Corsica: Attractions, monuments and interesting places

Corsica &# 8211; Not very popular among tourists island. Other regions of France are the greatest interest. Sorry because Corsica &# 8211; Beautiful island that admires its amazing landscapes, historical buildings and Unusual nature. Rugged mountain ravines, high rocks, beautiful beaches, excellent wines and meat or charming cities &# 8211; This is what attracts this French island.

Rest on Corsica

Corsica &# 8211; Recreation site for everyone. His willingly choose for summer holiday families with children, elderly, as well as people who love to actively spend vacation, because this island personifies primarily nature &# 8211; Mountains, Ice Lakes, Rivers, Beaches, Rocks and Blue Sea.

Tourist attractions

On Corsica exists Many activities For tourists, such as hiking, canyoning, horse riding or surfing lessons.

Lovers of good fault will definitely find a place there, especially since on the island a lot of wineries. To do this, go to the neighborhood of the city of Bastia or Ajaccio. Special destination for lovers of wine will be the village of Patrimonio, such wine can try it in all three kinds of varieties &# 8211; Red, White and Pink.

As for one of the biggest sights of Corsica &# 8211; beaches, then they are on the island more than 200. Some of them are more or less popular, which is associated with the presence or absence of other tourists. An excellent choice will be Beach Marinellla, Since he is sandy, wide enough and perfect for games and full nutrition.

However, if someone is looking for silence and Unforgettable species, The beaches of San Chipriana, Kala Ross and a little-known beach Pinarella, located in Golf de Pinarella Bay, will be a good choice.

Beach beaches, but on Corsica you can find Find other attractions and interesting places.

Ayachcho &# 8211; The largest city of Corsica and the Motherland of Napoleon Bonaparte. Here you can visit the Museum, decorated in the house of Bonaparte and in Saint Marie Cathedral, in which Napoleon was allegedly baptized. Also deserve attention to the church Saint-Erasmus 17th century and the citadel of the 16th century.

Bonifacio &# 8211; Another famous city on Corsica map. Its uniqueness is its location on limestone rocks, which overlook the nearby Sardinia. The city is divided into two parts &# 8211; Upper and lower. At the top you can To admire citadel, To which you can get along the stairs of the king Aragon, and at the bottom of Bonifacio there is a pier with luxurious yachts.

Another city deserving is Bastia. This is a port city where you can visit the fortress of the 16th century and the Saint-Marie Cathedral, as well as numerous chapels and churches (including the church of St. John the Baptist and the chapel of the immaculate conception). It is also recommended Visit the old port, Old Town and Corsican Ethnographic Museum located in the former Palace of Governors Genoa.

Calvi &# 8211; Quiet resort, another Corsica citadel. His Home Sight &# 8211; Huge fortress, towering over the city, and a wide embankment connecting the port with a pier for yachts. The Citadel is located a barracks of a foreign legion, and bars and restaurants serving local delicacies are located on the embankment. Interesting the fact that the French believe that the great researcher Christopher Columbus was born in Calvi.

What else should you see and visit on Corsica?

On Corsica, in addition to large cities, it is worth visiting and smaller. They have their own Unique charm, and sometimes they produce better impression than their larger counterparts. Therefore, it is worth visiting at least one of them.

V Port Saint Floran You can see the embankment with characteristic houses with facades, as well as a yacht marina with many boats. In November it is worth a visit Village Evisa, where the chestnut festival is held annually. Nonza &# 8211; City located on a high black cliff. It is here that the famous black beach is located, the color of which is due to the result of a slate in a nearby mine. Also worth a visit San Antonio &# 8211; The oldest village (considered the most beautiful on the island) and a small Pinch, famous for its musical festival and buildings with blue shutters.

Natural attractions of Corsica

Peninsula I Cape Corse &# 8211; Literally means Cape "Finger". It is located in the northern part of Corsica, where, thanks to the paved road, you can admire the fortified buildings of this peninsula and picturesque landscapes.

Corsica Attractions, Monuments and Interesting Places

Le calane represents a miracle of nature in the form of red-granite rocks, of which nature created various sculptures, flowing directly to the sea. The best landscape here can be observed in the light of the setting sun.

Bay / Cape Port &# 8211; Natural Object included in UNESCO World Heritage List. It is located among the Red Rocks, in the middle there is a village through which the river flows.

Skandol Reserve &# 8211; a place that can be visited only from the sea because there are no routes or pedestrian trail. See this reserve can, Having bought a cruise liner cruise, Embankment running. In this protected area, there are mainly birds, and in coastal waters &# 8211; Numerous types of fish, lobster and crabs. There is also a small coral reef, which will enjoy the divers.

Spelunk Gorge &# 8211; Place carved by the river in the same name among boulders and red cliffs. On hot days here you can plunge into stone pools, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the water in the river will be ice. On the way you can see the stone bridges of the 18th century. The most famous of them &# 8211; Pon du-Du-Zaglia and Pont de Panenella.

It is in the gorge spherunko begins (or ends) The longest and sophisticated mountain trail of Europe &# 8211; GR20 (Grande Randonnee No. 20). Its length is almost 200 kilometers (in some sources of "total" 160 or 180 km) and is covered in a few days (about two weeks). Route GR20 runs almost all over Corsica in the north-south. It is also worth adding that in some places reaches almost 2000 m above sea level, and also leads through the National Park.

Fans of hiking and mountaineering can also try their hand to climbing the highest peak of Corsica &# 8211; Monte Chinto (2706 m). The location of this mountain allows you to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the European continent &# 8211; from Marseille to Rome. From the top of Monte Chinto, you can even see the Swiss Dufurschpitz!

Agriates Desert &# 8211; south of Corsica. It is covered with bare rocks and Mediterranean beacons. Unfortunately, this desert territory was Created due to human activity, who burned her earth to sowing. In the desert Agriates there are several beaches, including the famous Sacchachia. They are not too crowded, because to them tourists are quite difficult to get. You can only get there only with organized cruises from nearby cities. It should also be remembered that these beaches are deprived of a tourist infrastructure.

Interesting places Corsica

Islands lavetzi &# 8211; The deserted rhyphic archipelago and granite rocks located in the St. Boniface Strait between Bonifacio and the Italian Island of Sardinia. The archipelago also includes the private island of Cavallo, where the airport and port were created for the richest people and world-class stars.

Fieldy &# 8211; Megalithic monument discovered quite by chance in 1946. It is located in the southern part of Corsica &# 8211; In the valley of the Tararavo River. Stone statues are cut out face, but still unknown the purpose of their creation. Some in them similarity with famous statues of Easter Island.

Corsica Attractions, Monuments and Interesting Places

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