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Costa Blanca – Very popular Spain Resort, located on the Mediterranean Sea. Name of this region – Costa Blanca, sounds in Russian as «White shore». Most likely, the name of the resort occurred from snow-white sandy beaches, which stretched for many kilometers.

Green valleys in the Costa Blanca replace the mountain slopes, and wide beaches are mixed with small secluded bays surrounded by picturesque rocks and cliffs. Here are well developed tourist infrastructure, many entertainment for different tastes, many hotels – From simple hostels to expensive hotels with pools and spa salons.

Costa-Blanca’s tourist capital is considered to be Benidorm – There are many modern high-rise hotel hotels in the city, as well as hotels located in ancient Spanish mansions.

One of the cities of Costa Blanca – Williajosa, has about four kilometers of sandy and picturesque rocky beaches, including the most famous – El Paradise and Centro.

Dénia – Pretty expensive resort, where wealthy residents of different countries love to rest, and staying in this city will cost somewhat more expensive than in the rest of the Costa Blanca resorts.

Another of the cities of Costa Blanca – Altea, a small resort town. Founded by the Phoenicians and placed in ten kilometers from Benidorm,.

Costa Blanca – These are romantic beaches, developed infrastructure, comfortable hotels, good service and opportunities for active nightlife – Bars, restaurants, clubs are waiting for their guests at any time of the day.

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What is interesting to see in Costa Blanca?

Top attractions of Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca: excursions and events

In Costa Blanca, there is a lot of interesting and saturated excursions, which, as a rule, pass on the components of its cities. There is, for example, Excursion to Costa Blanca, Walking in Williaosos, with a visit to the Chocolate Museum. This is a museum that works with the Varla factory and two more small, but very interesting museum dedicated to these sweets. By time, the excursion takes about 11 hours, the cost – from 60 euros per person. The second version of this excursion is combined with a trip to the waterfalls.

From the excursions in the city of Dénia, the area of ​​the Costa Blanca, tourists will be interested in the sighting pedestrian walk around the city and the surrounding area. Walk along the quiet town within 4 hours and inspect the main attractions of Denia and the surrounding area – Successful way to learn a lot about the city for a short period of time.

Tour of the city of Alicante (review, introductory): The list of objects that are visited, one of the most beautiful urban castles – Santa Barbara, which is one of the symbols of the city. Built at an altitude of 166 m., Castle many hundreds of years performed a defensive function. He was repeatedly rebuilt and strengthened in the era of Romans, Mavrov, Christians, now in the castle there is a permanent exhibition of contemporary art. Tourists to the castle raises a special elevator.

Another castle, an excursion program on Alicante – Castillo de San Femando, built during the fight for independence in early 19th century. Just below the castle spread municipal park.

Overview and pedestrian Costa Blanca And Benidorm necessarily includes a visit to the Old Town. As part of such an excursion, the Church of St. Heima, Tossal de Cala – The place where the Iberians had already lived, the ruins of the Morales Escolettes tower, as well as the famous observation platform «Balcony of Mediterranean» On the rock, offering a very charming view of the sea and the city.

History of Costa Blanca

Climate in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca — Sunny region. Almost all year the sun shines here, even in winter at a temperature of about + 13 + 19.8°C. In the region, beautiful and warm summer, with hot and sunny weather. Climate in Costa Blanca This is what summer season can last from May to October. You can see the weather in Costa Blanca in more detail by month. At this time, rest on the beaches and the sights of the attractions of Costa Blanca – Best tourist time.

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In June, the temperature rises to +32.3°C, and July and August – The hottest months in the city. The climate in the region is moderately wet, warm, but in the summer sea breeze brings cool and helps to move the heat. Winter warm with predominantly sunny days and temperatures until 19.8°WITH. In December – About +13°C, these are the most cool months in the Costa Blanca. Here is a very pleasant spring – warm and sunny, and rains at this time.

Costa Blanca: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Opportunities for Active recreation in Costa Blanca so many. In each constituting its town. There are interesting traditions and many opportunities to have a good time.

Water sports are very popular in Benidorm. Here you can work out diving, windsurfing, sailing and go out into the sea on the yacht. On the beaches there are playgrounds, rides, volleyball and football opportunities.

The most interesting and noisy action of all entertainment in Williamos – Festival "Maurus and Christians". This holiday can be observed, being in the city at the end of July. The meaning of the festival in OM, that the citizens honors the holy March, which protects the city and protecting it. At the end of the holiday necessarily a theatrical performance – Recreation of the battle between Moors and Christians.

Denia A variety of outdoor activities will delight any tourist – the ideal earthwoods for playing tennis and gorgeous golf courses, riding schools, several football clubs, fitness centers and pools. For fans of water activities, yacht clubs and modern diving centers with experienced instructors are provided. Denia is popular for water sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing.

In Alicante, you can relax in the evening, visiting one of the many bars or nightclubs. The city has a cozy open cafe with terraces, open bars with small scenes, on which guests and concerts are arranged for guests. Holidays and festivals are often held in Alicante, the most popular of which Bonfires Of Saint John, passing in the city on the day of summer solstice.

Transport features of Costa Blanca

A bus service is established along the coastline of Costa Blanca, connecting all the cities of the region. You can get from any city by bus to another, as well as to Alicante Airport. For example, from Benidorm to Alicante, travel will cost about 3 euros, to Valencia 15-17 euros.

Popular in Costa Blanca and suburban trains, which run along the coast and among the picturesque valleys and hills of this area. From Denia in Alicante with a change in Benidorm, a tram-electric train is running, called «Tram Alicante», who will drive you on charming places located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. In any of the towns of the region, you can rent a bike, call taxi or take advantage of urban public transport.

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