Corporate Paradise for Minorities

Another thirty years ago, Amsterdam was a rather quiet and provincial city, inhabited merchants, officials and artisans who have been measured, quite relevant to Protestant traditions of the Netherlands. Dried a rain, sometimes the sun in fast, strained clouds stuck. Trade sometimes went well, sometimes there were problems with the sale of potatoes and tulip bulbs. Sometimes "Shell" successfully competed with other giants of the oil business, sometimes everything went something wrong.

But suddenly this city standing on the channels cutting a colonial past, began to turn into Mecca of all who wanted to live as he wants. Dutch – extremely tolerant and open people. Provided that the strangers in their life are not too climbing. In this country, homosexual marriages have long been equal to ordinary (that is, pairs "non-standard" Orientation have all social rights), moreover, already 15 years ago, the priest marked in the church of two homosexuals. True, it was worth the deprivation of Sana.

Now the city is paradise for "minorities" Any Property. This is the transvestites made up with thick grima, and saturated pitching in leather caps, and touching Denidi in "modest" Clothes from famous couturies, and elderly gentlemen with checkered umbrellas. And intelligent lesbian professors, and steep motorcycakers in leather outfits, and just "sister", hugging on the bridge over the channel.

You go to the restaurant "Sisters" On Nis Street: Old-fashioned, in the spirit of the 50s, design, vegetarian food from exclusive ecological cleanliness products, a society consisting of representatives of the fine sex. And wonderful, lovingly welded coffee. But please be politically correct!

Or – famous shop "La Condomerie", The name translated from the mixture of English with French means something like "Condivia": Exquisite boutique, charming caring saleswomen (obviously with higher education) – and the largest set of condoms of any color, shape, smell, taste and fluorescent glow in Europe. Some are made by small circulation by famous artists.

And nearby, under the rain, a girl and a young man kiss. Maybe this is love for life.

Angle – Quarter "Red lanterns". In the windows covered with pinkish – apparently, the defamious ladies are sitting on every taste for every taste. And price "contractual" – from 50 to 300 guilders. But be polite and careful, and most importantly – do not try to take pictures. Narrow alleys on sharply viewed with dense and attentive pimp.

Here you do not avoid hot whisper in your ear: "Hashish!", "Cook!", "Heroin!", "LSD!" Do not discard. First, drugs are harmful to health, secondly, it is unknown that you will be swag, thirdly, you will conflict in the Dutch laws.

Corporate Paradise for Minorities

This country is first in Europe legalized marijuana. Others, "Heavy" Drugs are prohibited. True, a synthetic heroin substitute, methadone issued to declare his disease addicts and consonant.

In Amsterdam – hundreds "Coffee Shops". You, of course, can ask in these establishments marked by the image of hemp or tropical palm trees, a cup of coffee. You will not be refused, as in a glass of wine or a mug of beer. But usually come here to smoke "Joint" or stock grass home. Depending on the quality and fortress, the jamb stands from two to fifteen guilders. Menu Great. except "Joint" You can treat I "Space Cake" – Cupcakes with hemp – or lemonade, inscribed on the same plant.

Now the governments of other European countries are sitting and thinking what to do in conditions of open boundaries. And statistics, depending on the sympathies of researchers, approves either that the legalization of drugs does not bring any harm, or vice versa.

Such a city. Rembrandt and Spinoza. City of wet northern madness, remaining a quiet harbor of Dutch prudige.

Corporate Paradise for Minorities

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