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Costa Adeje – Amazing Canary Islands Resort. Located in the south-west of the island of Tenerife and washed by the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Costa-Adeja has everything for a decent and pleasant stay: luxury hotels, unusually tasty kitchen, beautiful nature, sandy beaches and active nightlife. Due to its successful location on the island, water and air temperature All year round a few degrees above other resorts adjacent to it.

The western part of Costa-Adeje is built up with expensive fashionable hotels, which has a luxurious holiday of tourists. Organize your leisure holidays will not work. Here you can find entertainment for every taste. For lovers to learn everything new, entertaining excursions are organized, acquainting the history and nature of the island.

For lovers to have fun all nights, entertainment facilities are working around the clock around the clock, jazz festivals and concerts with popular stars are regularly organized here.

Spanish resorts, and including Costa Adeh, are focused on family holidays with children. Therefore, despite an active cheerful life outside of hotels, in the perimeter is always calm and measured, without excessive fuss. Locals are hospitable enough, so they try to make rest for their guests as comfortable as possible.

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What is interesting to see in Costa Adeje?

Top attractions of Costa Adeje

Hell Gorge

Siam Park

Loro Park

Pyramids Guimar

Knight’s tournament in San Miguel

Park Orlov

Tayida National Park

Costa Adeje: Excursions and Events

Tourists, resting in Costa Adeje, it is worth visiting a few excursions, because they are truly unique here.

The most popular excursion to the resort – Lifting by Volcano Tayida. Mountain height 3718 meters above sea level. Funicular ticket price: adult 25€, Children’s 12.5€. From the highest point opens a dizzying landscape on the adjacent islands. Instead of soil under his feet, there will be frozen lava, and it seems that you are on another planet. The average cost of the excursion will be 30€ (lifting on the funicular is paid extra).

Everyone willing to get acquainted with the history and culture of Spain, can purchase Sightseeing tour of Tenerife. Tourists visit the most significant places: House Museum «Abaco», Built in the 17th century, Park «Pueblo Chico», Repeating accurate architecture and nature of the Canary Islands. At the end of the excursion, a few hours stop in Santa Cruz, where you can make purchases. The cost of such pleasure 55€.

It will also be very interesting to visit the neighboring Islands of La Gomera on a ferryboat. Tourists arrive in the old capital of the Canary Islands – San Sebastian de la Gomer. Excursion lasts all day. The average cost is 78€, Which includes breakfast on the ferry and traditional dinner on the island.

The most demanding tourists are encouraged to visit the tour – Town La Laguna and Taganan village. Having visited the old town of La Laguna, you can see the vintage estates, churches, villas. Next, passing through the relict forest, tourists fall into an old fishing village – Taganana. The guestroom will be covered with a gorgeous table of fresh seafood, and after the meal, everyone can go to Las Teresitas snow-white Beach, the sand for which was brought from Sahara and swim in the ocean. The cost of such an interesting excursion will be 200€.

All listed excursions are not a complete list. In Costa-Adeja, everyone will have entertainment to taste.

History of Costa Adeje

Climate in Costa Adeh

Resort Costa Adeje Located on the island of Tenerife, which is called «Island of eternal spring», And it has its own reasons. Thanks to its unique location in Costa-Adeje, the beach holiday season is open all year round. There are no cold and exhaust heat here. Throughout the year in the resort reigns spring. The average temperature in the summer month +25°C, and in winter +19°WITH.

The only drawback from which tourists can meet, going to relax in the coste-adeh in winter – Frequent storms and banning bathing. The warm flow of the Atlantic Ocean maintain the average water temperature +21°With year-round. See detailed weather in Costa-Adeh for months.

Costa Adeje: Entertainment and Active Rest

Costa Adeje, Spain Recreation, reviews, hotels in Costa Adeja Tourprom Travel

The resort of Costa Adeja attracts different people: lovers to soak in the sun and tourists who prefer active rest. Everyone can find a leaking to taste.

Costa Adeje is located one of the best golf courses on the island. Fields are located in such a way that players can observe a picturesque landscape surrounding them. On the one hand, a fabulous view of La Gomera and La Palma islands, and on another panorama of the Atlantic Ocean.

Very popular in Costa Adeje Diving. Several beaches of the resort zone are indicated by the blue flag, the water is crystal clear and the cleanest bottom. You can enjoy watching the picturesque underwater world of the ocean, easily considering their inhabitants. Diving lovers will appreciate.

Everyone can go on a sea walk, deep into the ocean. Diva from the shore you can see the amazing inhabitants of the sea depths – whales and grindes, their number reaches 250 individuals.

Extreme lovers can enjoy surfing and parachute sports. Experienced instructor will be happy to help learn a new sport of novice.

Parents with children prefer to visit water parks, they are enough. The most popular of them – Siam Park.

Transport features Costa-Adeje

Costa-Adeje Resort has good transport links to the airport and all island as a whole. The most common type of ground transport – Buses Tits. They are easy to know, t.To. they are painted in bright green. Each station sold travel tickets in the form of a card – Bono. The average cost is 15-25 €, The amount spent immediately will be on the account of the travel ticket. Using Bono, you can save on the passage to 15%. You need to enter the bus through the front door and insert a travel ticket to the validator near the driver, specifying the number of people. To report the output at the stop must be in advance by pressing the button in the cabin. Voice the names of the stations in Spain is not accepted.

Below is the average fare and the amount of time spent on the road.

  1. From southern airport to Costa-Adeje (40 minutes) – 2.90€.
  2. From Costa Adeja to Santa Cruz (80 minutes) – 6.25€.
  3. From Costa-Adeje to Tadeid volcano (1.5 hours) – 6€.
  4. Passage inside one resort – 1,15€.

Other no less common transport are a taxi. Machines are easy to know – they are white, with a dial on the roof and letters SP. The cost of passing within the resort of Costa-Adeje for 1 kilometer will be 0.55€, Departure beyond the limits will cost two times more. On weekends and evening, the cost increases by 15%. Each machine is equipped with meters, but it does not guarantee that you will not be deceived, drivers often go along the longest road.

Tourists who plan a lot to travel around the island, it is better to take a car for hire. Near the airport is a car rental. Excellent quality roads, there are practically no traffic jams. The cost of 1 liter of gasoline is 1.22€, and parking hour no more than 1€.

On any islands, no exception to Tenerife, populated marine transport. Ferry Easy to get to the neighboring islands. That’s just sailing from certain places. Unfortunately, sitting on the ferry in Costa-Adeh will not work. This can be done only from two places: Los Cristianos and Santa Cruz.

For lovers led and motto transport in Costa-Adeja there are many rental points, the average cost per day 10€, It is possible to take a vehicle for several hours.

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