Country in which order

In his tireless struggle with chaos Germany, the world was amazing more than once. Decades she, for example, did not give rest the problem of fertility. This process caused her irritation with its unpredictability and lack of control and, in the end, led to the creation of a huge number of all kinds of theories, his ordering. And in the modern state authorities allocate a lot of money to study the so-called "traffic congestion nowhere", I am trying to determine where they did come from and how to fight them.

However, fine-tuned comfort and social support system, excellent communications and enviable stability – is also one of the results of pragmatism and the desire for order. Reasonably organized being very positive effect on human: no coincidence that Germany – a country of centenarians. So notorious German Ordnung looks quite decent guarantee a happy life today. The German mind has always sought to categorize and organize the surrounding reality, but that could not organize, strongly altered. This feature of his was the source of most of the national strengths and weaknesses of. Ask German hostess why the laundry for drying must be posted in a certain way, and you will hear in response: this is the order. When and by whom it has been defined – is unknown, but any true German and in fact believes that the order above all else.

Almost 43 years ago the Chinese were surprised to learn that they have lost the monopoly on the most famous fortification on the ground. As far Germany erected something, if not comparable in scale with their Great Wall, something worthy of the title of the absurdity of the creation of human hands. On Saturday night, August 13th, 1961 soldiers and police in East Berlin shared its former capital actually two states. The line ran through this section, bridges, cemeteries, parks, streets and even houses. By morning, Berliners have found that live in different cities. Crowds of people walked on either side barriers, not being able to get to work, meet with family and not knowing what to do now. The barrier complex is 140 km long and a width of 100 meters, built with the latest achievements in border construction, in the final form of the following. On the first line – alarm fence. Next – 295 Watchheads with machine gunners. Between them – wire, when touched to which lighting missiles.

Even more – 244 bunkers with brainits for conducting barrier fire. Parallel the wall stretched the concrete strip that the police patrolled. The following line was a combination of anti-tank pvs, trace-trailing stripes and masts with spotlights. And finally, the world-famous wall made of reinforced concrete plates with a thick tube laid. In general, it was difficult to carry a four-meter wall. But the joyful.

The reunification of two Germany, whose symbol was the demolition of the Berlin Wall, turned out to be a difficult and long. Singing after universal euphoria has come quickly. People, forty years that existed in different social systems, almost did not understand each other.

The life of Eastern Germans has changed dramatically. The transition to a market economy awakened the most workable and active part of the population, but caused the closure of many enterprises. The question was previously obtained by professional qualifications, and not always justified: only Sergeant rank in the united army could offer an officer of a high rank!), and engineer – unemployment benefit. By the way, the unemployment rate in five new German lands amounted to about 30%, and the wages are almost twice as lower than in the West.

Despite the gigantic investments – more than 900 billion German brands – it was not possible to restore the full economy yet. Older people suddenly felt socially unprotected and focused on the former GDR. Youth with delight rushed to the West of the country, but found that no one is waiting for her there. Yes, and the Western Germans perceived the union ambiguous. The fact that the reunion of the German nation is benefit, everyone says, but often add: it was necessary to do this differently. How? Countless recipes. United Germans are waiting for adjustments to reality.

Who did not see Berlin – did not see the country, they say the inhabitants of the German capital. Of course, the decades of the section did not have the best way to his appearance, but could not finally change his face formed by 750-year history. It is believed that in Berlin everything was always the best – cinemas, beer, cars, music … Berliners jokingly call the capital of the village. And indeed – some areas lead their special, something echoing with a rustic lifestyle. Still consider Berlin "Prostak" – Noisy and immediate. In any case, it is an open city: you can hear French, Spanish, Turkish, English and Russian on its streets. The number of emigrants reaches 440 thousand people.

Despite the fact that in each one can be happy on their style and to live as he pleases. Big achievement of Berrins consider their ability to not interfere with others and not interfere in other people’s affairs.

In the past decade, Berlin prettier, revived, restored the old and bought new urban ensembles bold architectural solutions. True, some of his Eastern districts still lack traditional German purity, and their inhabitants may be tolerance. But with this Berliners will cope.

Country in which order

Sociological surveys argue – the main value of the German nation and remains the desire to have a full-fledged family. However, at the turn of millennia, the birth rate is steadily reduced in the country, the number of divorces and civil marriages is growing. What is the case? German youth really does not really consider marriage mandatory. It is already enough that you can simply live together, to conduct a common household, in 30 years to have a child – one for two, actively build a career and a house and … Do not think about divorce and cause of property. But before those who decided to acquire a full-fledged family, there are different problems. The level of education of young women in modern Germany is usually higher than in men. This allows them to compete on equals with the opposite sex, but requires a restrained attitude to marriage. Especially since the spouse rarely can become support for them. In contrast, let’s say, from neighboring Austria, only about 15% of German men take part in the management of the household. This ratio does not change even with the advent of children, and more than 60% of women frankly complain about the lack of free time. The overwhelming majority of husbands do not consider the family a hindrance to professional and social growth. And 75% of women managers of any level are forced to refuse it. And therefore, in Germany, the phrase does not exaggerate in Germany that the man’s man covers the rear, and the woman hangs on the neck.

Oktoberfest – unprecedented beer carnival – leads its history from the ancient peasant holidays for harvesting and end of field work. Actually, it is considered a national celebration and rattles throughout Germany, but it is Bavarian, Munich is considered the main and most relevant. His motto is close to Russian proverb: "Business before pleasure". How do "His job" Germans, a long time knows the whole world. But how they are able to walk with the soul, it is best to see on Oktoberfest. About seven million people thoughtlessly having fun and absorb beer waterfalls. Play hundreds of orchestras play. All countless bars are filled out, giant pavilions accommodate several thousand people are broken along Alley. Everyone serves its beer, and the number of its varieties, they say, reaches five thousand. Specially prepared and selected Bavakers, large, full-rigid, personifying the health and color of the nation, distribute liter foam beverage mugs, pork legs, sausages, sauer cabbage. Apotheosis occurs when people take each other under his arms and, swaying, sink a song that "While the row of the sest carries its waters, fun and comfort will not disappear in glorious Munich".

Oktoberfest, by the way, is considered to be the world’s largest holiday and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. During his holding, more than seven million liters of beer drinks, 1200,000 fried chickens and sausages are eaten, about 65,000 pores of pork legs and 84 bull. And the amount of garbage and food waste after two days of celebration exceeds 500 tons.

The most important of any respected German is concern for their own health. Its foundations traditionally include environmental protection, organization and maintenance of therapeutic resorts and health care, the development of pharmacology, sufficient holiday, full, national understanding, food and mandatory sex. Evil languages ​​argue that the British are engaged in them as needed, the French from the love of the process, the Hindus for the reasons of religion, and for the Germans it is nothing more than the morning cleaning of the teeth. Some believe that the concept of shame for the German is very relatively. Nude body, whatever it is, it seems to them "Natural human condition". The Germans do not understand why the sexual relationship of two envelop a certain intimacy fleler if they are as natural as mandatory hygiene requirements.

Abundance of sexual topics on television and in the press, even in serious publications, can hit the foreigner. Sometimes it is explained by the natural aging of the nation and the desire of society "stimulate" Thus, the sexual behavior of their citizens. Germans talk about sex enthusiastically, but very calmly, as can the Englishman argue about horticulture.

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