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Many cosmetic products sold in large shopping centers of Thailand are not really angry Thai. But this does not diminish their useful properties, and, in my opinion, they deserve to enter a list of good cosmetics, which can be bought in Thailand. Today I will tell about the Vaseline brand, under which moisturizing lotions are produced, shower gels, soap and creams. Which is very pleased, besides the female line there are men’s.

Body Vaseline Lotions

  • Vaseline Total Moisture Yellow color contains wheat extract, moisturizes dry skin, enriches it with vitamin E and minerals.
  • Vaseline Aloe Fresh Green color contains aloe vera extract, great for hot season, as it quickly absorbs and leaves sticky layer.
  • Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking White bottles with a blue cap will suit very dry skin. Thanks to the glycerin instantly softens the skin and keeps moisture inside, creating an ideal environment for self-healing. Like the other lotions fit for the body, hands and legs.
  • Vaseline Healthy White Pink color with pink label helps to cope with dark spots on the skin caused by sunlight. Vitamin B3 helps natural whitening, yogurt serum moisturizes the skin, and the sunscreen effect saves it from the formation of new spots. The first effect is achieved in two weeks.
  • Vaseline Healthy White Triple Lightening In a pink bottle with an orange label similar to the previous lotion. Vitamin B3 and yogurt serum whitens the skin in a natural way, but there are additionally contained sunscreen ingredients with the SPF24 ultraviolet protection factor.
  • Cosmetics from Thailand - Creams and Lotions Vaseline Phuket Guide

All lotions are remarkable in that they quickly absorb, make the skin smooth and silky to the touch. I recommend it to be used these lotions after tanning to restore the skin.

Vaseline Creams, Hands and Body

  • Vaseline Age Defense lilac color suitable for hands. Active ingredients such as collagen and pro-retinol moisturize the skin of the hands, reduce pigment stains and fight explicit signs of aging. Already four weeks later your handles will become smoother.
  • Vaseline Healthy Hands and Nails In a pink tube contains keratin and vitamin E, suitable for skin care and nails. Two weeks later, the first results will be noticeable.
  • Vaseline Intensive Care In the jar with a blue lid contains natural vaseline, suitable for body, legs, hands, lips and neck. With regular use, it protects dry skin from dehydration, soothes from minor burns, helps to prevent the skin irritation of children from wet pellery, reduces small wrinkles and saves from the temptation. This means can even remove makeup with eyes without irritation.
  • Vaseline Healthy Sunblock SPF30 In a long bottle of yellow color is a body sunscreen with a SPF30 factor. Aloe and glycerin extract moisturize your skin. I am glad that the cream does not have a characteristic sharp smell and waterproof, so you can safely take it with you to the beach. But do not forget to update it regularly, the cream does not fit for one-time use during the day.
  • Vaseline Healthy Facial Sunblock SPF30 In the rounded bottle of yellow color – this is a sunscreen face cream with a protection factor SPF30. It is completely nelipe, quickly absorbed and protects the skin of the face from ultraviolet rays of the spectrum A and B, which are the cause of early aging, cause the formation of wrinkles and pigment spots. Yoghurt serum, vitamins A, B and E, contained in the cream, moisturizes the skin of the face. Do not forget to apply a cream 10-15 minutes before the exit to the street.

Soap and shower gels

  • Vaseline 2in1 Body Wash: Skin Cooling With a green cap due to cucumber extracts, aloe and cooling ingredients saves the skin of fresh much longer than the usual soap.
  • Vaseline 2in1 Body Wash: Healthy White With a pink cap contains vitamin B3, which helps in natural skin lightening.
  • Vaseline 2in1 Body Wash: Skin Replenishing With yellow cap combines soy and wheat extracts, vitamins C and E, which feeds the skin.
  • Vaseline 2in1 Body Wash: Skin Purifying With a red cap contains a grenade extract, which is a natural antioxidant.
  • Vaseline 2in1 Healthy SOAP: Deo Active In a box with a green strip contains antibacterial ingredients that reduce the development of bacteria on the skin.
  • Vaseline 2in1 Healthy SOAP: Healthy White In a box with a pink strip moisturizes and helps the skin to reduce pigment stains due to vitamin B3 and yogurt extract.
  • Vaseline 2in1 Healthy SOAP: Total Moisture In a box with a yellow strip contains soybean protein, wheat extract and vitamin E, which moisturize and nourish the skin.
  • Vaseline 2in1 Healthy SOAP: Ice Cool In a box with a blue strip contains cooling components and antibacterial ingredients.

Cosmetics for men: creams, lotions and gels

  • Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening With blue inscription "SPF 15" On a yellow background – a face cream reduces pigment stains, protects from 93% ultraviolet, quickly absorbed and restores skin within two weeks.
  • Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening With white inscription "Oil Control" On a blue background – a face cream with provitamins and antioxidants effectively fights with pigment stains and eels, helps to lighten the freckles.
  • Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening With white inscription "REFRESH OIL CONTROL" Against the background of the color of the sea wave – a moisturizing face cream with vitamin B3, antioxidants and aloe vera refreshes the skin, the effect is achieved in two weeks.
  • Vaseline Men Whitening Face SCRUB With orange inscription "Whitening Anti-Spot" On a white background – a soft scrub for a vitamin B3 and antioxidants brightens pigment spots.
  • Vaseline Men Whitening Face Wash With blue inscription "Whitening Anti-Spot" On a white background – Cream for washing with vitamin B3 and antioxidants suitable for all skin types, helps to refresh the complexion of the face and brightening pigment spots.
  • Vaseline Men Face Wash With white inscription "REFRESH OIL CONTROL" On a blue background – foam for washing with vitamin B3 and antioxidants suitable for all skin types, adjusts the work of sebaceous glands, the skin becomes smooth and shining after 3 weeks.
  • Vaseline Men UV Whitening Body Lotion With white-colored drop – body lotion with vitamin B3, clarifier pigment stains and a double sunscreen effect.
  • Vaseline Men UV Whitening Body Wash with an inscription "Active Whitening" – Shower gel with vitamin E moisturizes and restores skin.
  • Vaseline Men Body Lotion With a drop of green-color – milk for the body, which, due to the content of vitamin E, the extract of soybeans and glycerin gently cares for the skin and moisturizes it.
  • Vaseline Men Body Wash With white inscription "Fresh Hydrating" On a green background – a shower gel with vitamin E, feeding the skin.

Vaseline cosmetics can be used in large shopping centers, 24-hour stores 7-11 and Family Mart. The cost depends on the volume and relatively small.

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