Corrida, Flamenco and just Spanish

With the onset of summer, the people overcomes passion for the change of places: moving to warm countries begins, closer to the sea. However, the whole vacation on the beach – the pleasure of dubious. Especially if the beach is foreign. Sin not to see the country.

According to experts, the epoch "tourist raids" It takes to Europe. And now our person, leaving abroad, I want not just "see Paris and die", And also understand, penetrate the spirit of the country and create your own image of Paris, Madrid, Rome.

In this regard, great perspectives have educational tourism – travel to study a foreign language. Many believe that the trip to the Language School abroad is a solid study. And if so, then you need to learn how to learn something useful. For example, English. Therefore, they are going primarily in England. But learn Spanish in Spain?

However, a linguistic school in Spain, Italy or France essentially and goals are not exactly the same as the same school in England. Europeans today choose exactly language tourism. Because it is a great opportunity to learn the country, traveling yourself, and not in the company 30 tribesmen. And at the same time it is not necessary to worry about the roof above your head and feed.

During such a trip, you can learn a multitude of interesting things, for which in everyday life you just lack time. Language learning moves as if to the background and happens unnoticed,. Language in this situation is easy and fast. And believe me, knowledge of another foreign language is not excess. With two three languages, firstly, it is easier to find a good job, and secondly, you will feel comfortably in almost any country.

Spanish in Spain can be learned in numerous private linguistic schools scattered throughout the country and on the islands (Canary, Balearic), and in the summer and in state universities (learning in them is much cheaper). In addition, international linguistic schools have their branches in Spain: EuroCentres – in Madrid and Barcelona for adults, in Salamanca for adults and children, International House, Inlingua – in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Aspect – in Madrid, Salamanca, El Puerto.

Quality of training, services and reliability of Spanish Language Schools checks the State Federation of Centers for the Teaching of Spanish Language F.E.C.E.I. Choosing a school, it is worth clarifying whether it enters this federation.

Today we will tell about some of the most famous Linguistic schools of Spain. It is expected that interest in the study of Spanish should increase with us, as it grows the number of compatriots going to Spain on vacation or for real estate.

Don Quijote. Don Quijote schools are located in Barcelona, ​​Salamanca, Granada – Pearl cities, cities with a completely different atmosphere, can be studied by the history of Spanish culture and architecture.

Schools offer a variety of language courses: common, intense, one on one with a teacher and t. D. Training in schools is carried out according to a single plan. Therefore, we studied two weeks in Barcelona, ​​the city of Divine Antonio Gaudi, you can move to Salamanca. From here very close to Toledo, Madrid, Avila, Segovia. You can go to the north of Spain, completely, by the way, we are unknown. On the coast of the Cantabrian Sea (so the Spaniards call the Biscay bay) climate is softer, more suitable for us.

You can design a trip myself by being construed, for example, with the time of the year and the climatic conditions of Spain. So, in winter and early spring, it is better to go to the Granada – there is warmth, and on skis you can ride in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, and at the same time going to Cordobu and Seville. In April-May well in Salamanca, and in the summer it is better to go on the coast, for example, in Barcelona, ​​where you can learn half a day, and half a day swim and sunbathe on the beaches of Costa Brava.

Don Quijote, except the usual courses, developed special programs for foreign teachers of Spanish and graduates of foreign Spanish schools.

Corrida, Flamenco and just Spanish

Spaniards are interested in propaganda of Spanish and culture abroad, so teachers they are ready to train even for free and still give a scholarship. True, it’s quite troublesome. The scholarship may apply for a Spanish teacher who have special philological education working in a public institution (school) and having experience in teaching Spanish minimum 3 years.

Graduates of Spanish schools from Russia and other countries (as well as everyone who knows Spanish enough) Don Quijote offers professional courses: International Secretarial Business (in Salamanca), tourism (in Granada), commercial relations (in Barcelona). Study alternates with practice in Spanish firms and enterprises. Practice – a great opportunity to find a job and stay for some time in Spain. According to school, the success of this enterprise depends in many respects from the student, the school helps to issue all the necessary documents.

However, with good knowledge of the language you can get a higher education in Spain. For admission to the university, foreign applicant must pass the Spanish exam. From the exam, those who have a DELE diploma (Diplomas de Espanol Como Lengua Extranjera) are exempt. The diploma is issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain after passing the exam. Special preparation rate for the examination of DelE offer all major linguistic schools of Spain.

In addition to the exam in the language, a foreign applicant entering the Spanish University, you will have to take an entrance exam for a general level of knowledge (the Spaniards themselves are passed).

You can prepare for this exam, for example, at school "Malaca Instituto" (The course is designed together with the University of Malaga). "Malaca Instituto" – The only School member of the Association of European Linguistic Schools Eaquals (see. "I" 34 for 1995, with. 9), it is considered one of the best schools of Spanish in Spain.

The course begins in January and lasts 20 weeks. Group of Future Students University Teachers read lessons lecture on art and history, literature and geography, economics and politics. In June, approaches are collected throughout the country and are gathering applicants and give a common exam for all, including questions for all the above subjects. If the exam is commissioned, an applicant can send documents to any university, any specialty. Nothing more from him is required.

Study at the State University is quite inexpensive, about $ 1.000 per year, but at the same time, of course, you need to live somewhere and there is something, and therefore – to work. However, if you try to try, you can find a fund that will support while studying. But it is another conversation.

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