it concerns tourists? Not yet known. General Commandant hour – from 20-00 to 5-00. In some provinces there are additional measures.

Meanwhile, the number of new cases is growing. Yesterday – 8,315 new cases. The situation is very complex. The government urgently prepares a new state of emergency. The law has already been prepared yesterday, is now being considered.

All this actually puts the cross on the prospects for the opening of Tunisia for tourists. The summer tourist season has not previously taken place and will not take place.

Hope for vaccination is ghost. 2 052 484 people vaccinated, two doses of 608 332. But it does not save the situation.

This article is based on Ontt Resolutions (Management on Tourism), OnMne (Manage on New Diseases), Minisere De La Sante (Ministry of Health). We have information from the original sources.

What is the epidemiological situation in Tunisia now

The situation has recently deteriorated sharply. Tunisia so successfully coped with the first wave of the epidemic, but now apparently new strains do their job.

New cases yesterday (July 8) – 8315, it is 696 per million people. For comparison, in Russia yesterday – 24,818, this is 170 per million. The situation in Tunisia is worse than we.

Rules of entry

ATTENTION! Below are the official requirements from the Government of Tunisia. However, the cases have recently increased when airlines have their own opinions about test requirements. It is sad, but this is a fact. The airline may not land the passenger on the flight, based on its opinion on test requirements, although the test complies with the official requirements of the country of destination. We periodically receive letters with such stories from our readers.

Therefore, be sure to specify the requirements of your airline, then not to go through the courts and not to discern their money.

First – electronic form

Before traveling, you need to fill out an electronic form at https: // APP.E7MI.TN . Form you need to fill in Arabic, English or French.

After filling out the electronic form, the site will issue a QR code that is required for landing on the flight and / or passing migration control.

BUT! Tourists complain that the system with QR code does not always work. Apparently, Tunisians still debug the system. Therefore, just in case, be sure to print the form, sign and have a printout with yourself.

Second – Pre-Test

To enter Tunisia and / or landing on the flight requires a negative test on COVID-19. The requirements are as follows:

1. Result in printed form in Arabic, English or French. Electronic versions are not allowed.

2. Test type – PCR. Date and time of the intake of the biomaterial must be clearly and precisely readable.

3. The dough pressure is not more than 72 hours between the moments of the leaving of the biomaterial in the laboratory and the flight departure time.

4. Children under 12 years old are freed from the test.

5. From June 1, 2021, the requirement of QR code appeared.

6. Tourists in the composition of organized groups enter the special rules. From April 19, for organized tourists, you need a test according to the rules above, but the quarantine and the second test are not needed.

Third – self-insulation on arrival (from June 1)

After arrival, you need to selfish at the place of residence (stay) for a period of 7 days. At the airport it is required to sign the appropriate document.

What is the responsibility for the violation of self-insulation?

In a press release onTT and information from onmne, nothing about responsibility is not said. Therefore, you can only guess.

In the Criminal Code of Tunisia there is article 312, which establishes a punishment for violating measures during epidemics. Punishment – up to 6 months of imprisonment and / or up to 120 denople.

And there is also a special law 2020-9 (17.04.2020), which establishes fines for violations – from 1000 to 5000 dinars. But this law should be applied only to people who are ill coronavirus or suspected of infection.

Coronavirus in Tunisia - Rules for tourists

As a result, a challenging legal situation was formed. It is not clear which law is applied in the case of tourists? Wait and see. Most likely, there will be no punitive measures towards tourists.

What if the test is positive?

Nothing good. It will be necessary to serve a 14-day quarantine in one of the special hotels. In case of exacerbation of a person’s disease, they are transferred to the hospital for treatment.

In the capital (city of Tunisia), there are 6 quarantine hotels, in Hammamet 4, in Sousse and El Cantaui 4, in Monastir 2, in Mahidia 1, on Djerba 1.

Oil mode

Washing masks are necessarily in all public places (naturally including all types of transport). Penalty for violation – 60 Tunisian dinars. Current dinar course See in the article "Money in Tunisia" or use our Dinar Calculator.

In fact, Tunisian police are not able to force everyone to wear masks. Policemen are not even especially trying. Masks worn who wants. Someone wears as it should be, someone only on the mouth, someone on the chin, someone does not wear.

Police sometimes penalize people. Apparently they have a plan for catching violators. From mid-April 2021, it began to finit more actively, and even inform the press on the daily number of violations and punishable fines. How much will the energy of the Tunisian police? Wait and see.

Commandant hour and other restrictions

On the entire territory of Tunisia, there is a curfew – from 22-00 pm to 05-00 in the morning. From 19-00 to 22-00 there is a ban on the movement of public transport and any vehicles. Only special equipment and cars engaged in transportation of essential goods can ride.

Restaurants, cafes, bars and any other catering establishments are required to close in 20-00. Distance between tables in catering establishments – not less than 2.5 meters.

Social Distance – Minimum 1 meter. Any meetings are limited – no more than 30 people. Holidays, meetings, sporting events, concerts are allowed, but with the observance of the restriction – no more than 50% capacity.

Movement inside Tunisia

Ban on moving people inside Tunisia in connection with coronavirus now. However, temporary prohibitions and restrictions can be entered for some regions where flames of disease are fixed.

Recall that not all the territory of Tunisia is safe for tourists. And this is not due to coronavirus, but due to the threat of terrorism. Details in our article "What is impossible in Tunisia".

E7MI app

In Tunisia, there is an application for tracking contacts. The application is called "E7MI". Now it is available for Android and iOS. The application has already deserved a sea of ​​negative reviews.

In fact, this application is few uses. However, in some documents it is indicated that tourists are obliged to put this application. If still have to deal with the E7MI application, then get ready for the "Great Hemorrho".

What else is important to know

– In the previous version of the rules (until March 8), there was a compulsory requirement for any non-resident arriving in Tunisia a return ticket. In the new requirements, nothing is said about this. But probably, the requirement remains;

– About insurance in new requirements nothing is said. Naturally, we recommend having treatment with COVID-19 treatment;

– All transport in Tunisia is now working, but the capacity is limited, and the schedule is reduced in connection with the Commandant hour. In such a situation, tourists we strongly recommend moving on a taxi. About prices, read in our article "Taxi in Tunisia";

– To obtain the result of the second test, it is better to have a local SIM card. On Russian numbers the result most often does not come. Local SIM details in our article "Tunisian SIM cards".

Successful trips to Tunisia, and read our useful articles about this country for tourists (List of articles below).

Coronavirus in Tunisia - Rules for tourists

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