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Continuing the topic of gifts from Thailand and Thai natural cosmetics, I want to tell about the popular brand Oriental Princess (Princess Oriental). He was founded in 1990 by SSUP Group in accordance with the concept of increasingly use of natural ingredients in modern cosmetics. Each product is made of specially selected herbs and natural extracts rich in natural components to preserve female beauty. Since it is not possible to describe each cosmetic tool to me, among the Oriental Princess products allocate several main lines.

Facial care

This line includes several series of face care in accordance with the skin problem. ACNEMISE products consist of sprays, creams, special soaps, masks, tonic, gel and suitable for fatty skin and the formation of acne skin. Cosmetics with an intense moisturizing complex deeply moisturizes and keeps moisture inside due to the daily gel, cleansing foam, night and day creams, nutritional or dry skin care sets. In Thailand, do not do without special whitening series Advanced Whitening Complex and Perfection White & FIRM, which includes foams for washing, gels, creams, tonic, masks, scrubs and proofreaders, well copes with pigment and age spots. Vitamin Series Richly Vitamin E and Natural Intensive C, consisting of tonic, creams and sprays for the face and body, serum and masks, perfectly help to cope with the lack of vitamins. Cosmetics Age Renewal and Lift Firming lines are suitable for skin restoration, coping well with wrinkles, at the expense of creams, tonic, foam for washing and special lip balm.

Special care

This line presents facilities for skin care around the eyes and lips. JUICE FRUITY LIP CARE balms with different flavors and smells and hygiene lipsticks Botanical Lip Therapy moisturize and make the skin of the lips softer. Series for the skin around the eyes of Prima Eye Therapy, face care and area Revival and Ultima Lift consist of masks, serums, creams and special complexes.

Body care

Oriental Princess Body Cosmetics is divided into destination and fragrances. I really like the Princess Garden series, Luscious Fruity, Oriental Beauty and Oriental Sensuality, including shower gels, fragrant soaps, body and hair sprays, deodorants, talci, scrubs of different flavors: Frangipani, Apple, Camellia, Sweet Peony, Orange, Strawberry. It is very convenient that they are selling even small packaging specifically for travel. Line for leg skin care and hand Hand & Foot Care includes nail balms and cuticles, moisturizing creams, scrubs, serums, sprays and liquid soaps. PERFECT FIGURE Cosmetics Suitable for those who want to get rid of cellulite and make silky skin. PH Balanced Feminine Hygiene line is liquid soaps for female hygiene.

Hair care

Cosmetics for hair Oriental Princess pleases not only with its regenerating effect, but also the whole palette of smells. The Tropical Nutrients series is represented by masks, air conditioners and shampoos with apple extract, banana, bergamot, pomegranate, chamomile and turmeric. Cosmetics Phytotherapy and Cuticle Hair Treatment lines are aimed at problem hair and scalp. In addition to hair care, the Natural Styling series is presented for laying and creating color effects.

Special lifestyle and aromas Oriental Princess

Cosmetics Oriental Princess from Thailand - Description, photo, where to buy a guide to the Phuket

This section needs to be mentioned about the Natural Sunscreen line for body and skin care during and after tanning. The entire spectrum of exotic flavors is presented in the Story of Happyness series, Journey for the Senses Eau de Toilette and Rhythms of Nature in the form of body sprays, worlds, perfume creams and toilettes.

Decorative cosmetics and cleansing agents

All kinds of makeup cosmetics are presented in this line: creams and base lotions for body and face, shadow and eyeliner, carcasses for eyelashes, lipstick, pencils and lip gloss, compact and crumbly powders, blush, makeup brushes, creams, Napkins, milk for removing makeup and skin cleansing.

At prices you can orient a little difficult, since the variety of products is great. In general, it can be said that this cosmetics is very popular in Thailand among the local population, so prices are available to all. The company also produces home cosmetics. In their piggy bank, flower bowls-flavors for underwear and clothes, sachet for a cabinet and bed, light air fresheners, fragrant flowers for the interior and much more. Look a funny promotional roller of sunscreen cosmetics – in Asia from the Sun are protected by this.

Stores and cosmetics departments Oriental Princess are easy to find in large shopping centers:

Cosmetics Oriental Princess from Thailand - Description, photo, where to buy a guide to the Phuket

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