Coronavirus: Symptoms, as transmitted how to protect. Recommendations in

Coronavirus – Not a reason to refuse travel. This recommendation was voiced even in the World Health Organization (WHO). Read more about this for this link. It is only necessary to avoid the basic epicenter of the disease, which are usually closed by the authorities to visit.

It is also necessary to follow the safety and personal hygiene rules, which brought in detail for tourists. We will analyze them more.

Incubation period Coronavirus

To begin with, we recall that such a coronavirus infection COVID-19 (new-type pneumonia) and what are the main symptoms of this disease. The main problems with its transfer is that the new coronavirus has a sufficiently long incubation period – From 2 to 28 days, with a contagious person can be before the appearance of symptoms, and the fact of the presence of coronavirus can confirm only laboratory research.

Symptoms of coronavirus in humans

At the same time, the symptoms of coronavirus in a person at first resemble the usual cold: at first there is a slight malaise with a feeling of dryness or throat. Such first signs of coronavirus can last from three to five days. Next, if the virus penetrates into the lungs, there is a risk of developing pneumonia – Usually with high temperatures and difficult breathing.

In this case, the coronavirus itself can be transmitted as «normal» flu – Close contact with sick people (contact method) and airborne droplets. Moreover, it is believed that Coronavirus some time can remain active and on the surface of objects, from where they can be infected through skin contacts.

In risk area – as well as in conventional flu – are first of all the elderly people as well «owners» Chronic diseases. Both these groups have low immunity.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus

So, WHO recommendations for travelers are as follows:

  1. Avoid trips to the affected areas and regions where Quarantine announced. This is especially true of the risk group – elderly tourists and people with concomitant diseases.
  2. Coronavirus symptoms, as transmitted how to protect. WHO Recommendations Articles on tourism from the tourism
  3. It is advisable not to go on a trip in the event of an already in-view or cold. In addition to the risk of being detainee and placed on quarantine when checking the temperature, which is currently held at airports, such a tourist also risks «patch» coronavirus against the background of a weakened organism.
  4. It is advisable to maintain between people «Remote health», that is, is at a distance of at least meter from each other. Especially this concerns people with a runny nose and cough.
  5. Observe personal hygiene rules – First of all, hand hygiene. After visiting public places, as well as, for example, in an airplane, hands are recommended how to wash with soap or wipe the antiseptic gel. It is also desirable to wash the face and ears thoroughly.
  6. Refrain from touching hands to the nose and mouth so as not to transmit possible viruses from surfaces to their mucous.
  7. In the case of cough or sneezing, it is recommended to use paper napkins and immediately use them to throw them away.
  8. At the same time, medical masks carry WHO does not recommend, resembling that the mask is designed for wearing patients so that they do not infect healthy. At the same time, the mask, if the tourist is still wearing, should be worn no more than two hours, and after removing it – Wash hands thoroughly.
  9. Comply with food hygiene rules – buy them in a proven place, vegetables and fruit wash also «Verified» water, use well-cooked food and avoid «Doubtful» catering, as well as markets where unprocessed foods are sold.
  10. If such symptoms appear as fever, cough or difficulty breathing, it is recommended to contact local doctors, regardless of the houses tourist or on vacation, and tell in detail about travel history.

Recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, located on the official website of the department, generally similar to WHO recommendations:

  1. Wash your hands after visiting any public places, transport, touches to door handles and money, as well as before eating and cooking.
  2. After returning from the street, it is advisable to wash hands and face with soap.
  3. Touch to face, eyes – just recently washed hands.
  4. In the absence of access to water and soap, for cleaning the hands, use disinfectants on an alcohol basis.
  5. Open a disposable medical mask in crowded and transport. You need to change the mask to the new one every 2-3 hours, it is impossible to reuse the mask.
  6. Give preference to smooth hairstyles. Being in places of cluster people loose hair, often contacting the face, increase the risk of infection.
  7. Avoid close contacts and staying in one room with people having visible signs of ARVI (cough, sneezing, discharge from the nose).
  8. Limit welcoming hands, kisses and hugs.
  9. Do not use common towels.

Insurance from coronavirus

By the way, we note for tourists that part of the insurance companies included Coronavirus in the list of diseases that covers insurance. However, the exception will be visited by the tourist of those countries that are not recommended «Official bodies». For Russia at the beginning of March this is China, South Korea, Iran and Italy. At the same time, those expenses due to coronavirus, which tourist could have incurd before the announcement of the region «not recommended to visit», Insurance is not covered.

At the same time, insurers and doctors resemble tourists – in spite of «Doubtful prospects» quarantine, or even hospitalization – It is strongly recommended to engage in self-medication. With the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to contact the doctor and do not expose the surrounding risk of infection, and – risk of developing complications.

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