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Spain ranks second in the world of tourism! More than 65% of tourists – from EU countries. In this area employs 1.3 million. human. Annually the influx of tourists from Russia increases by 30%. Russians are already resting by large families: Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, Mom and Children.

Annually Resort towns of Catalonia Tossa-de Mar, Loret de Mar and others attend 25 million tourists.

We rested in Spain in Costa Brava. "Wild Coast", as you also call this resort, have long been "settled" Russians.

In Spain, many Russians. Not only escaping the oligarchs, but also returned to their historical homeland descendants of those who took place in the Soviet Union in 1939 after the victory of General Franco.

Almost every cafe and the hotel we have met a waiter talking without an accent in Russian. Whether it was a visit to Russians or returned from Russia the Spaniards, I do not know.
During the presentation on Flamenco Show in Spain, I thought: what is the purpose of this journey to life?

Remembered lines of the most famous poet of Spain Federico Garcio Lorca:

To know that there is no refund,

my loss and loss,

don’t give me a desert memory –

everything and so emptiness is furious!

Mount me, and you, and winds!

For no and there will be no refund.

Some believe that life is given for pleasure, others – that for tests, others are confident that the purpose of life in improving the soul, the fourth convinced – our life is a trip to this fallen and sinful, crazy, crazy, insane world.

Lonely elderly woman, not wanting to wait for death, sold her apartment, bought a tour in a round-the-world trip on the ocean liner, and on the way back rushed to the sea.

What is our life, and why do people travel around the world?

Since ancient times, travel was perceived as a travel on Okumen. The brightest example is Odyssey.

Before the restructuring, I traveled almost the whole country, and after the restructuring began to travel around the world.

For me, travel is not entertainment, but to comprehend the world and yourself.

Travel – not just a travel, but self-knowledge. The more I know the world, the better I recognize myself.

Travel – Purest Delight! In the journey, raise over everyday bustle, you begin to understand the true meaning of life.

I am not just chaotic I go through the light, and traveling according to the history of the development of human civilizations: Egypt, Israel, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, England, Scotland ..

Traveling around the world, I noticed that the globility changed depending on the location; The geography of the place was determined and the worldview. Inside the pyramid of Heops, I felt like an Egyptian, on the top of the mountain Moses ancient Jew, in Greece, Spartan, in Finland Finnish.

I recently returned from another trip to Europe. When you are in large communities of people of different nationalities, you feel how much we are, and at the same time, as far as we are different.

Fabric travels make it possible to understand that there are other glances, and rather, rather than our familiar assessments and performances.

Some believe that Russia is part of European civilization. Others believe that Russia is Eurasian civilization. Third call Russia "Asiop".

Conditionally geographically Russia, of course, part of continental Europe. But here cultural and historically it is not in everything similar civilization.

The law on the prohibition of propaganda of homosexuality, Russia demonstratively contrasted itself to Europe, where homosexuals are allowed to create families and adopt children.

In Spain, in 2005, a law entered into force, legalizing same-sex marriages and providing same-sex couples the right to adopt children. 67% of the population of Spain supported the idea of ​​official registration of same-sex marriage. This is despite the fact that 95% of believers of the Spaniards – Catholics.

Will Russia go, as always, following Europe, or will again claim the title of "original civilization"?

When you are in Europe, you feel like an Asian, and when in Asia – by Europe.

Of course, all this conventions: like division to Europe and Asia, so on Russian and Europeans. We are all human, citizens of a single world.

The more I travel, the more I feel a citizen of the world. In Russia, they are taken for the Orthodox, in Egypt for Muslim, in Finland for Protestant, in Italy for Catholic.

But is it important that I? Much more important what i!

The division of people in citizenship and nationalities is the trick of the "ruling elites". It is profitable for them to draw borders to ensure their privileged position.

Perhaps in the future, when state borders and humanity will disappear and humanity will become the united community, we will only remember the nations and peoples.

Traveling in the world led me to the conclusion that the best kind of patriotic education is foreign tourism. Journey abroad allows you to get rid of the Soviet Complexation and understand that we are no worse than other Europeans.

I had to hear that we (Russians) "go around the world", while foreigners travel around the world. Some are convinced that Europeans live, and we survive. But, as they say, well where we are not.

According to the results of 2011, Russia ranked 45 in the ranking of the richest countries in the world in pure financial assets per capita. In Russia, a year accounts for 1.5 thousand euros per citizen. In first place Switzerland, where more than 138 thousand euros per capita. Then Japan – 93 thousand euros, USA – 90 thousand euros.

Since in terms of life, Russia is still behind European countries, many with envy look to the West. Why they live better if we are no more stupid?

Many are leaving Europe, because there are higher standards of life.

And why in Europe a higher standard of living? Not at all because there are more there.

I can not say that the Russians are more lazy, and that we get unearned money. The salary is now determined not by your immediate employment deposit, but by various preferences of the employer, as well as the general state policy and the world environment.

Once again, being abroad, I realized that government boundaries are needed primarily rich, which with ease overcome, at the same time allowing you to "hold within the boundaries" of the dependent poor.

The global world develops "open systems" – countries enriching due to attracting someone else’s experience and capital. South Korea’s success is not allowed with life in Korea North.

The Spanish economic miracle was largely carried out thanks to the opening of Spain as a global resort center.

Tourism today developing and very profitable business. Many countries live on revenues from tourism, and flourish.

Russia’s revenues from international tourism in 2011 amounted to 11.4 billion. dollars. The share of the tourist industry in the total GDP of Russia in 2010 was 3%.

But for some reason, still go to relax abroad and cheaper and more comfortable. We and the prices are higher and the service is worse. I’m not talking about politeness of personnel.

Unfortunately, our policies cannot feel the difference in service in domestic and foreign resorts. Most of them are forbidden to relax abroad for national security reasons.

Last hope – at the Olympics in Sochi. But it seems to want to boycott unprincipled politicians want. They own ambitions are more important than the holiday of sports. And talk about the rights of athletes-homosexuals Only to remove the eyes.

Politicians live in their world, far from the understanding of the world of ordinary people. They have their own dachas, protection, they are not free and can not travel around the world where they want.

President Vladimir Putin (who, he said, never rested abroad) instructed the government to improve the tourist image of Russia.

But the image is improving not by the regulations, but with real affairs.

In St. Petersburg recently, a lot is done for tourists: built a port for the adoption of ocean cruise liners, new hotels are opened, inscriptions in the metro station appeared in English. Sometimes you go through the native city and it seems that you are abroad.

But Russia is not only St. Petersburg and Moscow. We have a "golden ring", Baikal, Kamchatka, Volga, Siberia and many more interesting places, where the foot of a foreign man did not go.

Today Russia ranks 13th in the world in the field of international tourism. From 1995 to 2011, foreign tourism in Russia grew by 27%: the number of foreign tourists increased from 1.8 to 2.3 million people per year. Most tourists from Germany, then Chinese tourists, the third place is occupied by the Americans.

Abroad "Our People" are found on persons. Curious, how eyes are looking at our tourists former compatriots who escaped from Russia in the hope of finding "foreign paradise". "Former" prefer any work, just to be as part of the "Golden Billion". They are convinced that in the global world "where is good, there is a homeland". Some seriously believe that "it is better to be a hedgehog in Germany than a person in Russia".

Gone from Russia to permanent pmzh with contempt look at the remaining in the "Rashka", and consider them almost fools. I personally did not escape, and I do not think my fool.

Some call themselves citizens of the world, and the concept of the Motherland – Anachronism.

However, with all the conventions of this concept, their homeland, like parents, do not choose.

Globalists are trying to create a paradise life for the "Golden Billion". But the wizard people in the "paradise" are fat: a lot of fry and think little.

As a child, I read a fantastic story, which describes a closed cycle civilization for selected. Her inhabitants gradually degrade mentally and physically.

Claims of globalists for a single "correct" device, culture and lifestyle are in contradiction with the basic principle of natural diversity. Development is carried out due to the manifold!

People are therefore settled on the planet (according to the concept of Porschev) that they did not endure ***************, everyone wanted to live in their own way.

In the essence of their people, everywhere are the same – seek to benefit and hope for good luck.

Costa Brava - Gate to Spain - Costa Brava, Spain Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

I wonder how in different parts of the planet, a person adapts to nature, creating a unique culture.

Comparing different cultures, you find something eternal in man. Different tastes, habits, different customs and gods. The same question about the meaning of life has different, but similar answers.

We live in the feeling of our own right, and I do not suspect how bad we are. Meanwhile, if you look at the usual subject with an unusual point of view ..

For example, we are considered an uncompatory not to miss a woman forward. In the East, a man passes forward, precisely because there may be a danger in front. Women in the East do not require equality, because they work in most of their men, and women at home raise children.

I do not see malfunction in any religion. It is much more important to me, not what religion a person is counting, whether this man creates.

For someone, religious norms of behavior are more attractive than secular laws. People live on them and happy!

For what we live at all?

We work to sometimes rest, or rest to work?

Many people who acquired material wealth cease to work.

If you judge the Bible, work is a curse. Adam was kicked out of paradise so that he would get his bread in the sweat. And he lived in paradise, he lived, and did not know what to work.

In the poem "Lost Paradise" (1667) English philosopher John Milton shows that freedom and paradise are incompatible. God gave people freedom, and they turned heaven to hell.

Dostoevsky in the story of the "dream of a funny person" proves that paradise on Earth is impossible because human sinful prevents.

In search of paradise on Earth, I traveled many countries, and realized that heaven – he is in the soul, as, however,. We ourselves create your paradise and hell.

Some envy ask: where does the money come from?

It is important to have no money, it is important to have a dream! When there is a dream, there are money.

Everyone should have a dream that encourages living and developing, which rushes up.

Much can be said about a person by whether he has a dream, and what she is.

Dreams of some people are connected precisely in order not to work, but to travel around the world.

Dreams are plans of knowledgeable people!

Dreams do not just come true, but are carried out by our own efforts.

"The future belongs to those who believe in virtue of their dreams!"- said Eleanor Roosevelt.

"You are already there, where you are trying to come, and you are already the one who are trying to be," Robert Anthony argued.

"They can, because they think they can," Vergili wrote.

Ancient knew that dreams tend to come true, and therefore you need to dream carefully.

The thought is material. In quantum physics, it was proved that only the presence of the "observer" can change the outcome of the experiment.

Such wells as Vanga convincingly proved that information about a person can be obtained from his thoughts.

Plato believed that before the thing appears, there is an idea of ​​what should materialize in this world.

Ancient believed that all information about the occurrence and the future is contained in the information field of the Earth, which they called the "Akasha Chronicles".

Personally, I adhere to the opinion that the main milestones of our life are spelled out as a scenario of our destiny. But we depends on how and to what extent they will.

And time, and place of birth, and even parents are not accidental, since all this manifestations of order, the essence of which we.

Fate is predetermined as a task that a person must fulfill. Faced with temptations and difficulties, the soul overcomes them, if he listens to the voice of fate – what should be fulfilled.

If you feel suffering from life, then you will not live in incorrectly, uniform your essence, to your destination.

It follows everything that is found in life, to relate to the necessary for your development.

Costa Brava - Gate to Spain - Costa Brava, Spain Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

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