Cote d’Azur

Many of us brilliance of the French Riviera seems to be one of the components of modern myths of Pantheon Rublevo-Assumption Gods: wealth, pathos and non-harmony luxury. However, the south of France is good by no means "steep" the public – although she adds it a special, slightly funny flavor. South of France – this is a luxury primarily natural, and cash – already then. This is the gold of the sun, the sea and sky azure, the land rich in legends, precious french wines and their people, among which are not only typical French, but also the most diverse public from all over the world, including we, typical Russians – old and new.

Earth Paradise

Tourist brochures, painting Nice, can not be held from a breaking and because of the faceless notation – "Paradise land".

Although they are right. In some way, the British Queen Victoria managed to predict the future resort pearl on the site of the coastal swamp bog, where only unassuming "Wheel workers". Following the queen here, the aristocrats of a foggy Albion went here, irrigation and arrangement began, in 1868, from the center to the coast, the railway was laid, breaking through many picturesque and mysterious tunnels in the stony mountains. And soon when the French wanted to quickly forget the disgrace of the recent Prussian occupation and the horrors of the commune, it rushed here "Paris", and therefore "the whole world".

In memory of the discovers of the embankment called the English promenade, the business cards of the best hotels were decorated with the usual British ear "Windsor", "Carlton", "Bristol". Even the Americans, demonstratively despising the tastes of the European Aristocracy, noted in Nice Sing Rooms!) "California".

The characteristic character of Nice is a lady with a dog, and not only in the resort area on the exchange rate, but throughout the city. They are walked by one, couples, groups, carry in backpacks, carry on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, they keep confidently. And ladies. It seems that natural attractiveness and sexuality in the Creator fully had enough only for Slavs, the rest of Europeans have to somehow get out. Frenchwoman invented "charm". But what!

Russian Biarritz

This city on the coast of the Atlantic at all times has for Russian magical power. The local Russian community survived its flourishing in the middle of the XIX century, when under the influence of the emperor Napoleon III and his spouses Empress Evgenia Biarritz became a recognized center of great light and an extremely fashionable resort. It was in Biarritz that the first Russian church was erected on the Atlantic. The zealous parishioners were members of the Russian Imperial Families. And so far it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Chekhov spent a few autumn weeks in Biarritz, at the very bad weather, removing the number for fourteen francs per day with a meal at the hotel "Victoria", Then the best in the city. Chekhov walked, read the magazines, flirting with pretty women, which was a lot in Biarritz. A few years on the beach in Biarritz built sand castles Small Vladimir Nabokov.

Later, after the revolution, artists, artists, composers appeared here: Ivan Mozhukhukhin, Fyodor Shalyapin, Igor Stravinsky. Girlfriend last – Coco Chanel – financed one of the Dyagile ballet. For many Russian emigrants, Biarritz became a consolation in their exile. By the middle of the twentieth century, it seemed, the Russian spirit almost disappeared from this city. However, now more and more Russians come to Biarritz. According to indigenous people, these are calmer people than those who spend their time on the Cote d’Azur.

City of aromas

Graols – a small medieval town at half an hour from Cannes. When the wind rises, the city can be found in the smell: an invisible loop from a mixture of thick aromas stretches for hundreds of meters.

Until the XVIII century, about six thousand people lived in Grass (now – about 40 thousand). Local peasants brought wool here and sold weaver. Kozhevanniki were in the city first people; They had their own professional secret: they used a mastic tree and myrt as a tubyl substance. Mirt painted the skin in green and gave them a pleasant smell. Some masters specialized in the manufacture of gloves, which they ended with aromatic oils. They were called "Glovers-perfumers". In 1730, former gloves founded in Grass, the workshop of perfumers, moving exclusively to the manufacture of spirits.

Cote d'Azur

Greed perfumers used fragrant plants that stretch in the district: lavender, orange tree flowers, myrth, mastic wood, jasmine, rose, tuberose, Kassia.

At the beginning of the XIX century, two dozen shores engaged in the distillation of essential oils and flower essences lived in the city. By the end of the century, thanks to the scientific and technological revolution, local masters began to use chemical compounds and soon won not only European, but also the American and even eastern market. It was then that the perfumery industry originated. Graols supplied it with basic materials used by the manufacture of spirits, cologne, soap, cosmetics. Clients of Grassist Perfumes were firms "Coti", "Roar", "Gerlen", "Chanel", "Lanwin", And lately – "Nina Ricci", "Dior", "Rosha", "Yves Saint Laurent", "Hermes", "Paco Rabann".

In 1926, the factory was founded "Fragonar", Involving its name in honor of the famous French artist of the XVIII century Jean Onebor Fragonar, the son of Grand Parafumen. Now the company has three factories, two of which are located in Grass, and the Third – in the village of Ez, on the road to Monaco.

In Graz, there is natural raw materials from all Provence, from the central districts of France and foreign countries. From Russia, for example, import coriander and sage. Together with synthetic substances, the perfumer receives at its disposal an extremely rich palette of aromas – more than two thousand different odors.

"Face" brands "Fragonar" Serve perfume "Salley", Imaging the flavors of all colors that make up the wealth of this sunlight. No wonder and the time of year here is determined by what a flower bloomed.

Up the river leading down

Under the dark thunderstorm evening sky on river waves, against the current, people fly on scenes. In Gasconsky, this is a miracle called Muscar – a striking natural phenomenon that happens in the mouths of the French rivers flowing into the ocean. Particularly powerful tides are several times a year – as if throwing a huge amount of water into the river, causing a counterfeit wave. The river level rises sharply, and the collision of the river flow with a tidal wave creates such fluctuations in the surface of the water that will delight any surfing professional. Under Bordeaux for Muscar Special conditions: Dordogne and Garonna merge near the ocean. During the tide, the mascara is formed only on a narrower and mobile Dordoni, and in the wider Garonna, the counter wave seems to fall into the wool and extinguishes its hesitations. The benefits of the mascara can be used only about an hour, no more. Then everything returns to the usual channel.

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