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Costa Cruises – Italian cruise company that organizes cruises under the slogan «Cruises in Italian style». In particular, tourists on board Costa Costa Cruise’s cruise liners are offered an elegant classic Italian style, which is noticeable in everything, ranging from exclusive design and up to a very tasty and, which is important, diverse nutrition. During cruises Costa Cruises travelers are waiting for excellent interiors, the lessons of the Italian language, culinary workshops, in which tourists can master the secrets of cooking classic Italian dishes.

Costa Cruises has one of the most impressive fleets among sea cruise operators, including 14 cruise liners, which run solely under the flag of Italy. Interestingly, Costa Cruise is a leading company in the number of tourist transport in the whole Mediterranean Sea.

Useful information for tourists: topical location of the company Costa Cruises Tourists You can view on this page on the map in its right. It should be remembered that this data is updated daily.

The headquarters of the cruise company is located in the Italian Genoa. Interestingly, Costa Cruises liners make cruises not only in the Mediterranean Sea, but also to Northern Europe, by the Caribbeans, along the shores of South America and in the Middle East.

history of the company Costa Cruises

The history of Costa Cruises is very interesting: in 1854, the Italian, whose name was Jacomo Costa (actually, in honor of him and called a cruise company) founded the company that was engaged in trading – In those days, Costa sold olive oil and fabrics in the markets in Sardinia and in Genoa. Trading went actively and successfully. That is why to maintain turnover, the company decided to engage in freight traffic on the sea. Over time, Costa Cruises appeared its own fleet consisting of transport ships. By the time the Second World War began, Costa Cruises had already owned 8 liners, the total displacement of which was over 27.5 thousand tons. Unfortunately, the war survived only 1 ship.

However, the world market conjuncture changed quite dynamically, and in 1948, Costa also took up passenger traffic. It was at that time that a new standard was introduced: first-class cabins provided air conditioning system, and after air conditioners appeared in second-class cabins.

By the way, the company was originally called Giacomo Costa Fu Andrea, and only subsequently the name was changed to a more concise «Linea C». It was during this period that Costa launched commercial cruises to North America.

In the 70s of the twentieth century, the company conducted a rebranding, after which she was assigned the name of Costa Cruises. In 2000, the business of this Italian family bought the American Cruise Holding Carnival Corporation. Nowadays Costa Cruises – This is one of 11 brands under the control of Carnival Corporation.

Costa Cruises Reviews and prices for cruises Costa Cruises Travel Guide

Russian service on liners Costa Cruises

In 2011, a Russian service was introduced on all liners of the cruise company Costa Cruises. Thus, in all public-speaking public areas, a Russian-speaking or Russian employee works on liners. Pepero Tourists from Russia can easily communicate in Russian on Costa Cruises ships in stores, in fitness centers, children’s playrooms, SPA salons, theaters, casinos, cinemas, onboard shows and t. NS. In addition, at the reception racks, in bars and restaurants you can also meet several employees who speak Russian.

In each cabin, the Costa Cruise liners is located in Russian, the menu on the liner is also translated into Russian, as well as the daily program. In addition to the above, tourists have the opportunity to use the phone number listed in the information brochure located in each cabin, and ask their question. It is also possible to make an order without going out of the cabin. Interestingly, since 2011, during cruises on Costa Cruises, travelers are offered excursions in Russian. It is noteworthy that today few foreign cruise companies can boast the presence of this kind of services for Russian tourists.

Offers Costa Cruises for kids

Among the main advantages of Costa Cruises include excellent conditions for family holidays, in particular, for recreation with children. Unlike other cruise companies, Costa Cruises offers weighty discounts for small tourists. In addition, 4 rooms for children’s games designed for young tourists from different age categories, ranging from three and ending in 17 years on liners. This service operates on Costa Cruises’ liners for 8.5 hours during the day, while the service is absolutely free. In addition, for 6 euros, travelers can buy on board a children’s card, which includes 20 not containing drinks alcohol, fresh juices, fruit cocktails and milk cocktails, tea, coca-cola and much more.

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