Costa Brava

Get to the center of the region, the city of Girona, from anywhere in Europe does not represent much difficulty. Nevertheless, the northern sector of the coast of the Costa Brava district is still secret for seven seals for summer exotic leisure lovers.

Mountains, a sheer wall stretched along the coast for 80 miles, (from the town of Blanes to the French border) and rocky, rugged by small coves coastline ("Brava" Translated means "rocky") There were no chances for large-scale industrial expansion. This also saved the picturesque landscape of the local coast for the Mediterranean: closely pressed to each other.

Fans of romantic leisure We do not recommend settling in Loret de Map among the endless series of bars, beer and discos. It is better to walk from Palaforagel to Lyafrank along a cloudless rocky shore, whose magnificent appeals is captured by the spirit, and sit on holiday. Here and shops with the most modern goods, and a yacht parking, and a spacious smooth beach.

Aiguablava – another pearl of the Costa Brava. Its narrow, deep lagoon with azure water very much resemble the Scandinavian fjords. The next door is located a very tiny village of Ca Riera, a wonderful magnificent beach and a fishing restaurant in the shore, looking out because of the awesome, then, there are fishing networks and anchors that emphasize the unique atmosphere of the local rest.

Tourists on the note. It is very profitable to use the services of a rental: rental of a modest car will cost you at $ 115-100 per week; For a more respectable brand will have to pay from 140 to 170 dollars. But full freedom of movement is worth this money, believe me.

Visit mountain medieval villages. Do not be lazy to spend the morning to wander around the medieval fortresses in the towns of Perataela and Pale. Ancient walls of Pals are hiding old streets, blocked by elegant arches, and the joinds of beautifully preserved gothic buildings from a dark yellow stone with openwork forged metal balconies, bugoreville and geranium shoots. Over all this ride a round watchtower, built in the 13th century. In local restaurants, people who wish can enjoy gorful national dishes of national cuisine.

Figuzras: Go there and visit the cheerful Museum of Salvador Dali, the atmosphere of which is similar to the comedy theater. This is probably the only one of the museums, the inspection of which does not leave even small children.

Kadaques. Salvador Dali lived in a very close side of the small fishing village of Port Lyhat, which he considered the most beautiful place on Earth. Other recommendations are excess.

That’s not all. In a charming place, Tamariu, called from growing here in the abundance of Tamariskov – trees with gentle, like the fluff, a foliage of a bastard can days in safety to play on the sandy beach.

The picturesque location of the Calella de la Palaforage (not to be confused with the south of the Calella de la Costa) – this is a string of beaches, separated from each other outstanding in the sea with rocks and a rim as if strung on the thread of small cozy coastal cafes.

Costa Brava

Sardan is a folk Catalan dance, but not in style "flamenco". Summer evenings can be observed as locals, becoming in a circle, dancing it under the accompaniment of wooden wind instruments. Nutrition on vacation. Local cuisine is considered one of the best in Spain. Its dishes are an exquisite combination of all sorts of products: for example, duck with apples and figs or rabbit with snails. Dining in a fish restaurant, start with "Almehas" – Marine mollusks or "Kalamares La Pancha" (fried squid), and then order a solid portion "Olya de Piquet" Sea perch or a dish of royal fish sword.

Finally, do not forget to enjoy "Kremit" Local Drink Cooked from Roma and Lemon.

By the way, the price of fish dishes is very often determined by the exact weight of the fish. On average, the lunch of three dishes with wine will cost $ 8-15. The shops. Take a time to go to Bisbal for the day. On both sides of the road, the endless rows are equipped with housing shops and shops, rolled with painted plates, bowls and vases.

Here you can make a wonderful purchase. Almost every store has its own pottery workshop, where the liked souvenir will be on your eyes climbed on a pottery circle, burned in the furnace and is painted.

Ancient art got to local masters inherited from the inhabitants of Ampurias – Greco-Roman settlement on the Costa Brave coast, buried under the sands many centuries ago. Archaeologists and today find the most valuable copies of the ancient home utensils and mosaics.

Costa Brava

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