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Today I would like to tell a little about one of the most long-time entertainment in Southern Spain – a weekly campaign on Corrida. During his last trip in Spain, I managed to visit one of the unusual varieties of this type of entertainment – Equestrian Corrida (Corrida de Rejones).

It is believed that Corrida originated as a ritual killing of a bull more than a thousand years ago, and even more. The entertainment of the same Corrida is only during the reconquituists (Spain’s union and the expulsion of the Mauris from the Peninsula), when to know the Corrida arranged on the occasion of any holiday. Initially, the Corrida was exclusively equestrian, but in the XVIII century, when the Corrida becomes popular with the lower layers of the population, the hiking view of the corrida. This is primarily due to the fact that the poor has lacked the horse. At the beginning of the 20th century, Berrida becomes the main entertainment of the Spaniards. Many famous Toreadors are national heroes, their photos hang in the houses of the Spaniards next to the images of Christ.

Attention! Advocates of animals and fearing blood and cruelty I ask on not to read this post. All photos are posted as it is, that is, in the form of Corrid’s contests now in Andalusia.

Arena Corrida is always round and covered with sand. Sand Better Breaking Blows or Loser Toreadors. Round it because on arons with the corners of the bull stuck heads in the corner of the Arena and does not react to anything.

During the Corrida, it necessarily plays a living orchestra, sensible mood in the arena – in dangerous moments there are alarming music, at the time of the fall of the bull in the arena there are triumph melodies.

Arena for Corrida, as a rule, is located in the heart of the city surrounded by residential buildings. If it were in Russia, spectators would look out of all the windows. But the Spaniards believe that the Corrida needs to be viewed with the tribune of the arena and no longer.

Spaniards, especially Spanish, come to Borda as a holiday. This is especially noticeable in southern Spain – in Andalusia. Women dresses national clothes, children. Playing national music.

Corrida finally began! At the very beginning there is a so-called Procession of the participants of the Corrida (El Paseíllo). In my case, all three bullfighters are women. The location of the bulk during the procession is important – on the left there is always the most experienced Toreador, driving most of all bulls, in the center – the youngest and inexperienced, right – a strong middling. After the mainstores in the arena there are various oreador assistants – the so-called Toreadora quadrile. I did not photograph them, they are actually not enough for them, because there are even workers arena.

As already mentioned above, all the bullfighters on the presentation, where I was – Women. Very beautiful. In general, according to the presentation, I can say that in addition to beauty they are also very volitional and strong. The complexity of the Horse Corrida lies in addition to the control of the bull, it is necessary to control the horse. Horses very ************** Some moments are very angry – the task of the Toreador is not on life, but to death. By the way, the equestrian toroidor is actually called a rehonophore, but I will still call him a more familiar word Toreador or Toroo.

At the very top of the Arena is the residence of the President of the Corrida. This person decides when Berrida begins and when it needs to be stopped, (for example, in the event of the death of the bullfighter, although there are less significant reasons). Also, this person disposes of the award of the bullfighter of a special reward. I’ll tell you about her later.

And here is the chief participant (part-time and victim) of submission. On the Corrida, there are mainly bulls, close by the breed to the tour. The age of the bull is usually at least 4 years, and the weight should be more than 400 kg. The bull came out in the arena, the choice is small – either be killed and sent to the sausage and steaks, or, in the event of survival, the bull will be sent to insemination. In general, the life of the bull after the Corrida is very successful. But they survive very rarely.

The first part of the chamber of the bull is called Peak Termentation (Tercio de Varas) when the tooreadora helpers begins to drive a bull in the arena, increasing his anger. The cloak in the hands of the Toreador and his assistants is called the hood, and it is pink, and not red, as many thinks.

The second part of the chamber of the bull is called Bandyrily Termentation (Tercio de Banderillas) when the bull is even more, but at the same time try to keep his strength. As a rule, this is not engaged in Toroo himself, but his assistants Picadora. I did not fall out this moment, because I was engaged in the video, but this moment is not very different from what Torero did the further, so you don’t miss anything.

The last part of the chamber of the bull begins, t.N. Termination of death (Tercio de Muerte). Toroo first with a peak in his hand trying to escape from the furious bull and stick the peak to him at a certain point on his back. The peak is wrapped in a special distracting bull rag called Muleta.

Bull gradually begins to lose force, blood from it goes – Toreador managed to aptive to get a peak into a vulnerable place of the bull. But do not underestimate the forces of the bull – it is even more than alive and extremely dangerous.

To calm the bull to the arena slightly) ******* Fourcada. Fourcada is very desperate young people, apparently future Toroo. Mission Fourcada is to stop the bull with bare hands. One of the Fourcada goes to the center of the Arena and begins to shout off the hurts towards the bull. He is naturally angry and runs to the side of Krikun. And then the most interesting thing happens, instead of running away from the bull, Fourcada jumps his body directly to the bull horns, covering his belly by the bull overview. Bull continues to move. Standing far behind crying the rest of the members ******* Fourcades jump on a hung bull and gradually stop him. Then fourcade run away from the arena. Bull from the last strength remains in the arena.

And now the final part of the bull race comes when Toroo causes a decisive blow to the body of the bull. Rehonador finally smelled from a horse. In his hands, the sword, which must very precisely pierce the heart of the bull. If Toroo does not be able to kill the bull for about 10 minutes, it will be disgraced and lost in the authority. Therefore, Toreador gets straight opposite the bull and is preparing to put the last blow in the life of the bull.

HIT!! In general, there are three types of decisive impact. The first is called volapié – this is when bull is exhausted, Toroo comes to him and makes aiming blow to the heart area. At the moment of hitting the bull inclines his head in front of Torreo, as if recognizing his superiority. But here there is some trick – in fact, the bull is abandoned on a pink little launch in the free hand of Torroo. The second type of decisive strike is called Al Encuentro – and bull, and Torreo run towards each other. The third type of decisive impact is called recibideo and is the most dangerous. In this case, the bull remains a lot of strength to finish off inexperienced bullfighter. Therefore, only the most experienced toro uses this type of decisive strike. This method implies that the bull is distraught before the death of the Bull runs towards Torroo, and he stand still on the spot and without hiding behind, the sword is attacked exactly in the heart of the bull.

Bull is dead. Just in case he cut the throat.

Corrida Bloody Sport -, Spain Blogs and travel notes of tourists on tourist

To drain a 500-kilogram carcass from the arena produced a horses wagon. Bull tie for horns and disappear from the arena.

On the example of a few more occasions, I will tell you some more interesting moments about Borrid. New bull in the arena.

Bulls often hurt horses and tickets sitting on them. Many Torero injuries get precisely due to falling from the horse. Sometimes a horse is put on a certain semblance of armor to protect it from injuries, but in such cases a horse usually loses in maneuverability, so they are rarely used. It is much easier, in case of insignificant injury, change the horse.

If the horse is injured, the bull is temporarily distracted by Toro’s helpers, while he transplants to a new horse.

And now, it looks like a horse is very wounded.

In the mark of victory over a bull, President of the Corrida decides, whether Toroo deserves awards. At this moment, the spectators in the arena begin to wave with white handkerchiefs, hook and shouting Congratulations to Torroo, if they liked the head of the bull. Those who did not like it is forced to silence. But a line with two, as such a representation may not like? 🙂 As a result, the president informs whether Toroo deserves awards or does not deserve. In the case of a magnificent chamber of the bull, Torreo awards a double reward. Under the award implies the sliced ​​ears of the traded bull. Toroo passes around the arena under the sounds of a smoking crowd and the victorious music of the orchestra and distributes the ears to the audience – usually ears go to young children (so that you understand which public comes to the arena).

Killed bull cling to horses..

..And under the applause of the audience disappears on the cutting to the butcher.

After the departure of the Dictator Franco from politics, the life of simple Spaniards becomes more liberal, many traditions leave. Together with them loses in popularity and corrida. In some regions, the Corrida is carried out very rarely, and in Catalonia it is generally prohibited from 2012. Opponents of ill-treatment of animals arrange various promotions and flash mobs both before and during presentations. Therefore, now on the Corrida or roasting battles getting to get very difficult because of the high cost of tickets and infrequent. ************* Visit Bordi is Andalusia, where many elements of this entertainment have been preserved.

In conclusion, I would like to say that despite the high cruelty and blood spectacle, the Corrida, along with dancing, music and architecture, is an integral part of the cultural heritage of Spain. Bull during the Corrida dies with dignity, being a symbol of the strength and inflexibility of nature. Better think about what death died what lies in your sausage.

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