Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol it is much more than just a resort town. Sunny Beach (the Spanish region name is translated) – This is the most emotional province of Spain, with its unique temperament and palette of paints.

Costa – the southernmost countryside, giving a lot of sunny days and excellent weather to tourists, spread from Malaga to Gibraltar. This is a rare and peculiar resort offering travelers and charming landscapes, and monuments of antiquities, and natural beauty, as well as the ability to better learn Spain – Such a diverse and bright, with its passionate dancing, noisy carnivals and holidays.

Costa del Sol cities have long discovered the fame of the most expensive, respectable and comfortable on the coast of Andalusia. Here are houses of celebrities, aristocracy and high-level businessmen. In Costa del Sol, long gorgeous clean beaches, in the whole region very well preserved a peculiar atmosphere of Andalusia. This province is considered one of the most abundant and historical monuments, it conquers its unforgettable flavor with the age-old centuries with customs and traditions.

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What is interesting to see in Costa del Sol?

Top attractions of Costa del Sol

Towers almenenaras

Ancient city of Antequera


Old Town Estepone

Winery seedella vinos

Observation platform "Balcony of Europe"

Nerkho caves


Ruins of the castle of San Louis

Archaeological Museum Estepone

Costa del Sol: excursions and events

From Costa del Sol, you can go on excursions to neighboring cities or in Madrid (2 days). In each of these cities, a huge amount of architectural and natural beauty, worthy of attention. There is Excursions from Costa del Sol In the cave Neri – they already have 20 thousand. years ago lived our distant ancestors. Huge stalactites and stalagmites, incredible beauty types of nerve caves, as well as rock paintings – All this is worth seeing your own eyes.

It is also worth visiting the town of Freikiliana, which is located at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level in the ancient mountains. African tangier trip lasts not one day, moreover, you need to make a visa. Visa is done here, during the week.

Sightseeing tour of Seville – This city was made by the famous literature and music, and, in addition, here many monuments of architecture – the city council even got into the Guinness Book of Records. The program includes a visit to the tomb of Christopher Columbus, Park Princess Mary Louis and the Jewish Quarter Santa Cruz, as well as just a small sightseeing tour of the old resort.

In Ronda, tourists will visit the first arena in the country arena for the fight of the bulls and the Museum of the Corrida. The program of excursion also includes visiting a typical house of a rich family of the 18th century, a distinctive cathedral and other household buildings. There is such an excursion about 46 euros. Excursion to the magnificent and unique in its kind Cordoba costs about 65 euros and includes a visit to the main attractions of the city.

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History of Costa del Sol

Climate in Costa del Sol

Sunny days are in this region of 320 days a year, and in some years and more. Climate Costa del Sol help to form mountains that protect it from the northern winds. In winter, on Costa del Sol, warm – up to + 20 + 22°WITH. In the summer there is no strong heat, since the shore is cooled by sea breeze. Climate Costa del Sol is one of the most favorable in the continental part of the country, sandy beaches are drawn to many kilometers and even in the peak season there is a few.

Climate Costa del Sol allows you to rest here all year round. The warmer period here is from June to October. Temperature +23.4 + 29.3°C, and from December to February about +16.3 + 17.4°WITH. For greater visibility, see the weather in Costa del Sol for months. But because of the cool flows from the Atlantic, the sea is often heated only to +22°WITH.

Costa del Sol: Entertainment and Active Leisure

In the Costa del Sol a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities and interesting pastime. For example, cable car – allow from the height to look good all the coast, and in good weather to see the African coast. Safari Park Selwo Aventura will provide an excellent opportunity to watch wild animals in their natural habitat. There are two water park in Costa del Sol, as well as a small zoo and aquarium.

Water entertainment for Active recreation on Costa del Sol presented in all their diversity. This is windsurfing, and yachts under sails, and diving centers, and fishing and walking on the boats along the coast. yachting, scuba diving. In this region there are a lot of golf clubs, tennis courts and squash fields.

Nightlife in Costa del Sol – also a great vacation option. Night clubs here are in large quantities on any taste of the wallet. Night city is very beautiful – Illumination makes buildings especially beautiful and mysterious, and cozy restaurants or cafes offer local dishes.

Transport features Costa del Sol

The city of Costa del Sol and the resorts of Andalusia among themselves connects the network bus routes. In Costa del Sol, you can travel on foot or on a rented car. Points for renting machines and motorcycles here quite a lot. Railway transport is well developed – numerous suburban trains run between cities and towns of the region (a ticket worth 1-4 euros).

In every city there is a bus station, from where a comfortable air-conditioned bus will be given to you to anywhere in the resort. Costa del Sol Conveniently moving on a taxi – white car with a roof icon. However, it must be remembered that the counters in local taxi and the price of the trip need to ask in advance, in order to avoid misunderstandings. It is worth noting that the fare in the taxi is fixed: 1 km. costs about 1 euro, at night the tariffs are a little more expensive. In addition, pleasure boats can also deliver you to any of the resort cities.

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