Corsica, my fairy tale

Since then, Corsica is talking on their special language, very similar to Italian. When I first got to the street concert of adults of uncle musicians, I was long in bewilderment: in what language they sing their songs with combat mood?! Then they explained to me: in Corsican, and they glorify freedom (there are people who are dissatisfied to be part of France, who wanted autonomy).

Now, of course, local accustomed to the French, in the first place – French, laws and prices are the same as on the continent. There is one absurd (for me, I do not know how for you) the law: the tents on the seashore can not be put! And in general, they can not be put out where he fell, only in campsites, and the fire in nature has the right to disperse only the guide!

I, collecting things on Corsica, imagined how to wake up under the noise of the sea in a tent … And here is not. Now it really lacks the baked on the potato campfire 🙂 But on the island, tangerines and lemons grow on the island, oranges and walled citrus kumkvat – they all sleep in winter. Mandarin tree is growing near my house, for example. I fished the whole february and saw tea with lemons collected by my friends right on the plantations!

Spring – Strawberry Time, in June, full of sweet cherries, then local watermelons and melons, nectarines and peaches appear in stores, and I will treat fried chestnuts in the fall – it’s even a symbol of Corsica. All farmers are grown: there are no state fields here, everything is private, except plantations for schools and T.NS.

Driving past villages, you can see the vineyards and even a slender row of small trees Kiwi. "Villages" on the island are chic: stone houses with tiled roofs and seized by greens, shops, be sure to church, often have their own restaurants and bars, mini-hotels, especially if the "village" is loved by tourists. Just what they are located in the mountains – already beautiful. And, in general, views of Corsica are breathtaking.

When you go along the mountains, on the serpentine, which goes from the cliff itself – you can cut me from species. Imagine the landscape of New Zealand; A little bit like. Blind of Corsica Manyat Collectors Retro Auto: Often on mountain roads there are chic converts 60-70s. You will be here – take a car rental, do not know how to drive – take another friend’s friend.

My acquaintances – Once it was Polyes from Paris, another time you guys from Russia – Rent a car immediately at the airport and managed to inspect almost the whole island. Its area is only about 9 thousand km, but the roads are so sometimes brazed into the increments that you will not eat quickly. They had different routes, the poles of the day for 4 rounded the south of the islands, delighted with old fortresses and bought plenty of sandy beaches, arrived in my city Bastia by train, the train is slow, but you will not see such species anywhere else! Then the Poles again by day 3 rented cars to admire the races of the Genoese. The guys also traveled all the local cities, but they had severe routes: a five-hour hike in the mountains, to mountain lakes and farther up, victory to look at the island from height.

I adore everything old, and Corsica pleases me with its antique cities, based on the Romans even before.NS. As well as the citades of the 15-18 centuries, for example, in Corte – a city in the mountains, local names "Siberia", Because there is colder than in other Corsican cities)) a piece of this fortress:

And only here are the original stone turrets. I will tell you separately.
And the waterfalls, and the mountain rivers, and the sea walks on the yacht, and the various festivals, for example, "night guitars", where eminent guitarists come … Once, driving around serpents, we discovered the church of the 12th century:

Even my pragmatic friend from Russia said that Corsica is a fairy tale, and he wants to come back here.

Corsica, my fairy tale

How to get to Corsica
Corsica, she is the "Island of Beauty", located between France and Italy, ships are from the French cities of Nice and Toulon, and from Italian – from Genoa, Livorno and Savona. Sail either about five hours or all night. There is a ship from Marseille, but I do not recommend it.
If desired, you can quickly find a direct flight from Russia to Corsica. Knowledge finding cheap tickets and are not afraid of docks at airports – Search for flights through European capitals. Fully the airport is both in Bastia and Ajaccio, and near Calvi (Figari Airport). Through what city will find a cheap ticket, such a flight and fly. Or enjoy: comfortable ships, there are shower and toilet in the cabins.

Ayachcho – the most dynamic and youth city, Calvi is famous for the beautiful fortress and, as I have already spoken, sandy beaches with turquoise color sea. Here is the Citadel:

Bastia is a city where I live, and here I can tell for a long time! Here the spirit of Corsica is stronger: the vintage narrow streets like labyrinths; Residents themselves. On Bastia Street:

Surprisingly, I am again and again I find what I have not seen before. Little town prevents surprises. View:

I will say one thing: they are gathered at Corsica, especially in Bastia, write to me, show-advise. I am writing about Corsica and on your site, who is interested to know, write in the comments, I do not want here "Spamily".

Oh yeah, look at Corsica map – she is very funny! "Recognize?" – Hitchhiking gesture or gesture "Everything O’K!"))

Corsica, my fairy tale

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