Corrida in the style of Francisco Goya

In one of the September days, an antique amphitheater in the city of Arles in the south of France died in an extraordinary outfit. And not someone made it, and one of the most famous in the world of high fashion masters Christian Lacra. It was his fathers of the city who was invited to arrange a bright and exciting spectacle, with Paphos called "Corrida in the style of Francisco Goya".

And Maestro tried. Around the arena on his project was established a huge – 50 to 30 meters – a colorful fresco, the plots of which not only recreate the dramatic episodes of gambling, but also transmit the feelings of the audience involved in this cruel fun. Along the walls of the Amphitheater Lacraha extended a 150-meter ribbon width of 1.5 meters, folding on it a collage of paintings and photographs dedicated to the Corrida. And the Amphitheater itself decorated with embeced giant male making. This idea is O "borrowed" In his own youth, when, walking through Native Arles, flashed in a raincoat, reminiscent of the popular Spanish robe. In the costumes of the era of the Great Spanish artist Francisco Goya Lacraua decided to have the participants of the Corrida, who go to the arena to demonstrate the courage and skill and bother adrenaline to the audience, thirsting dangerous and fascinating spectacle.

"I am far from the thought of issuing yourself for the artist, – said the outstanding designer of clothes in an interview with the newspaper "ARD info", overlooking Arle. And modestly added: – I’m just a decorator, and not a painter". But to act as an artist-scenograph agreed. And first of all, because the proposal proceeded from the authorities of the most Proven city city, illustrized Van Gogh, where Christian Lakrua himself was born 54 years ago in the family of ordinary employees. Here he absorbed the fragrance of Provence, whose brown paints splashed later in his creations, who hit the fashionable Paris first, and then the whole world, it began to enthrainally study the history of the arts, literature and ancient languages ​​and here, contrary to his calm moral, became passionate "Afsonado" — Lover of Corrida and even painted posters, invited to fight by bulls. They took place in the Arral Anchny Amphitheater, Gladiators fought in the arena of which in time immemorials, and the newly held ambitious shows and performances, including Corrida.

Bull fight is very popular in the south of France. Corrida is organized in many cities of the region, but their main centers today are Arles, where Corrida passes during the Easter holidays, and it collecting lovers of this spectacle to the Trinity.

MODEL TO B Corrida brought Napoleon III to France – Spanish noble de Montijo. "First lady", Apparently, the Parisian life has fallen too much, and she tried to spend as much time as possible in the south of France, closer to his homeland. In Baarrice, a luxurious palace was built for her, and in the neighboring Bayonna staged a real Spanish Corrida. Her French "premiere" held here on August 21, 1853. And soon it turned out that the southern cities of France – quite a suitable place for bulls. The main thing – here it is not necessary to build anything specially: for the presentation, the well-preserved ancient Roman arena is better suited, the largest of which is in the Nimea. And in terms of natural temperament, so necessary for such spectacles, if the French and are inferior to the Spaniards, then it is only according to the Spaniards themselves. Of such fans of the Corrida, as in France, in Spain you need to search.

Corrida in the style of Francisco Goya

And yet the popularity of the Corrida in the south of France is explained not only by the enthusiasm of the Spanish spouse of the French emperor. Studies on this earth existed traditions "Playing with bulls" — "Cammanesis course", That is, Camargian run. By the way, the word "Corrida" in Spanish means not "bullfight", how to think, and "Running Bulls". See these "Bega" can be in Kamarraga, the historical region located between Provence and Languedoc. In short, the bull battle came to the taste of many of the French, and over time, the Corrida even got to Paris. But here is a remarkable fact. During the fascist occupation, the Hitlerians ordered to hold a corrid on one of the metropolitan stadiums. And she took place. But only once. Parisians opposed the spectacular.

Justice to say that "barbaric bloodthirsty representation" Opponents appeared much earlier, and among them were Voltaire and Montesquieu, Georges Sand and Victor Hugo. And not without them for the word of the Corrida for many decades turned out to be in France under the ban. It was resumed in 1951 in areas, "Where can I talk about continuous local tradition". "We mean not moral aspects – the legislator argued the decision to return the Corrid – and the financial interests of the southern cities of France, which can attract tourists even from Spain".

Today, the right to hold corrids possess 29 settlements in the south of the country. The French bull battle is not different from Spanish: it is the same bloody, and participate in it both visiting Spanish and local Matadora.

Corrida in the style of Francisco Goya

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