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Czech Republic – a country where the air and now breathes the spirit of the Middle Ages. The country is the most beautiful castles and Gothic cathedrals. Country thermal springs of Karlovy Vary, splendid cuisine and home to thousands of varieties of delicious beer.

Not surprisingly, the Czech Republic attracts tourists from all over the world. Each year, the country is visited by about 9 million, which is comparable to the flow of tourists in Egypt or Tunisia. Figure deserves respect, if we consider the fact that in the Czech Republic there is no sea and a country tour, and medical tourism. In this article, tell all the most important and interesting of the Czech Republic and its people.

A bit of geography

The Czech Republic is situated in the heart of Europe. The country is small – only 79 000 square kilometers, which is comparable to the area of ​​the Leningrad Region. From west to east the Czech Republic extends about 480 kilometers from north to south for 260 kilometers. The total length of the borders – 1880 km.

In the west and northwest of the country on the border with Germany, in the south of Austria, in the south-east Slovakia, north-east Poland. Slovakia Czechs have a special relationship, because until 1993 they were a single state – Czechoslovakia.

The Czech Republic consists of the historic regions of Bohemia and Moravia, as well as part of the region of Silesia. In total, the Czech Republic is home to approximately 10.55 million inhabitants. The capital is the city of Prague, this is the only city – "millionth" – 1,259,000 people, almost all significant and interesting sights of the country are located. Goethe not in vain called Prague "Heart of Europe", "Rome of the North" and "The most precious stone in the crown of the world".

Czech Republic is located in the very center of the European continent, which plays the country of the country’s tourist industry. Russians fly here closer than in popular Turkey or Greece. We read about the flight time in the Czech Republic from Russian cities in our review "How much to fly to the Czech Republic".

Interesting Facts:

– Despite the problems of the Czech nation: High levels of incidence of obesity, alcoholism and tobacco, life expectancy in the country is high – men 74 years old, women are 81.5 years old, this is the 33rd figure in the world. For comparison, Russia in this list is only at 110th place.

– The length of the coastline of the Czech Republic is 0 kilometers. That is, there is no way out to the sea.

– Earth suitable for arable land constitute only 40% of the territory. And here the Czechs are not lucky.

Tourism in the Czech Republic

Tourism plays an important role in the economy, annually, the Czechs earn more than 100 mb tourists. Czech crowns are 5.5% of the country’s GDP. About 170,000 inhabitants are employed in the field of tourism, although this figure is clearly understated, because it does not include bartenders and waiters, store sellers, and all these institutions also work for tourism, and for the local population.

Czech Republic takes about 9 million guests a year. According to statistics for 2016, the citizens of Germany are leading among travelers – 1,880,000. Tourists come from Slovakia (645,000), Poland (543,000), USA (511 000), Great Britain (470,000). Russians in this list at the 6th place – 406,000 tourists for 2016.

A huge pace is growing attendance of the Czech Republic with tourists from China, South Korea, Japan. Do not be surprised if by 2020 in Prague will see Chinese hieroglyphs at stores and currency exchange offices.

What attracts tourists in the Czech Republic? What is the country proud? What surprises visitors?

First, historical centuries-old monuments. Although the history of the Czech Republic is not as long as Greek, Chinese or Egyptian, a lot of monuments have been preserved here, and most in great condition.

Having a thousand-year historical path behind the shoulders, Power is saturated with architecture of different styles and directions. These are more than 2,000 castles, their ruins and palaces, among them are especially popular: Castle Karlstein, Litomyšl, Krumlovsky Castle, Pardubitsky Castle, Yindrhichow Grades, Star Summer Palace, Castle in Kroměříž, Valdshtein Palace, Palace of Kinsky.

Religious monuments in the Czech Republic are fascinating the greatness and unique architectural solutions. This is the Cathedral of St. Waclav in Olomouc, Church of St. Jacob of the older, the temple of St. Barbarians in a cubic mountain, the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary before the tint, the temple of St. Vita in Prague and many others, like pearls scattered around the country. There are 11 Catholic cathedrals in the country.

Guests of Prague Castle and Old Town in Prague, Vysehrad, Prague Courans and Charles Bridge.

Medical tourism is another strong side of the Czech Tourist Industry. Healing sources of Karlovy Vary are famous for the whole world. It is believed that the resort here founded Emperor Karl IV in 1350. Other directions: Podbrasts, Yakhimov, Peloid Springs in Behin and Trebone, sulfur-iron peloid sources in Lazne Toyushen, natural warm and hot water in greenhouse and several other other.

Czech Republic is one of the European "Meccas" of gastronomic tourism. Beer tours are particularly in demand when tourists carry in brewery and on tasting. However, beer varieties in the Czech Republic so much that even during the longest beer tour, all of them do not try.

Moravian vineyards are sitting to themselves wines from all over Europe. Read the details in our review "Alcohol in the Czech Republic – Drinks and Prices".

Czechs are recognized masters of cooking meat, and what are Czech desserts cost. National cuisine – one of the pride of the nation and one more reason for tourists to come here. About Czech Cusco Read in detail in our article "National Cuisine Czech Republic".

Gains momentum ski vacation. Unfortunately, the country can not boast of high mountains, in this area of ​​Cezham is hard to compete with neighboring Austria and Switzerland. Mountains in the Czech Republic are – this is the Sudeten Mountains, the highest point of the country – snow mountain (1602 meters). Some ski resorts are located in Moravia Hills. The most developed ski resort of the country is now a pep-snow.

There is another factor that manits European tourists here, especially Germans. Czech Republic is a cheap country to compare with Western European countries. Cheap food, cheap accommodation in hotels, cheap entertainment, cheap cigarettes and alcohol.

In addition, until recently, the country was "paradise" for smokers, it was possible to smoke almost everywhere. From May 2017, a new anti-bacter law entered into force, serious restrictions on smoking in public places were introduced, and "Paradise" ended. Read in detail in our review "Smoking in the Czech Republic – Rules and Prices".

Negative to the influx of tourists influence the peculiar mentality of Chekhov and the total clogs of the streets of the country cities.

Interesting Facts:

– In the Czech Republic 12 UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is more than in neighboring Austria and Slovakia, but less than in neighboring Poland and Germany.

– For fans of Beer Czech Republic is considered even more attractive than Germany. There are no strict rules for beer, as in Germany (Riinehepshebot). Czech beer more diverse.

– In the list of the most famous resorts with mineral waters, Karlovy Vary usually fall on 4-5 place, there was not yet a major rating, where Karlovy Vary would have won.

Positively on the influx of tourists there are a huge number of attractions, low prices and a magnificent developed network of public urban and long-distance transport. About transport Let’s talk in detail.

Transport in the Czech Republic

By Prague you can move on buses or trams, but the most convenient for tourists to use the subway.

Despite the relatively small population of the Czech capital (1,259,000 inhabitants), in Prague there is a metro of more than 60 stations. Watch the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge. Read about it in detail in our review "Metro Prague – a map in Russian and how to use".

Between cities Convenient to move on trains and buses. Foreign routes to neighboring countries. Ticket prices are very low, for example, from Prague to Warsaw you can rent just 14 euros, to Vienna for 12 euros. Read the details in our reviews "Trains in the Czech Republic" and "Buses in the Czech Republic".

High development of the transport network is not accidental. Czech Republic is a developed industrial country where they produce their buses and trains.

Interesting Facts:

– In the Czech Republic, 46 airports with concrete runways, of which 6 international. For a country with a population of 10 million. Man is a lot of.

– Prague Airport per year serves more than 12 million passengers. It is more than the population of the country, and more than the turmpotok for the year. Airport is popular for transfers.

– 4 large airlines in the country, the figure for such a small country is impressive. This Czech Airlines, SmartWings, Travel Service, Van Air Europe.

Who lives in the Czech Republic (national composition)

Population by 95% consists of ethnic Czechs, they say in Czech language.

The remaining 5% is the "Saltian team" from the Germans, Hungarians, Slovaks, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Roma and many others.

In the Czech Republic come to PMZ from many countries, especially for European pensioners. Their manitis is a pleasant temperate climate, low prices that allow you to retire comfortably, and a pleasant atmosphere. Ethnic composition in the country only expands.

70% of Chekhov live in cities – this is a high percentage of urbanization. Megapolis in the country only one is the capital of Prague. Other major cities (a population of more than 100 thousand. Man): Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen, Liberec, Gradeans-Klolov, Ceske-Budejevice, Usti-Nad Labem, Olomouc, Pardubice.

Interesting Facts:

– The famous resort of Karlovy Vary is a small city with a population of only 72,000 people.

– The city of Kutna-Mount is very small even by Czech standards – only 28,000 people. But once it was the richest and largest city, since a third of silver in Europe was mined in local mines.

– Several cities are caused by Russian tourists bouts of laughter: "Cesky-Lipa", "Pisek", "Nirjani".

– Czechs – the most frowning nation of Europe. Here is the biggest indicator of hospital beds per capita.

– Just like the Russians, the Czechs love to collect mushrooms.

– Czech and Slovak languages ​​- mutually understandable.

– National Sports Country is hockey, but! The greatest results of the Czechs have achieved in tennis. Martina Navratilova is recognized as the second best tennis player of the world of all time after Steffi Count. For rumors of tennis fans: Yana Novotna, Peter Korda, Karel Novachek, Jan Kodsek.

Religion in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is considered the most unbelieving country of Europe. According to surveys, 72% of Chekhov do not believe in God, 26% of Christians, the remaining 2% confess other religions. Of 26% Christians: 21% of Catholics and 5% belong to other Christian churches.

If you ask the Chekhov yourself, then the attitude to religion is expressed by phrases: "I do not believe in God, but I feel that there is something there" or "I believe in higher strength, but I do not go to church". The situation is familiar, the Russians are expressed by similar phrases.

Country Czech Republic - Information and facts


Czech Republic is a developed industrial country. Industry gives about 38% of GDP, this is a record indicator for European standards. Leading Industries: Mechanical Engineering, Construction and Automotive. The company "Skoda AUTO" is known, probably to all readers. More than 1 million cars are produced annually in the country, most of the export.

Construction branch of the economy makes a significant contribution to GDP and state revenues. 500 thousand tons of building material are produced for 30 Czech careers for the year: gravel, sand, stones of butte, crushed, natural pigments, etc. Real estate in the Czech Republic turned out to be very attractive for investors, hence the construction boom.

In the field of mechanical engineering, the Czech Republic succeeded in the production of machine tools and other industrial equipment. The main trading partner in all directions is Germany.

After the collapse of Czechoslovakia, Czechs had to build a new economic system. The share of the state in GDP was reduced from 97% to less than 20%. In 1997-1998, the economy "was shaking" from the crisis, which provoked the growth of unemployment and external debt. But now the economic situation was leveled, there is an increase in GDP with excellent pace.

Despite the strong industry, agriculture does not give positions, supporting the long-standing tradition of growing grain crops: wheat, barley, oats and rye, as well as potatoes, sugar beet, apples, drain, pears and cherries.

Grape plantations spread 18,111 hectares of Czech territory. Grown on Czech farms and pigs, cows, geese, chickens, turkeys, ducks. Well, what a Czech dish without meat?

There are more than 20 million hectolis beer today in the country, almost 80% are sold within the state. Here the championship holds the brewery "PLZENSKY PRAZDROJ", "Pivovary Staropramen". They follow "Heineken CR", "Budejovicky Budvar" and "PMS PREROV".

Interesting Facts:

– Czech Republic – the most educated country of Europe. 90% of Chekhov have at least vocational education.

– Czechs is the most hardworking nation of Europe. They have the biggest indicator of the actual working hours – 24 hours a week.

The structure of the branches of power

Czech Republic has a parliamentary and presidential formation. The head of state is the president, who is elected on the nationwide elections. He recommends the judges of the Constitutional Court, has the right to dissolve parliament, the imposition of a veto on the laws adopted by Parliament, he also appoints the Prime Minister.

Parliament in the Czech state bipotable: Chamber of Deputies and Senate. In the ward of deputies, 200 people are working, which are re-elected every 4 years. Only president. Senate consisting of 81 people re-elected every 6 years. The third part of the composition of the Senate is updated in the elections in two years. Any legislative act is approved by the Chamber of Deputies, then by the Senate, and then the President.

The government consists of 14 ministries and 11 central government bodies. Compliance with the country’s constitution controls the CC Constitutional Court. Serve in it 10 years old, he is appointed president of the state. The highest judicial body in the country – the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic, a multi-party political system is represented by political parties: the Czech Social Democratic Party, the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, the Civil Democratic Party, the flourishing of direct democracy, Czechoslovak People’s Party, and others.

Edges, areas, districts, cities, communities

Czech Republic is divided into 13 edges. The largest territory is central Bohemia with the administrative center in Prague, 1.3 million live here. human.

Next follow the Moravo-Silesian Edge (1.2 million.) with the center in Ostrava and South Moravian region (1.15 million.) centered in Brno. The remaining edges do not even have a million population, we will not talk about them in detail.

The edges are divided into areas and "statutory" cities. The first are divided into cities and communities, the second – to the city districts. The capital of Prague is divided into urban districts and urban parts. Edges represent boundary representation. The executive bodies of Kralev are advice (hetman and adviser) and management (these are employees – professional officials). In cities and communities, power holds on offices, councils, management.

Membership in international organizations

From May 1, 2004, the Czech Republic joined the European Union, although the country never joined the Euro Zone, the Czech Crown is still official currency. For tourists it is inconvenient, you have to change the currency, as read our review "How and where to change the currency in the Czech Republic".

From March 12, 1999, the Czechs entered NATO. For Czechs, the transition of the army on the weapons of NATO standards was relatively simple, because the developed industry has allowed a new weapon compatible with NATO standards in a short time.

The state consists in more than 60 international economic organizations. Other: WTO, IMF, UNCTAD, EBRD, Unidroua, OECD, UNCITRAL, UNIDO, and DR.

Czech Republic enters all significant international political communities: EU, UN, OSCE, NATO, UNESCO, Francofania, Council of Europe, etc. In interstate relations, the Euro-Atlantic strategy prevails.

Priority tasks are: Activity in the EU, UN, NATO, the continuation of peaceful relations with border powers, the expansion of cooperation with other states, the presentation of its country. The signature of the Higher Power of the Czech Republic is on international treaties relating to mutual assistance between countries and respect for human rights.

Pleasant vacation in the Czech Republic, and read our interesting articles about this country (Links below).

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