Country three-headed mountains

In recent years, the Winter Resorts of France, Austria or Switzerland have become well acquainted with Russian lovers of active winter holidays. Names like Val dHIzer, Courchevel, Lech, Verbier or Interlaken no longer frighten exoticism. But somehow Slovenia for most of us is absolutely pure white stain on a white geographical map upscale winter sports and recreation. Very sorry! After all, the Slovenian mountains – is a paradise for true connoisseurs and fans of winter sports.

Slovenia has always been the most prosperous and developed part of the former Yugoslavia. It almost passed a disaster Balkan war, it acquired independence quickly and almost without bloodshed. The reason for this was its geographical and cultural proximity to the West (here from time immemorial have been very strong Austrian and Italian influences) and relative remoteness from "The main thing" Yugoslav republics – Serbia. As well as a quiet and hard-working nature of the Slovenes. At the same time – they are our "brothers Slavs", their language is clear enough, they are friendly and like to have fun. The very name of the country unites us Slovenes, as the name of the Slovenian capital – Ljubljana. By visiting this country, it is impossible not to fall into it.

God has not deprived Slovenia natural beauty. But the Slovenes are able to take care of them and save. This amazingly beautiful country, a country fertile valleys, rivers and lakes, meadows and forests. Here everywhere charming towns and villages with the old architecture. And at the same time – all that is required for modern man, the taste of sophisticated achievements of modern comfort. Slovenia – the country of Russian ideas small but extremely diverse. And it is very convenient for tourists. All the neighborhood. To the Adriatic Sea with its resorts and medieval towns – a stone’s throw. Quite close to Venice and Salzburg. And as far as Vienna, Budapest, too close.

And in Slovenia is good at any time of the year.

If we talk specifically about the winter, then Slovenia can offer enjoyment for all tastes. No wonder every year more and more winter sports enthusiasts and simply healthy and have fun choosing the Slovenian mountain resorts.

Let’s start with the resort Bohinj, lying next to the highest mountain of Slovenia’s Julian Alps – Triglav (height – 2.863 meters), 64 kilometers from Ljubljana. Bohinj is situated at an altitude of 520 meters, on the shores of one of Europe’s most beautiful mountain lakes. Here you will be closed, stunned by the landscape, near the huge height of a powerful waterfall, framed by sparkling in the sun with huge ice stalactites sparkling in the sun.

Bohin is an ideal place for family holidays with children and skiers who have not yet reached high mastery: the local routes located on the coat of Vegel are not very complex. They are at altitudes from 1.540 to 1.800 meters. Maximum track length – almost eight kilometers, differential – 1.200 meters. And besides this, you can volat the blue ice of the lake, run on the plain skis, ride on sledding. Very near, 12 kilometers, there is a ski center of the Kobla, equipped with an artificial snow system. So even if the winter is missing (which is extremely rare, such years can be counted on the fingers), your skis will not stand without apply.

Bovets, located 136 kilometers to the north-west of Ljubljana, at the junction of the borders of Slovenia, Austria and Italy, – the highest mountain alpine resort of the country. The resort itself is at an altitude of 483 meters, but its tracks descending on the slopes of the peak canine (2.620 meters), start almost from the peak itself, from height 2.300 meters and go to the level of 900 meters when Delta in 1.200. They are more difficult than in fir, and very good for experienced skiers. But even if you are a wonderful master, do not get drunk "Where to make up": You can be in a lacaround in Italian territory! Or in advance, pour a Schengen visa.

And here’s another wonderful feature of Bovets: he is not just a mountain resort, but a real alpine town with a lot of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, there are casinos and nightclubs, in Bovets you can fly on Paraglian, to fuse on the non-freezing river on the raft (if Love very sharp sensations) or ride horses.

Country three-headed mountains

The most luxurious of the Slovenian alpine resorts – Mount Krajina, consisting actually of three sports centers: the actual Krajina Mountain, Podkoren and Planica. Although Krajina Mountain is relatively low, its slopes are at altitudes of 810 – 1.570 meters, it is never without snow. In addition, all the tracks are equipped with artificial snow systems. Ljubljana from Krajina Mountain 90 kilometers away, and the Austrian border just outside. This resort has a very well-developed infrastructure, there is everything for a relaxing family holiday and for beginners.

And finally, Bled. This wonderful place can not be called a ski center in the truest sense of the word, although there is a small track in rhinestones (500 – 635 meters, elevation 130 meters). But Ljubljana is only 40 kilometers to Bohinj – 35 to 50 Krajina Mountains, to Coble – 25 km. Bled No wonder even in the Middle Ages became a favorite destination of aristocrats and royals. The atmosphere of romance and elegance reigns here so far. Bled town stands at the foot of the ancient castle on the shores of the purest mountain lake. Here – great restaurants, constantly held concerts and music festivals in Bled will be able to meet the needs of their whimsical most spoiled Spa Visitor.

All mountain resorts in Slovenia is fully equipped. Lifts, quality of service, equipment rental opportunities or per gram are not inferior to the highest standards. From the hotel directly to the ski lifts will bring you special buses, the price of the trip is included in the subscription. In addition, the prices will pleasantly delight: once you feel the difference that would have to pay in the French or Swiss Alps. And tired of the sport – there is every opportunity to relax as you like your soul.

Slovenian cuisine is very balanced, it subtly merged Slavic, Austrian and Italian gastronomic traditions. So that restaurants do not disappoint anyone. And if his knees after skiing has not tremble, you can go to a disco or a nightclub. Or to the movies. Or in the casino, if you want to adrenaline in the blood gushed. And you can just walk under the shining moon of poetry trails, and it will not be worse.

As for hotels, the choice is very diverse. There are ancient aristocratic hotels and ultra-modern hotel in the spirit of a new functional, there are family apartments, and it is possible to rent an apartment with all amenities. But Slovenia is a country that everywhere from five star luxury "rugs" to modest guesthouses you are guaranteed a warm welcome, comfort and all the amenities.

Country three-headed mountains

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