Costa Dorada. What is it without diving?

Costa Dorada has proved to be the most hospitable, even in the absence of water treatment, we have something to entertain themselves all these 10 days. Towns of Tarragona, Reus, Salou, Cambrils, La Pineda are close enough to each other, to travel from one to another was great: buses are frequent, cheap ticket, the road is very beautiful and moving short-lived.

Each of the cities has its own soul, its chip: old buildings and museums or shops with modern gastronomy – is very interesting to examine each. small city, it is convenient to travel by foot. Begs comparison with the French Riviera: Monaco, Nice, Cannes – these three cities as much as possible identical to the road along the beach . all. Somewhere, perhaps there is an old castle. Explore the city was quite boring, we saved a couple of big shopping centers. A large selection of places for dinner was not there. It is clear, Cannes live for a film festival, Nice – for the sake of summer Tusov, Monaco – for the casino and formula 1, and the rest of the city sleep deep sleep.

Port Aventura

More than the Golden Coast of Spain is ready to offer you a Goront Porth Aventura Amusement Park, which does not rest in extremes all for children or nafig children, and skillfully combines interesting things for both extremals and casulov, it is worthy of respect and visits. The park itself belongs to the Universal Studio and is divided into 6 thematic zones: Oceania, Polynesia, Mexico, Wild West, China and Sesame Street.

Talk about Port Aventura I can infinitely: Thematic snackbirds in each zone (in one Taco, in another Wok, in the Third Burgers and BBQ), a gorgeous soulful train that rides you around the perimeter of the park, in every zone your own unobtrusive pleasant background music, shops With Merch at the exit from each attraction, themed shows on the stage of each zone and fun, screams, maximum soulfulness. Everyone will find something to surprise, entertain and how to impose a bucket of bricks. Even people in the park are maximally lamps, everyone smiles, rejoice, whoever you wave your hand – you will always be asleep in response. There is a feeling that there is a unwitting game: wave each other in a more exotic place, and if you drive next to another moving attraction, then you will get lost everything with frantic enthusiasm.

Justice for the sake of reminded about 2 water park: in La Pineda and next to Port Aventura, but now it’s still cold, water parks are closed.


Relative proximity of Barcelona – Unambiguous plus. From some cities it is more convenient to get on the railway, other buses. About Bars Speto quite a few songs, she cares to everyone: Stadium Camp Nou, Architecture, Zoo, Shopping, Gastronomy – It is difficult to satisfy her interests.

In addition to everything in Barcelona, ​​it is very easy to navigate (in the same Paris, Milan, Rome can even be mistaken with the card). And in Barcelona is very clean (hello, Paris with his homeless) and safely, but they say, they are trained with pockets, so you need to be careful: pockets shorts with zipper, wallet in a backpack depth, and passports to leave in the hotel.

About people

The Spaniards themselves are extremely pleasant people – they are always ready to help, if you turn to them, even if the language do not know, somehow help. A couple of examples: Could not understand the conditions of the action on the candy candies, two merchandisers broke away from the tidy on the shelves and explained what. Somehow for a long time they chose the wine in the store, passing by the man who said to tag with the Rioha label, because it is the most delicious, took red and gone. They say, responsiveness is the chip of southern countries, even the indigenous Italians say that you should not expect from the French.

About shops

Costa Dorada. What is it without diving

With everything, at the same time, we were wildly burned from the full unobtrusiveness of sellers in stores, no one run up and did not try to find out, for running or swimming a sneakers, or find out your favorite color. Ask – help, no – no. It’s very kayfovo, because on vacation in 95% of shops you won’t take anything, and you know it perfectly well. And when you say "No, no, I just look", Feel yourself cochase. Thank you, Spanish sellers, for your unobtrusion.

I want to say separately about Supermarkets. Usually in Europe in stores somehow come across unusual things: the cola with the taste of kvass or a green whale cat – and here there is nothing at all. There were steep salads in vacuum, yogurts are chic, adequate semi-year pizza, but there were no new flavors at old brands at all. Is that Pringles Hamon.

About purity

About change

The main change in 10 years in this region is progressive Russification. On this trip almost did not speak English: the hotel has a Russian reception, at the bus station, in many stores, in Port Aventura also has Russian-speaking. Almost everything "complex" Communication was with Russian-speaking people.

There appeared signs "Russian restaurant at Uncle Vasi", "Sale skin". Part of the pointers and inscriptions are translated into 4-5 languages, including. In the first, I remember, it was very scary here, a Russian man was very difficult to find. It is good or bad – xs, but it became more like Cyprus and Turkey. Yes, and guides from travel agencies are less likely to fuck on trifles, probably. Barcelona this is the trend did not affect, there we did not meet Russian-speaking staff anywhere.

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