King wanders around Europe: what is important to know not to get sick

Until 1966, King was considered a disease that could not be defeated. After the invention, humanity vaccine gradually forgot about the disease. This is evidenced by the optimistic forecasts of WHO (World Health Organization). It was planned that in 2020 the world completely free from measles.

All hopes collapsed after the announcement of statistics on the incidence of the population in Europe. 2016 data suggests that king, referred to as children’s plague, still wanders on European countries and leads to mortality. According to the data, only in 2016, 24,000 people struck the virus. In 2015, the figure was 5,000 people.

The growing speaker continued in 2017. The epidemic struck residents of neighboring Ukraine – Doctors recorded 11 fatal outcomes from 23,000 cases of virus detection. In general, in Europe, 40000 people fell sick. Mortality – 37 people.

It is surprising that in the age of new technologies and significant progress of the medical industry, humanity returns to forgotten diseases, which for more than half a century did not disturb the population of the planet. The situation is explained by specialists from Rospotrebnadzor of Russia and WHO.

What states are leaders on measles flashes

For 13 months, in June 2018, the maximum indicators have demonstrated such countries as:

Serbia (for 1 million people 643 ill).

Ukraine with a number of ill 606 people per 1 million. Population. For six months of this year, 13 of 28,000 sick.

Georgia – 307 cases per 1 million inhabitants.

Greece – 293 people per 1 million citizens.

Statistics on France, Montenegro, Italy and Romania completes the sad rating.

Sanitary and epidemiological situation with measles in Russia does not cause concern. Medical agencies take measures to prevent measles outbreaks among the local population. Preventive measures are held, namely – Additional immunization of citizens who were not vaccinated in a timely manner.

Data on morbidity in Russia – 13 people per 1 million population. From recorded cases almost all sick – Residents of other countries, which for one or another came to return to Russia.

What is the reason for measles

The main cause of measles outbreaks – Refusal of vaccinations. According to the information of Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation, 90% of the diseased – Patients who in objective or subjective reasons have not passed vaccination. Basically, these are people from refugees, Gypsy communities, etc. Most of the diseases are patients who have undergone 18 years of age, that is, children. And in almost every case, doctors note the absence of vaccinations.

What are the ways and the principles of the spread of the disease

Concept of detention – air-drip. The virus enters the body through contact with an infected person or the surface on which the bacteria fell due to cough or sneezing of the patient.

Over the course of several hours, bacteria remain active, but at the same time, hygiene, disinfection and household chemicals are perfectly struggling with them. In general, if after visiting the street, wash your hands thoroughly, preferably with bactericidal soap, the risk of virus getting into the body comes down to zero.

Cortex harm to an adult organism than children’s

WHO data suggests that for 2015 134,200 children from measles on a global scale. According to Elena Tivanova, the leading expert of the Molecular Diagnostic Diagnostic Center (CMD) of the Central Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation, Kor – The main cause of children’s mortality up to 5 years.

Female cases are observed on the background of complications caused by measles. The disease suppresses the immunity of the rapid child organism, as a result of which bacterial infections of the secondary type occur. The most vulnerable to the disease are mucous membranes and lymphosystems. Secondary infections preferably harm the respiratory and ENT system.

Kids are harder to move cortex than preschoolers. Heavy complications appear more in an adult body than in children’s. The most terrible of them – Encephalitis (group of inflammatory processes affecting a human brain), diarrhea with subsequent dehydration, blindness. A less dangerous belongs to bronchopneumonia, otitis, laryngitis, inflammatory processes in the field of cervical lymph nodes.

Heavy consequences are wrapped in pregnant women. Miscarriages are not excluded. The fetus is possible to develop pathology of lungs and heart failure.

What to do a person who is not informed about the presence of vaccination

The possibilities of modern medicine allow you to determine whether an IgG antibody in the body opposing the virus. For this, it is enough to pass a special blood test. Its results will show how efficient immunity is ready to fight cute. If such antibodies in the blood was not found, it means that vaccination is necessary. Presence or absence of antibodies – indicator in the need for vaccination. The vaccination is done twice, with an interval of three months.

Free measles vaccination is made not only to children, but also adults who have not reached 35 years of age, subject to the absence of antibodies to measles, which are produced by the body in the case of previously transferred illness or vaccination. Citizens after 35 years old are instilled as planned for personal funds.

Grade of vaccination 20-25 years. After 25 years, re-vaccination against measles can be carried out if the absence of blood antibodies.

Does the vaccination need those who are planning travel to Europe

Corty wanders in Europe that it is important to know not to get sick

Planning tourist or business trips to the EU, it is necessary to carry out prevention against measles. Seriously refer to this recommendation Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation should citizens who will go to the country with an unfavorable epidemiological situation.

If the vaccination is made for reinsurance, in the presence of antibodies in the body, it will not harm, since it will be destroyed by antibodies already available in the blood, as well as the virus that fell from the outside (with a sufficient amount of antibodies in the blood, for which vaccination in 2 stages is done).

What to do after contact with the patient in the absence of vaccination

In this situation, free immunization is carried out for 3 days. Timing increases to 7 days, subject to the definition of ills in a particular community, for example, in the school class or preschool institution. Pregnant women are not subject to vaccination due to its danger to the fetus.

All in contact with patients receive a one-time immunoglobulin dose. It is important to know that the implementation of this procedure can be effective during the first 5 days after contact with the patient. According to the expert of the center of molecular diagnosis of the Central Epidemiology of the Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation, Elena Tivanova, Immunoglobulin is a means of protection against contamination of cortex in the short term (several months). Immunoglobulin is not able to produce immunity against measles virus, in contrast to serum used in vaccination.

It is important to know how to recognize cortex

During the incubation period, constituting one or two weeks, it does not exhibit in any way. No symptoms – impossibility to identify the disease in a timely manner. But the person who has had a contact with the sick, must certainly, in the shortest possible time, introduce immunoglobulin.

4 signs of measles:

Initially, cough appears, accompanied by discharge from the nose and elevated temperature – Signs characteristic of ORVI.

Conjunctivitis with redness and tear eyes. Manifests itself on the second or third day.

Cheeks in the inner part are covered with blessed spots with reddish edging.

Spring, referred to as testing, covers the skin of the neck and face. Appears on 3-5 days after the start of the disease. For a few days, the examine is covered by the whole body, including the limbs. The disappearance of the rash is observed in the same sequence as the appearance. She gradually pale, and then disappears. It happens three days after the first rash.

Doctors tend to the fact that those surrounding can get borne from the patient only in a certain period of the disease – From the last days of its incubation until the 4th day of rash. For the fifth day, no luck loses its danger to the health of others.

Treatment of the ailment does not imply the use of any special acquisition medicines. Cause – their absence. The doctor appoints events, focusing on the severity of the flow of symptoms of the disease. The appearance of complications – The reason for changing the course of treatment, in accordance with the concomitant disease.

Citizens must remember – Almost 100 percent protection of the body from the complications caused by the measles virus can only be guaranteed vaccination. Rare, but there are cases of cute and grafted citizens. Unlike non-immiscounted people, grafted tolerate disease is much easier, without related complications.

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