Cosmetic procedures that do not want to repeat

Earlier "My Planet" wrote about the insane diet of the past. In this article – about strange procedures that are offered in beauty salons nowadays.

Installing in the sand

Have you ever burned on the beach in the sand? What about seeking or, or rather, fleeing an hour-other? So I had to do Spartak Mishulin when he played Said in the film "White Sun of the Desert". The famous scene in the sand was shot a few days. When there were breaks, so as not to waste time, the actor did not feed, but simply put an umbrella over his head. True Mishulin lay not quite in the sand, but in a wooden box.

But if you want to get a healing effect, then contact with sand will have to be directly. True, only 15 minutes. After it is supposed to wrap in a warm blanket.

Psammotherapy (sand tub) was known in ancient Greece, but it only becomes widely popular now. It is believed that hot sand improves blood circulation, removes swelling and inflammation, normalizes the work of the kidneys and the nervous system and saturates the organism with oxygen. Such services are offered in Egypt, Morocco, Japan and the Crimea, the cost – approximately 1600 rubles.

"Vampire" mask

The fashion on the Gothic procedure was introduced by American actress and a fashion model Kim Kardashyan, shared in 2013 with his subscribers in Instagram Blood Selfie. It turned out, the actress decided on the so-called vampire mask.

The essence of the procedure is that platelets are extracted from fresh blood clients, which then with the help of special needles are injected under the skin. At the same time, the body "thinks", which has occurred, and begins to stimulate the development of collagen. The skin of the face as a result becomes elastic, wrinkles smoothed. True, Kardashian himself later admitted that it would never again be repeated this experiment. Too he turned out to be painful!

You can make a vampire mask in the USA, European countries, Japan, Australia, and it will cost you $ 900-2500 (70,000 – 190,000 rubles.).

Massage snakes

Get into snake embraces – pleasure dubious. And if a snake a lot? Brr. However, in the salons specializing in the serpentine massage, they argue that physical contact with the reptiles, on the contrary, has a relaxing effect and helps to get rid of stress.

Of course, put on your back, nobody will not be. Somewhere use Pythons, somewhere – the royal snakes, somewhere – cool or copper. In any case, all of them are nonsense and safe for humans. The procedure lasts 15 minutes to an hour. The size of "masseuses" depends on what exactly the person wants to achieve. Large snakes remove the stress of deep muscles, and small perform a light relaxing massage. True, pythons before a session just in case are well fed and put on her mouth.

Over the thrill, you can go to Indonesia, Israel, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Brazil and Philippines. Cost of the procedure – $ 80 (6300 rubles.).

Viagra for hair

Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and some other celebrities love to pamper their hair mask from the seed of Aberdeen-Angus breed bulls. It is also called "Viagra to Hair".

The first unusual cosmetic procedure began to offer the London Salon Hari’s. His owner for a long time was looking for an organic product containing a large amount of protein, which sometimes so lacks hair. I tried a lot until I turned to bulls.

Within 45 minutes, the mixture is rubbed into the hair, after which they are kept for some time in heat so that the active substances can penetrate inside and then dried. Those who tried the procedure say that it really strengthens and revives damaged hair, returns shine and beauty after the first use.

In demand enjoys in the UK and the United States, facilitates a wallet for $ 70-105 (5500-8300 rubles.).

Mask Geisha

Want to adopt the secret of beauty Japanese geish? Collect the litter of a real short flip movie, which is also called the Japanese nightingale, disinfect it with ultraviolet, mix with water and crushed brown rice, and then apply on the face. After a while it will acquire a shining color, and the skin will become soft, the epidermis burdens will be removed. The main thing is not to confuse. Any other kind of guano does not work!

Cosmetic procedures that do not want to repeat

The recipe for masks originates from medieval Japan. In such an unusual way, the actors and Geisha Theater of Kabuki, which presented the synthesis of singing, music, dance and dramas, restored the skin damaged by the high lead content in Belilach.

Despite the fact that the method is quite exotic, in some US salons, an entry for the procedure reaches two months. Among her fans – David and Victoria Beckham, as well as Tom Cruise. Cost – $ 180 (14,000 rubles.).

Fire massage

Imagine: You learn on a stone slab face down, and there are steels with hot butter, water and burning coals. All this – massage accessories. The master will first read over each Chang Mantra and only after that will begin the procedure. Alternately, he will lower his feet first into the oil, then into the water, then swears it over fire and prints it on your back. Also in the water, piles with special herbs are plunged, after they need to hold some time over fire, and then put the client on the back.

If everything is done correctly, there are no burns from a massage therapist, nor in a patient. But problems with hands, legs begin to decide a few sessions after! How many of them will need, depends on the disease.

Testing massage with fire in the north of Thailand approximately 2500 rubles.

Massage knives

To relax, the inhabitants of South Korea dream of going to prison, and the Chinese for 2500 years have fallen under the knife, more precisely, under two. The massage therapist wields them, inflicting rhythmic blows on the body and face – at the same time only thin fabric separates from the blades. To accidentally do not hurt customers, the blades are used stupid, but to substitute themselves under the knife and try the exotic procedure is not all the same. Especially since it requires preliminary training.

As a rule, in the morning before a person’s massage, they are asked to take a warm shower to remove the voltage. And immediately before the procedure itself, drink a cup of hot water and make a number of simple exercises to allow the energy to go out, and then enter the body. It is believed that with proper use, it is activated, due to which pain is removed, a person relaxes and gets rid of a number of diseases.

Apply this technique in the USA, China and in Taiwan. The cost of the procedure is $ 100-400 (7900 – 31,600 rubles.) depending on the time and part of the body you want to strip. More than just a foot massage.

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