Country Nelson Mandela and Marine Cotes

After visiting Central Africa, to be in South Africa is how to find yourself in an oasis among the desert. In a word – civilization. Pleasant began with the flight of South African airlines. On the usual domestic flight quality of service and the crew is much better than on international flights of famous airlines.

Most tourists traveling through the Republic of South Africa, "flock" In Cape Town, where civilization and nature are harmoniously combined. Symbolic and the main goal of the trip – to visit the Cape of Good Hope (Cape of Good Hope). It’s not just the edge of the African continent, as well as Asians think, a place where the West converges with the East. It is not surprising that this route is so popular with them.

On the road from the airport it is quite interesting to watch "mental bundle of indigenous population". Someone already at five in the morning cut the grass on the side of the highway, and someone is content with life in chismer materials of the houses. Cardboard, plywood and roofs are used as walls and roofs, and if you are lucky – iron sheets. Sometimes these are whole quarters, the so-called "Township". They say, only recently conducted electricity.

The city center is compact enough and convenient for hiking. For distant from the center of the distance foreigners recommend moving on a taxi. Knowing the route number, if you wish, you can use the city bus. The price of a ticket is low, but in the evening it is better not to explore this method, t.To. With the onset of darkness, even local residents avoid moving on public transport, and also in the City of City Bowl.

The symbol of the city can be considered a dining room with a chic view of Cape Town, Robben Island (Robben Island) and the Atlantic Coast. Naught "Speaker" The name Mountain acquired due to the fact that the pointed top as if carefully "cut off", Leaving flat, like table, surface. Be sure to pick up on the very top. This can be done in a few minutes on the cable car. And you can walk through, but only in organized groups. For, with the words of a guide, not the most friendly well-minded locals sometimes podkrauly lonely travelers and . All that will draw your fantasy. The pleasure of what seen from above can be extended, having served in the restaurant located there.

If you are interested in Nelson Mandela’s biography, then visit the former prison on Robben Island. There were closer political prisoners during apartheid. Maybe it will be possible to capture yourself in the camera of the famous fighter for freedom of dark-skinned.

It is impossible to say that South Africa is a shopping paradise, but not the richest choice of goods with interest is compensated by their exotic. Changing money in ranks (so called local currency), prepare for the fact that the bank will be almost the robber commission for exchanging. Exit – search for shops with Chinese owners, where the course and the lack of commission will have a positive effect on the thickness of your wallet. One of such shops with souvenirs, which holds a friendly Chinese, is located on the corner of St George’s Mall and Riebeck Street.

Outdoor souvenir market Conveniently located in the center in Greenmarket Square Square. It is overwhelmed by trees from wood and stone with images of African animals that are included in the big five (lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo, leopard) or contours of the African continent. Large quantities presented ostrich eggs in "Natural" or painted form (naturally empty), many African drums, masks, crafts and t.NS. With all sellers you can bargain. Even the hosts are quite large stores with a good purchase give discounts. With benefit, you can stroll through the shopping street of the city – Long Street. There are found both manufacturers in small shops and two-storey stores with a wide range.

Country Nelson Mandela and Marine Cotes

If the market consumer goods are not interested, then you need to go to the Victoria & ALFRED WATERFRONT). The quality of goods will be significantly higher, but also prices too. Products from ostrich skin, zebra and sprint skins (perhaps this is really a kind of antelope, according to all sellers, but the scarecrow in the museum resembles a simple goat, however, with an interesting coloring of the skins), jewelry, wine shops and much more. This is cultural and commercial "heart" cities. For in addition to shops there are museums, hotels, theaters, restaurants. Nearby is the largest in South Africa Aquarium (Two Oceans Aquarium). Moreover, this is the only place in the city where it is safe to be a tourist even with the onset of darkness. There are also Red Sed Craft Workshop and Waterfront Craft Market.

You will get tired of walking – sway on the waterfront to listen to the performance of the street team performing national rhythmic tune. Sometimes marine seams are very close to the shore, causing a storm of delight in children and a second stubbornness from buyers moving from one building to another. Children are loudly rejoiced, and adults, throwing packages, grab about cameras. Wrong – you are waiting for a variety of restaurants with dishes from sea to exotic cuisine. Unfortunately, there were no ostricious eggs in the menu. They say they stopped submitted because of the high cost. Where the contents of empty eggs sold at each corner goes out, it remains unknown.

Most natural attractions are outside the city feature where there is no convenient transportation. In this regard, it is best to order excursions or take a car for rent.

On the way to Cape of Good Hope, be sure to take an excursion to the island of sea cats (Seal Island) – for rare pleasant creatures. Halfall’s individuals are resting on the stones, while young people love to meet a boat with tourists, having wandered with flippers. Occupying places in the boat, keep in mind that the island will be on the left side, respectively, and it is more convenient to sit down to see everything. Also on the way It is worth asking to stay at the colony of local penguins, next to Boulder’s Beach. From personal sensations: they have a very soft cannon, but sharp and excessive long beak.

At the entrance to the caulation, nature makes almost unearthly landscape in all eyes. Here finally and cape! Do not be lazy, go from the parking lot on his tip, to stay alone with the elements. Some guides apparently to give it the place of greater significance, they say that this is the southernmost point of the entire continent and that it is here that two oceans merge. This is not true. Yes, and these invented myths do not need completely. After the greatness of the seen painting comes peace and calm. As if something important is done in life.

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