Costa Blanca – White Coast

Tourist market of St. Petersburg today is being developed so much that the experienced traveler is difficult to surprise anything unusual. Although certainly there are still these mysterious, seductive and unknown "Terra incognito", Charming land where the rich and demanding imagination entails us.

One of these places where the Russian tourist is still rare, – Costa Blanca – the coast, on which the Spaniards themselves prefer to relax (who, how not they know, explain in Spain?!), as well as hundreds of thousands of tourists from Germany, France, England and Scandinavia. This is due to the wonderful geographic location of the Costa Blanca: the picturesque mountains created a unique velvet microclimate, fragrant, fertile oasis, full of orange, tangerine, lemon, dates and olive groves, whose crops are collected here several times a year. Costa Blanca called "Spring territory", Because there is no sudden drops of temperatures, as in other areas of Spain, and the air is almost constantly standing by the sun and wondrous aromas of tropical plants. All this certainly contributed to the fact that there are luxurious ultra-modern resorts on this coast, where people who wish to relax and strengthen their health from all over the world.

Costa Blanca – White sandy coast, which with endless love caresses the azure waves of the Mediterranean Sea, belongs to the Valencian region. Recently, this area has become the most popular destination for investing capital, including foreign. Evidence of this – investment $ 300,000,000 for the construction of a supertechnopark – a grand show project of our century. This area of ​​Spain ranks second in the world in tourists attendance after American Disney Lenda, which is 40,000,000 tourists per year!

Costa Blanca - White Coast

Costa Blanca (Capital – Valencia, the third largest and significance of the city of Spain after Madrid and Barcelona) are not very similar to one another and are a rare and attractive combination of ancient cultures and modern. Noisy, loving bright numerous holidays and spectacles Valencia serves a pleasant contrast to quiet and cozy Alfas del Pi, Havee, Altea, Denia. But the most amazing city of this coast, in our opinion, is the tourist Mecca Costa Blanca – the city of Benidorm, known all over the world as "Spanish California". This city of skyscrapers, surrounded by mountains and open to the south of beach shores in the form of two crescents, was designed as a global tourist center. Having an infrastructure of a modern city (hundreds of hotels, casino, bingo, rides, restaurants, cafes, pubs, dance halls, discos, nightclubs), Benidorm does not deprive their guests "Pacific" Recreation: near the atmosphere of entertainment entertainment lives the peaceful and fascinating beauty of his bay. The softness of the climate and the thoughtful infrastructure turned Benidorm in an ideal place for all ages – from merry youth to the elderly. Wide avenues and streets allotted for a promenade serve as a place for a variety of lively trade. This city is created to save tourists from any problems. Here you can experience everything that involves the inexhaustible imagination of the lawmakers of the entertainment industry. Scuba diving, fishing along with sailors on a fishing vessel, surfing, water bikes, tennis, golf, beach volleyball, athletics halls, thousands of excursions, among which visits to the natural caves of amazing beauty; Safari Topper Park with an area of ​​1500,000 square meters; exciting mountain places – Fuentes Del Algar, Gualaest, Penagil; An unforgettable knight tournament with a medieval dinner; Benidorm Night Dancing Palace, in the first separation of which the best on the flamenco coast is dancing, and in the second – unfavorable cabaret; karting center where you will try yourself as a rider; Travels on pleasure boats and aquascript – ship with a transparent bottom, allowing in a comfortable setting to study the protected Benidorm seabed together with its inhabitants. In Benidorm built the largest water park in Spain. The owners of wonderful restaurants will meet you at the door of our institutions as our best friends, and if you like – I will definitely treat some "brand" delicacy at his own expense. By the way, about the Benidorm cuisine: lovers of sea delicacies will be able to enjoy the most exquisite and exotic testicles up to red shrimps, and those who do not imagine lunch without meat will be able to make sure that the Spaniards themselves are joking, as much as meat in Spain. Traditional Spanish cuisine – "paella", "Tortilla", "Fabada", countless species "Tapas", Dozens of unique varieties of Spanish wines – not all that you will offer Costa Blanca. Indian, Arab, African, Chinese cuisine will seduce and enchant you by the secrets of the oldest recipes, a wide selection of European cuisine will be offered on "Swedish tables" Sparkling hotels. Your dinner will accompany "Live" Music that the Spaniards love.

From Benidorm There is an excursion to Ibiza Island. Ferry delivers you there in a few hours. Ibiza during the day – not a remarkable (not remarkable for Spain!) a place. Island, Sea, Villas, Hotels and Very few people on the streets and on the beaches. Day in Ibiza – night, in the sense that sleep time. But wait for the evening – and the carnival begins! Ibiza – international podium having fun bohemia. Celebrates come here from all over the world to spend a couple of crazy and dazzling nights with themselves. Many sail here on yachts. Rent a yacht as simple as a car or apartment. You can rent a yacht for a day, a week, two, a month – how much can afford you your budget. Recreation, Sports, Cultural Activities, Exceptionally High Quality of Life and Tourist Service contributes to the full workload of hotels and resort complexes Benidorm. Inviting to visit Benidorm, Spaniards say: "Your years determine your life, but your life in our city will determine for many years".

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