Costa Blanca. Calpe. With a 6-month child to the sun

Budget to this trip was enclosed on a spare airfield, t.To. Comfort of the first joint journey clearly turned out the opportunity to save.
First I’ll tell you about my fears and that in the end it turned out.

so, Fear number 1 – Flight.

It happened that the first arm of Perm-Moscow I had to do with Marussen alone, and it was my biggest fear. We got to the plane did not roll, fortunately it turned out that no one sits next to us. Yes, when driving, the daughter received at the disposal the chest and feared safely, without waiting for the take-off. Blessed flight! Marusya slept all 2 hours and opened his eyes when the plane already released the chassis. Next, I tumbled it in a Kangaroo backpack and safely reached our dad.
Flight №2 was with docking in Madrid. Who flew to Alicante, knows that this is not the fastest option, 5 hours plus another hour to Alicante. Well, that’s right in the flight to Madrid, the child gave all that she had wanted at that time. And she wanted to go in a large toilet. 4 times. And in the toilet on a hard swivel table she was scared, about which of course Marusya reported to the whole aircraft. And in the rest, everything went fine, no problems with the ears and other troubles did not give us a daughter.
Madrid’s airport is already familiar so much that it was not focused on some details. The only and most important feature – we arrived in the country of adorable children of people. There were no queues for us, inspection in the style of "Light" and other charms. Each counter-serving airport helped / entertained / Ugukal with Marus. She appreciated it and happily smiled in a row. The same was on the reverse flight, when we flew directly to Moscow.

Fear number 2 – time and time difference.
Before the trip were afraid that the 4-hour difference (in minus) will make us walk along the shore at night, and the gatherings in the restaurant will nevertheless. Nothing like this. From the second day, Marusya went to bed and woke up in his ordinary Permian time, the same applies to day sleep.

Fear number 3 – Acclimatization, especially in a short trip.
Here the Spanish weather decided to help us and did not give out not only heat, but moreover, for the 3rd day in some neighboring cities I went (. ) snow! And this is in the region where people and winter do not see him. Fortunately, in Calpe on this day it cost a small storm and dull rain. So there was no acclimatization.

About the trip itself.

The main deployment site was chosen Calpe – wonderful place with excellent nature and air. It is successfully located almost in the middle between Valencia and Alicante. In the easy accessibility and the sights of Valencia with resorts Denia and Havia, and cosmopolitan Benidorm with a casino, amusement parks (Terra Mitica, Aqualandia) and other entertainment.

Marus was issued a separate passport at the age of 3 months and now it’s time to get the first visa. Simultaneously with dad, t.To. At the time of the trip, the visa still acted. The Spanish consulate loves us, however, it is … Pope gave 2-pilot, and Marus strictly on the date of the end of my visa – for a year.

The apartments chose not in the center, however, with a very good location: on the shore, near supermarkets, a couple-triple restaurants, pharmacies, confectionery – in general, all that your soul is within 5-10 minutes on foot. Fossa Beach liked me incomparably more of the main beach of Calpe, and indeed the district "Zoom" seemed more cozy, suitable for long-term accommodation. The thought appeared to escape here in the fall on a month and a half or two to survive Perm dirt. But about this later.
The apartments are located in a 14-story building, in our case on the 13th floor, with a huge, really huge terrace, on which there is everything you need from furniture: table chairs, elegant sun loungers and the best part – stunning sea view. Just it can be described infinitely, but better to show. Huge windows in the floor around the perimeter of the living room create a feeling of space and together with the wind and the view take away the desire to leave somewhere.

As always, they took in Hertz. This time you took a car more because of the stroller – Mercedes I don’t remember the model, the experts will understand the photo. Never silent, but convenient and quite beautiful. Favorite daddy color.

Baby accessories. The crib was provided to us by the owners of the apartments, but a holy catch with a carriage and car seat. Our homely walk is not at all suitable for travel, and there are no car seats in Perm, t.To. I’m not driving. What to do? The Internet is a great thing, there was a service on the Costa Blanca, providing all possible children’s pribrudes for rent, from wheelchairs and a / chairs to toys and bed linen. Ordered the missing directly to the airport. It was strange for me that we did not take anything: neither signed contract, no collateral, no passport or other data. Just brought to choose what we ordered, they took a rent for the week and agreed on the time of delivery. Everything. Very comfortable and easy.

A first-aid kit for children.
Antipyretic (nooofen), antihistaminka (phenyatil drops), bobotic just in case, drops in the nose Akvalor, aspirator, frost. This is the main thing.
Pampers took only on the road, because we do not use anything special, ordinary Pampers. Upon arrival I did not see the supermarket packaging shelves and sealed. Then the truth from the depths of memory felt that in Spain, Pampers are called Dodot. Bought and on this story with them happily ended.
Baby food on sale is something out of nutrition, there is Nan, but there is no uncomment you need. There are no one-component purees, too, there are no, only some demonic mixes)))) But I got out of the house, so I looked at the interest only.

Costa Blanca. Calpe. With a 6-month child to the sun

Children’s budget.
Traveling with a child up to 2 years in terms of costs for him is very profitable. Judge for yourself: Flight within the Russian Federation – for free, then the price depends on the airline, we have all the flights to a child about 1800r. (Perm-Moscow-Madrid-Alicante-Moscow-Perm, S7 and Iberia Airlines, however, unlike Aeroflot, cradles do not provide for children);
Rental stroller and car seats – 45 euros per week (such a service found only on the Costa letterhead);
Meals – Mom and puree with you;
Insurance True, they took a little more expensive than the standard, for 50 thousand. Euro, thank God not needed;
Transportation of a baby carriage of the airline – free of charge, the weight is not taken into account when calculating the total weight of baggage;
Visa for a child under 6 years old – for free, in t.C. Collecting a visa center (with self-submission).

So, we arrived, settled, drove into the nearest supermarket and roared a meal (next to 2 large supermarkets, to choose Mercadona or Consum). Rest began.
In the morning the weather is excellent, sun. The terrace is designed so that the sun on it is just a clock to 10 am, then rises above and you can sit in a shadow. T.E. Catch the most healthy tan, very pleased. Have breakfast and went to erase the surroundings.
The air is crazy, wandered around the nearest beach, the park and neighboring village and tried to breathe as deeply air with salt, aromas of orange trees and Pini (Spanish pine). Breathe, Marusya, Health and Beauty, Mom – Well done, chose a great place. By the way, on the third day, Marusi passed all problems with dry skin, it became perfect smooth. Climate, christmas trees … child need to live in a better place.

In one of the days we went to the neighboring Altea, see what and how, and at the same time it is to integrate that there is in the previously seen Russian clinic. Interested in the presence of a pediatrician first. From the threshold heard "brilliant", but the goal was designated, so we did not turn off the intended path. The clinic was empty, but the pediatrician was in place and produced quite a positive impression. Prices also turned out to be quite comparable to Moscow, and in some places and with Permian.
The town itself is divided into the main, seaside part, and the settlement is called Altea Hills. It is clear from the name that Altea Hilz is located on the hill. Or rather the house and the villas are stuck to the mountain. At my dislike for serpentine roads to explore the insides of the Hills settlement did not become. Who is important, near the entrance there is an Orthodox church.
I liked the beach in Altea itself only from the point of view of the same air. Maybe somewhere there are hidden sand corners, but we did not find them for the first runaway. And they found only an unbroken lane of a pebble beach, seeded in herbs. Somehow not ice.

Break on daytime sleep gave the opportunity to dine in a restaurant without threat of discounting from the table. The second time for all his trips to Spain tried a little less known, but the same iconic dish as a paella – Sarsuela (Zarzuela) – Summary Spanish Buyabes in a pan for Palelia. Tasty to disgrace. It is impossible to be such a slave of the stomach … No, you can … No, you need! And how otherwise, because Spaniards put the soul in the preparation of national dishes.

For me, so Benidorm is the same if the Spaniards launched in Dubai, and all the Arabs were kicked out. Good so, highly, quite clean. Hit the street grocery market. Delivered! Brekets with a bag of vegetables and fruits: bananas for people, oranges-tangerines on ridiculous prices, but at the same time stunning sweets (retail 3 euros for 5 kg, and on the track there are 1 euros for 5 kg … it is understandable – region – Citrus Hitter Spain), Almonds, Musmula, Artichokes, Tomatoes of all stripes … Otamaz One – Cooking 2 times a day after all! And the fruits do not eat at all))))
So, what I am about … Actually, in Benidorm, we came with the main purpose to look at the autumn apartments. We watched the option to be negotiated. For the life of two people, it is quite, but we are more … By the way, the most important thing that I got in Benidorm is apartments, apartments, apartments … Now, actually in the no-season, most of them are "Capacked" (t.E. With lowered shutters, non-residential), but as I imagine what is happening there in July-August … It’s too horror, that’s what crowds of people should coexist … Once again I am glad that in most cases I go before, at the very beginning or after graduation The season of mass recreation – Mother-well done, chooses the right time)))))

Who is interested in shopping, you can go to the nearby shopping mall La Marina. Find it easily, go in the direction of Finestrat, and then by signs.

8 days in Calpe with rods along the nearest cities flew unnoticed and we returned home, to the country of unshaven people and ramps at an angle of 45%. The conclusion from this first, trial trip with the 6-month babes made one – with the child you can and need to ride, it is not a classic vacation of adults, but also not delivering special problems. In June, we are going to breathe clean air of Mallorca.

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