County Mountains and Writer Ivan Kuznetsov – that we are everywhere at home

– Hey! I am at school in Runya. Runya is a village of Lamon Commune. Lamon is located in the Veneto region, in the Dolomite Alps, in Italy. There are many different things around: posters on environmental topics, children’s drawings and crafts, books and tourist booklets about dolomites and many-many different cards. I have a lamp map behind my back, which I myself painted a year ago, – the result of my volunteer project. If watching wider – through the walls of the school – around the mountain covered with dense vegetation, on which the villages are scattered, they have beautiful names: Ronka, Drink, Pezzz. It’s funny that you asked this question, because this is exactly what I entitled my letter-message to the volunteers of this year (this is a tradition – to write messages to the following volunteers in school) – "Look Around", in which left his farewell: "See on the sides to see all the beauty of these places".

Tell me, Ivan, how did it all happen. You got an education in St. Petersburg, worked as a marketer, and what happened later? What makes a person already quite "entered" in the matrix, tightly secured in daily round days, a man who crashed to take and so cool change the life?

I have a hypothesis that we are all sacrifices of modern velocities and orders who do not give us to breathe and understand who we are and what we want, and what we believe. Previously, everyone believed in God, now they believe in life without meat, but with spiritual practices (for example). Or in jogging as in meditation. Or in meditation. Or something else. We need something that would make our life color. Many throw their excellent office positions and go on travel – or in a completely different life. I think you understand what I mean. This is about you? Or still not?

– Yes, all this about me: I believe in life without meat, I have my own spiritual practice, only meditation for me is not running, and walking and bike. That to color life, then in Dolomites is not a turn of speech, so there is really. Mountains are known for what they can "absorb" light and literally glow at sunset or dawn. With work I was not very lucky, but the latter was really great work that it was a pity. But I still threw it and left to work as a volunteer in Italy, and I do not regret it.

What made? The same thing that makes the rest: awareness that you are in "Matrix", That’s right you said. Sharing your theory. But I want to develop it a little. It is not terrible that a person gets used to the bad thing, but the fact that he gets used to good even faster. While I worked on unloved works, I constantly burst something in my head, I was thinking about creativity all the time, I was looking for a way out. But as soon as I found a job, which (oh, miracle!) I really liked, I forgot about who I actually. And I wanted me. write books, travel, do something your. Therefore, I understand perfectly perfectly to those who run away from unpleasant reality, but even better understand those who run from the apparent calm and prosperity. Good luck destroyed children’s dreams at the end.

County Mountains … Why Mountains? Why Italy? Why eco school?

– Everything happened by chance. I have not been looking for a school nor italy, nor mountain. But I was looking for something in nature, volunteer projects on the topic "environment", because tired of life in a big city. Life herself offered to choose Sweden or Italy – two countries and two environmental projects, where I was accepted by a volunteer. I chose Italy because: 1. There is warmer, 2. I wanted to start learning some third language (Italian, agree, better than Swedish), 3. Never been in the mountains, like, in fact, in Italy. Sweden me relande. But I wanted something new.

"Caidizer Gor" – So I called my personal volunteer project. Around the village in which I lived, 15 hiking routes and I needed to go through them, take a picture of the most interesting places, put them on the map for tourists. Not that these places have not been known earlier, on the contrary, the area map is the most detailed, all attractions and "Beautiful" noted, but the trails themselves are not long-hazed: somewhere there are no pointers, somewhere the path thicket – it was necessary to clear it, and somewhere easy to get lost. In general, I tried to somehow bring everything in order. But for me, the project broke into something more. All 15 trails smoothly flowed (or even overwhelmed – like snakes) in a literary work, a book that I wrote about my experience in the village in Dolomites and work by a volunteer in the local "Greenpeace". Instead of chapters, I have trails: "Ringing", "Shepherd", "Snake", "Azure", "Berry". Not even reading the book, in one of these names you can already make yourself some idea about this place. Before me, the trails were simply numbered: 1st, 2nd and so on. But I all came up with the name, based on the fact that there is an interesting path or based on your experience. Officially, the local tourist center of the title did not accept, but it’s like a sign of the ruble – I introduce them myself, without anything asking, and then you look and come in.

You immediately knew that you are leaving for a long time – for a year?

– Yes, the volunteer program was designed for the year. But this year was not calendar, but natural. I spent 8 months in the village, but I saw all four months of year: the month of winter, spring, summer and two autumn months. Therefore, I say that I lived in the village year. Nature is more important than the calendar! It was difficult if it was decided and go to a new place for a whole year? None! I immediately arranged 16 two weeks vacations! And staying longer. Sorry, the program and visa ended.

Weird question. I would not like if I was asked him. But I still ask him to you. Why did you go to Italy, why couldn’t you deal with something like that in Russia?

– an excellent question. For me personally, participation in the volunteer project was not only the ability to do something new, but also the possibility for a long journey to another country. In itself for 8 months in Italy do not gather. And such projects are very suitable for this. At the same time I do not say what I wanted only somewhere "Dump". No. I came up with myself a rule that I try to distribute somehow among the volunteers: "On one volunteer project abroad should have one in Russia". I, for example, is very interested in Native Karelia. There is such a place – "White Sea and Onega Petroglyphs". These are unique rock paintings in five to six thousand years. There are no analogs in the world. So, they are almost not guarded, and no one follows them. Several volunteers on the voluntary basis live in summer in tents in the forest and water independently excursions. I want to somehow take part in this, to help.

Slow journey … This is a good term, understandable, accommodating and time, and space. That you said well. Year in Italy is your only slow journey? How did you travel earlier?

– Not the only one. Lived and worked in America three and a half months on the program "Work and travel". But it took half of Russian students. So much traveled in France, where I also worked as a volunteer: one and a half weeks in Paris, two in Provence, two months in the country of Baskov, in the French part of it, then two more weeks in Normandy. "Tour de France" Opened. But know. This also comes. When traveling long, the feeling of movement disappears, and the journey turns into life. I used to be angry with tourists, but after the year of life in Europe, I realized that there is still something to go to your favorite Helsinki for three days. Sometimes these three days give more than three months in France, which I generally did not like the soul.

County Mountains and Writer Ivan Kuznetsov - that we are everywhere at home

You said your story about how to find a lesson for the soul and do what really likes. Tell me how. How to understand what you want. Happy one who knows it. Very happy one who does what you want. And the rest – their majority – do not even imagine what they have a soul. Because they often did what they were accepted or what others wanted them.

– In my first book there is a whole essay on this topic. If briefly, then all at the beginning – in childhood. Remember who you wanted to become in childhood and try to realize forgotten children’s dreams of life. Even if you don’t know what you want, in childhood you knew it. So it does not happen to dream about something. But under pressure from parents, schools and all educational institutions, and then work, banks with their loans, motor vehicles and other movable and real estate. We forget about our children’s dreams. All these institutions are so strong that even remembering child dreams is not at all. Imagine – almost impossible. But trying to still stand. In the book about Italy, I again affect this topic. There is a story in it "Conversation with Dione about books", who did not enter the paper edition, and I turned it on electronic. Dion is a girl who worked with me volunteer at school. All of us were five. Once we started talking to her about books (both avid books), but she loves to jump off the topic on the topic.

Now you collect funds to publish your book "The trail that I paved". What do you think the likelihood of the success of the operation? Who will be interested in reading this book?

– Money has already been collected, the book managed to publish. You can find it on my website at: www.kunavithewriter.Com. The book published himself with the help of not indifferent people who were close to the topic of volunteering and mountains. Thank you again. I do not get tired thanks. The book will be interesting to all volunteers as the future and those who have already participated in volunteer projects and volunteer camps, lovers to travel and know new countries, and not just celebrate in tourist sites, everyone who is crazy about the mountains, Hayking, Trekking and the like. And also to everyone, there is still a free spirit.

What’s next? The book is to summarize your Italian year, or the beginning of something more, long?

I don’t know yet. Returning to the village a year later, I realized that life is greater than any book. In the book of almost 300 pages, hundreds of kilometers of mountain trail and asphalt roads, which I drove on a bike, 60 villages, more than 40 characters, not counting me and my friends volunteers. But I realized that I did not tell a smooth account. Any resident day accommodates more than all world libraries. In the city you do not notice. But in such a place like Lamon, or any other similar village, where it snapped on the bench near the house or with a glass of the syringe (local popular cocktail) in the bar you can watch for hours on people passing by passing by people, greet them, to start talking or, on the contrary, to stay Alone, admiring the mountains, or go where the eyes look at the mountain paths, not afraid of getting lost … Everything is becoming the meaning! You literally see the time that sails past you. You have them. And do not sell it for the money conditional "uncle" or "Teteer" – boss or boss. On the other hand, any book and in general any work of art, more than life. But I will tell about this in the essay, which I plan to write on the reasons of my return to Lamon.

What is the most important travel, Ivan?

Be at home on the road. Travels is myth. Fly to another planet – that’s what I understand! And on earth we everywhere at home.

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