Corsica – Island of the Bescrase Seas and Unforgettable Landscapes!

Here’s the actually therefore, we (this time only a spouse I) organized on the second trip to Italy and France, but decided to a little diversify our route and visit the island part of these countries this time. The choice in favor of Sardinia and Corsica was made by her husband for no accident – he read a lot about these islands, so to speak, was preparing. Considering our first trip experience, took bank cards with them (the currencies with them applied to the first trip – knowledge comes with experience), refreed to English (oddly enough for us, but in continental France people speak English freely) and!

September 30, 2014 on airshruit Perm – St. Petersburg – Rome – Olbia We arrived in Sardinia. The weather is lovely: + 26 ° С (by the way, I’m hard to carry the heat, so we went to the island in the fall), after easy rain I was given a rainbow. The machine was already waiting at the airport – the reservation was issued in advance. The hotel is not far from the place of arrival, but found hard, we really have been a strange way, Google led, and the dear to name these trails do not dare. But still the place turned out to be cozy, calm, the spouse opened the second swimming season in the year. The next day, we left Toros Porto, from where the ferry went to Corsica. Four hours of traveling water, seemingly endless sea, and here she, so having a Corsica, the new, unknown … and very green.

The first city of arrival at Corsica is propriano, small, literally a few streets, calm, with many cafes on the waterfront, where, of course, canceled, especially desserts. Choosing cafes – as usual, according to reviews and ratings in the internet, hotels took a day to the planned arrival at a new place in the Booking application.COM (this is not an advertisement, I am confident that in other similar applications you can easily find a hotel). From Propriano, we made a trip to Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio: I wanted to walk more and see the beauty of the local nature, but there was too strong, cold and unpleasant wind, so the walk was replaced by a trip to the typewriter. On the way to Porto-Vecchio, stopped for a beach holiday, and also got the local delicacy there.

The next point of our destination was Court – the largest city on the island, where we planned to spend three days. The court is located almost in the center of Corsica National Park, because the road to this city will be remembered by you incredibly beautiful landscapes of mountains, winding roads, high and statutory cedars, and what air there is … And on the road to Cort, we periodically intersect with a "gang" of local pensioners who drove around mountain roads on retro cars. There are many small hotel in the National Park, like our Turkas, only we didn’t even have a snack in any of them – everyone is closed, maybe the no-season?

Important moment – on Corsica all cafes work strictly on schedule: lunch from 12 to 14 hours and dinner not earlier than 18, and then 19 hours that we were very strained, because it was not always possible to come to the settlement at this time. It should also be noted that they almost do not speak English on Corsica, so we had to pull out everything left from French courses … Yes, a very important point – taking a little cash currency with you, we were very missed both in Sardinia and At Corsica, you can extremely rare something on the map, even hotels! I had to get CASH in ATMs for not a very favorable exchange rate.

From the court we went to Lumio and Calvi – places rich in fabulous beaches. And the day they went to Bastia, the visit of which left a pleasant impression, but it went fast, so further we suddenly decided to go to the very north of Corsica. So-called many tourists "finger" of Corsica. Cities that are not even marked on the map. I will not show photos of these places – it just needs to see with my own eyes! They changed my understanding of the beautiful! Four hours of winding mountain roads, wild fatigue, lightweight hunger, late returning home, risk to stay without fuel in the car in the middle of the way (as usual, everything happens at the same time and at the most inopportune moment) is worth seeing the beauty of the nature of Corsica! It was the most real adventure) I can not understand tourists who write that there is nothing to do on the "finger" and watch. Highland, surrounded by sea, delightful types of sunset, shrub (we could not identify it, so left unnamed) blooms and fills the air with an aroma that does not give in to the verbal description! Under the impression. still! This is the brightest memory of all our trip. Although, as they say, taste and color)

After three wonderful days in the court and its surroundings, it’s time to return to Propriano, closer to the ferry back to Sardinia. On the road from the court managed to become witnesses annual for the Corsica races of sports cars. The road in Propriano was laid through another unique place – Gonozchcha. Stopped at the hotel, more reminiscent of our bases again, but it is impossible to forget and describe the sensations and emotions from the morning coffee and fresh crispy croissant in a gazebo in the middle of the cedar forest on the very shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Corsica - Island of the Bescrase Seas and Unforgettable Landscapes!

On the last day at Corsica on the way to Propriano got to the Motherland Napoleon. Ayachcho – a typical port city where there is a street, a monument, a library and a bunch of all the name of Napoleon and his relatives.

I don’t want to leave this island at all. even until the next time. And at 5 am, the ferry back to Sardinia.

Ferry sailed from my dreams from the island, and I didn’t even come out of the cockpit, I was afraid to burst out, jump off the ferry and woven to return to this "paradise on earth". By the way, at the station at 5 am we met the only time Russian-speaking on Corsica – a man works in the port), a very unexpected meeting for us and for him.

And then we had a week of excursions in local beaches of Sardinia: Algero, Oristano, Cagliari, Villasimius, Orosea and Olbia again. But this is a separate story ..

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