Costa Brava: Attractions of the most famous coast of Catalonia

Costa Brava is the name of the coast in the northeast of Spain, Symbol Catalonia. This is a tourist region consisting of more than 20 popular resorts. Find out what you should look at Costa Brava and what sights of this region.

Translated from the Polish language of Costa Brava means "wild or rugged shore". it Tourist region Spain on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, within the boundaries of Catalonia.

The term "Costa Brava" Appeared in 1908 year and first used in the article of the journalist, poet and the policy of Ferran Aguullo and Vidal. However, half a century passed before this name became popular. Only in the 1960s, when tourism began in this region, the name of Costa Brava was adopted.

On Costa Brava 24 resort located in three districts: Alt-Emport, Bash-Emport and Selva. They attract tourists with beautiful weather, because about 300 days a year here is beautiful and sunny. The average annual temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, the hottest months from June to August. Minimum temperature on Costa Brava &# 8211; 27 degrees. The sea is also warm due to temperature and 12 o’clock in sunlight during the day.

However, if you do not like the crowd, you should go on Costa Brava in spring. At this time of the year there is warmly (20-25 degrees C), pleasant, as well as calm and cheaper.

Costa Brava beaches

Costa Brava Associated with paradise. Immediately comes to the head &# 8211; Beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise water. For this reason, this region is very willing to choose tourists from around the world. Picturesque views also include numerous secluded bays and steep cliffs.

So where to sunbathe on the Costa Brava coast?

Among the most beautiful beaches in this region, among other things, Cala Futadera. This is a bay surrounded by rocky hills, with a secluded beach . Crystal clear water and white yachts floating on it create an unusual atmosphere. Second place, which is worth choosing for rest, is the bay Cala El Golfet With a beach of only 80 meters long in Calella de Palafrugel. It is also one of the most beautiful and wild places on the Costa Brava.

However, one of the most popular beaches is Playa Gran in Tossa de Mar, With view of the medieval castle . At the disposal of sun beds, umbrellas and water sports equipment. Another popular beach &# 8211; Plaja de Fenals in Lloret de Mar. Its length is 700 meters, he adjoins a pine forest . San P-de Mar Beach is especially recommended for families with children. Water here crystal clean and small, and the landscape is diverse dunes. On the beach there is also a playground. You can do sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and diving . Cala Sant Francesc is equally good for families with children in the fishing village of Blanes.

Sights of Costa Brava

Costa Brava &# 8211; very diverse region. Next to each other are small cozy fishing villages and lively, noisy and crowded tourist resorts with high-rise hotels. Each of these places have their own attractions that attract the attention of tourists. Lloret de Mar &# 8211; Entertainment center, which primarily attracts young tourists.

However, this is not the only sight of the resort. In addition to bars, discos, nightclubs and restaurants, in the city there is a casino, Water Word Entertainment Park, as well as Catalan and Gothic buildings that should be visited. Being here, you must see another landmark &# 8211; Gardens St. Clothild, known as enchanted garden. There are winding alleys with shrubs overlooking the sea, terraces, fountains, ponds and romance statues.

Costa Brava Attractions of the most famous coast of Catalonia

Another attraction of Costa Brava &# 8211; Hill and San Juan Castle in Blanes. This is the fortress of the XIII century, from which you can admire amazing landscapes. The unusual fortress is also the attraction of another popular resort &# 8211; Tossa de Mar. The medieval castle is located on the rock, and inside it is the old town of Toss &# 8211; Vila Vlala.

Also the attraction is also fabulous Medieval stone town Perathaliad. You can stroll through the narrow streets, decorated with flowers, just like squares with cafes and shops.
Peninsula and Cape Cap de Creus &# 8211; Magic attraction. This is the easternmost point of Spain. There is a reserve and a lighthouse.

Visit Costa Brava

Be sure to visit the city of Girona on Costa Brava, existing with 79 g. to N.NS., in which is Many interesting monuments, such as defensive walls of the medieval old city, archaeological passage, well-preserved city baths and ruins of Tower Gironell.

The symbol of this city is Multicolored houses on the River Onyar. The attraction of this city is also one of the most beautiful reefs, for which divers are watching with interest.

It is also worth visiting the city of Figueras, where he was born and died Salvador Dali. The largest and most important attraction here is the Salvador Museum – Museum Dali with a characteristic decoration of the facade of the building in the form of eggs. There are about 360 artist’s works.

In his footsteps, you can also visit Gala castle in Polela, who Salvador Dali presented his wife for his birthday. Inside there is among other things the huge sculptures of the elephants, mysterious figures, a stuffed horse, as well as a collection of gala dresses.

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