Corsica – Sea, Mountains, Napoleon and Columbus

What do we know about Corsica? This island somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, Napoleon was born there, it was there that the famous Vendetta was common and there from time to time to the representatives of the central authority of France put bombs.

However, extraordinarily beautiful nature, mountains, quite suitable for ski paradise, and hundreds of kilometers of beaches are invariably sitting on the Corsica of French tourists.

The length of the island from north to south is 183 kilometers, and from east to west – 83, 275 thousand people live on the island. Because of the high and stony mountains of Corsica is the most unclosed region of France. Corsica is a big mountain, as if growing out of the sea. Most of the population of the island lives in two major cities – Ayachcho and Bastia.

But the most important thing there is, of course, Napoleon – His name on Corsica can be heard and see everywhere: Gypsum figurines and medallions are sold with his image, the cookies are named, and, of course, the streets and square are named. And this is despite the fact that the Corsicans themselves relate to him with some cool, since, having come to power, he began to actively deal "big" France and left the desire of the native island to independence.

The house where Napoleon was born is located on a small street Saint-Charles in Ajaccio. The four-storey house looks rather modest.

Corte – heart Corsica

If you ended up in Ajaccio, then we will certainly have to do in some fish restaurant in the local port. Quality and Fresh Products Guaranteed – Before cooking, the hostess itself will bring and show you the morning caught in the morning.

But when you plan time for lunch, then keep in mind that in Corsica, as in all of France, the meal lasts from noon to three hours of the day. It may happen that after that restaurants will close until 19-19.thirty. Corte is a truly Corsican city. It is in the mountains, about 80 kilometers from Ayachcho.

In a short period of independence, Corsica (1755-1768) Corte was the capital of the island state. On the central square there is a monument to the then leader Pascal Pasya, the name of which, of course, is named the main street of the city. Even Corsican University, located in Corte, was founded by Pati.

Graphint on the walls of Corte call for freedom, curse the French and praise Corsican. However, most of the Corsicans still do not support complete independence, they are quite satisfied with the autonomy, which has been constantly expanding lately. However, tourists – Nephrantsuz may well count on a more warm welcome. Corsican is more like Italian more like in French.

There was born Columbus

The largest tourist zones are concentrated in the southern part of the island around the beaches of Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio. It is certainly worth visiting in the north-west Calvi coast, which is often called the most beautiful city of Corsica.

Corsica - Sea, Mountains, Napoleon and Columbus

For movement on the island you can rent a car. Those who prefer more reliable transport can ride by train, the route of which runs through the whole island. If you enter Calvi from the side of L’Il-Rus, then you can see the barracks of Raffle – the main base of the famous French Legion.

Reminders of the Foreign Legion can be found in the fortress, which is the main attraction of Calvi.

It is an surrounded fortress wall part of the city, which is on the rock high above sea level and protects the passage to the bay. Christopher Columbus was born in one of the houses of the houses. This fact should not be taken for a clean coin, since the history of the birth of the famous navigator and to this day is shut-off secret. Then they say that he comes from Genoa, then from Portugal, he is called that the Jew, then the Frenchman knows who.

Before leaving we decided to buy something in memory. Traditional Corsican daggers cause reverent horror and suggest thinking about Bloody Vendette.

Local cheese is made mainly of sheep and goat milk, the most common variety is Brocciu with a gentle taste. In souvenir shops you can buy honey of different varieties and exotic jams. There is a wide range of seasonings to all sorts of dishes mixed from different spices. And, of course, it makes sense to look into the store of local winemakers.

Flight from Paris to Corsica from 70 euros (1095 kroons)
Hotel ** Starting from 20 euros (313 kroons)
The second dish in the restaurant is about 10 euros (156 kroons)
Bottle of wine in a restaurant Starting from 8 euros (125 kroons)

Corsica - Sea, Mountains, Napoleon and Columbus

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