COVID-19 in Egypt – Rules for tourists

Is it safe to relax in Egypt? Does the negative test for coronavirus for entering the country? What rules of COBID-security operate in hotels, public places and in transport? Is it possible to move tourists within the country? Read the answers in our article.

Opening of Egypt

Today, President Vladimir Putin canceled its decree from 2015 on the ban on charter flights to the resorts of Egypt. True, I did not yet say my word Oerstab. But we think their positive decision is not far off.

The exact date of the full opening of the flight is not yet. As soon as the dates will be known, we will definitely write.

Latest news

This article is updated constantly as the situation develops. Last updated 08.07.2021. Latest news: About coronavirus in Egypt now almost do not remember. In the press, only daily reports on a small number of ill and promise tremendous success in vaccination in the future.

The number of new cases continues to decline. Yesterday was 161 new case. And this is 90 million people in the country!

Yesterday, the Minister of Health of Hala Zaid stated that Egypt plans to produce 80 million doses of vaccine on its territory until the end of the year. This is clearly too optimistic, because while the Egyptians produced only 1 million doses of Chinese Sinovac. Wait, see, maybe it will work out.

What is the epidemiological situation in Egypt?

It’s hard to say for sure. In Egypt, there are little tests – all made 1.3 per thousand people of the population and then they simply stopped holding statistics on this indicator. Recently, the numbers have been updated, it became 27 per thousand. For comparison, in Russia made 1049 per thousand, and in the UAE made 5957 per thousand.

With an unknown number of tests, it is difficult to judge. It is possible that the Egyptians have already developed a collective immunity, and it is not necessary to fear coronavirus in Egypt at all. And even if it has not yet been developed, the Egyptians are very close to this.

Recall that tourists from Ukraine and Belarus flew to the resorts of Egypt direct flights. And upon returning back mass cases of pronony of coronavirus yet. From this we can conclude that the situation is normal, nothing terrible in Egypt does not occur.

Egyptians are one of the youngest nations in the world, the middle age is 25 years old. Nothing surprising that they almost don’t notice the virus. Details in our article "Population of Egypt".

Rules of entry

Option 1 – Vaccination Certificate

From June 25, 2021, you can enter Egypt without PCR test. You need to present a certificate of full vaccination. Conditions are as follows:

– only Sputnik V vaccine (from Russian vaccines) is accepted;

– from the moment of entering the second dose of the vaccine must pass 14 days or more;

– certificate in English and with QR code. Such a certificate can be downloaded on the website of the State Service.

Option 2 – PCR test

You can show negative PCR test results on the COVID-19 limit for a long time of not more than 72 hours before the departure. For those arriving at the resorts there is an exception to which we will tell a little lower.

Conditions are as follows:

– the test rate is calculated as the difference between the moments of the sample fence in the laboratory and flight departure to Egypt;

Warning those passengers who fly to Egypt with a transplant! For calculations, the flight departure time is in Egypt. For example, you fly in flights Moscow-Istanbul + Istanbul Hurghada. To determine the pressure of the test, you need to take the time of departure of Istanbul Hurghada.

– Children under 6 years have been released from the delivery of this test;

– The result of the test is accepted only in printed form with the laboratory seal. Not accepted in electronic form, SMS messages are not accepted. The document should not be corrections;

– The result of the test is accepted only in Arabic or English. Not accepted in Russian;

– As a result of the test, the date and time of the intake of the biomaterial, as well as the type of sample must be accurately indicated;

– As a result of the test, the test type – PCR should be accurately indicated.

As far as the Egyptian migration service complies with these rules? In fact, do not particularly observe. If you read English-speaking forums, tourists say that they have received electronic versions, tests without designation type of sample, some overdue tests.

BUT! We strongly recommend to have the result of the test according to the rules above. No one guarantees that tomorrow will not be indicated from above to check all thoroughly. Do everything according to the rules, and there will be no problem.

Does the QR code on the certificate?

In the media, items that the certificate must have a QR code on the certificate, which leads to the site with the result of the test. True it or not? Where did it come from?

Different airlines have different opinions on this. Aeroflot currently requires a QR code, but only in the case of a copy of the certificate. Egyptair also requires code only in the absence of original printing. The rest of the airline and tour operators operate according to the principle of "who is what is much.

BUT! Knowing our airlines and our tour operators, it is better to be restrained – to ask directly at your airline, whether the QR code is needed or not. And it is better to immediately have a certificate with QR code to have 100% warranty. Fortunately, now the QR code put almost all the laboratories.

Test on arrival at the resorts

This exception is made only for arriving by direct flights (without transplantation in Egypt) at Hurghada airports, Sharm El Sheikh, Mars Alam, Taba.

To understand which airport serves the resort you are interested in, watch a detailed map in our article "Resorts of Egypt".

In this case, you can not pass the test in advance, but to pass it in the airport building. Dough price – 30 US dollars. After passing the test, the tourist is obliged to wait for the result in self-insulation in the room of his hotel. Previously arriving at these resorts did not require a test at all, but from September 1, 2020 required.

Is it a good idea – to pass the test upon arrival? Not very good. The result is delivered either by SMS, or through the hotel staff. Both ways are not very reliable. SMS may just do not get if you use roaming. Hotel staff can forget about you. In English forums there are tourists who waited for the result more than a day. And who wants to sit in the hotel room? I want to go to the beach or in the pool.

In addition, now the test in Russia can be cheaper than 30 dollars.

However, the self-insulation rule in the hotel’s room is not always respected. Many hotels of tourists are released to rest before receiving test results. From the hotel to the hotel the situation is different.

Health Declaration Form

Before departure you need to fill out a small declaration form. She is simple, looks like. Filling Blank Provides Airlines (or departure airport).

Recently, we get a lot of letters from our readers that airlines often behave inadequately – do not comply with the requirements of the countries – destination, come up with their rules for tests, refuse landing for flights. That’s why! Just in case, we recommend to ask your airline – whether they will give a form when flying or not. If not, print and fill in advance.

Transit passengers

If the transit passenger remains in the airport building to the next flight, the test is not required. If the passenger comes out of the airport, then it is necessary to present the test results.

Wash and Distance Rules

From May 30, 2020, the masks in public transport, shops, offices of banks, government agencies and offices of private companies have become obligatory in Egypt. The requirement of the social distance is also valid – 1 meter or further.

In fact, these measures are few observing. People themselves decide, fear the virus – wear a mask, are not afraid – do not wear. Provided fine – 4000 Egyptian pounds. Current pound course, see our article "Money in Egypt".

From April 2021 began to finant more actively, and the police even transmit statistics to the press – about 10,000 people a day. But for a huge Egypt, it is still a little, and it is unlikely to bring discipline.

Rules in hotels

In hotels, guests are not obliged to wear masks, except in case of mass events. The staff wears masks and keeps distance from guests. The restaurant now does not have a familiar buffet, and all the dishes are exhibited behind the glass. Guests ask for staff to put a portion of the desired dish.

Movement around the country

When arriving at Cairo airports or Alexandria with a negative test result, you can move around the country without obstacles. Naturally, you can go to Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurghada by bus.

Intercity buses go, but not with full loading. Read our detailed reviews "How to ride between Cairir and Hurghada" and "How to drive between Cairir and Sharm El Sheikh".

Earlier upon arrival in Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh did not require a test, but also to move beyond the borders of the resorts to tourists was prohibited. After the introduction of a mandatory test at the entrance from September 1, it was possible to move around the country without obstacles to all.

In some provinces, restrictions on entry in cases of local outbreaks.

Cancellation fees for a visa

Until April 30, 2021, the fee for a visa in Egypt for arriving at the resorts was canceled. It was a special measure of support for the tourist industry during the coronavirus period. But, "Halewa" ended. Now you need to pay 25 US dollars to all and everywhere, except for blue. Details in our article "Visa to Egypt".

It’s important to know

– Coronavirus is not the only danger for tourists. We recommend reading our review "What can not be done in Egypt";

– Visa is now free. But no one has canceled filling the migration card. Read our fill instruction.

Have a good holiday in Egypt, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

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Excellent, comprehensive information on Egypt, especially on the situation with Cake. Continue in the same spirit and promptly. thanks.

So where is the truth about the timing of the certificate. Where did you write from the time of smear to departure from the airport.

Alexander – Glavred site

It is written clearly and clear: "The dough pressure is calculated as the difference between the moments of the sample fence in the laboratory and flight departure to Egypt". All right. You Vlad apparently not so read something. Just in case I will say that "smear" – This is the taking of the sample in the laboratory.

Read something i’m able. But you are about this old test, explain to the Arabs on the plane in Hurghada, when they check in the cabin at the Passengers of the COVID-19. If you passed the smear at 9-00 on Saturday, and flew at 15-00 from Domodedovo on Monday and flew on Tuesday at 12-00 in Hurghada. And this is already = 75 hours. T.E. Bust at 3 o’clock. I assure you will have to take a test at Hurghada Ha 30 dollars airport. When I called the Hurghad to friends and told about your test for the test, there was a minute of silence.

Alexander – Glavred site

If you put our site to them in the example, no one will perceive you seriously. Create as an example official sources. For example, Egyprair site says: "All Passengers "Including Egyptians" Traveling to Egypt Must Be In Possession of Negative PCR Test Certificate for (COVID-19), Maximum 72 Hours (Before Flight Departure Time), Except Passengers Traveling From Japan, China, Thailand, North America, South America, Canada, London Heathrow, Paris and Frankfurt Will Be Allowed to Provide The Test Certificate Performed Maximum 96 Hours Prior to Flight Time Due To the Long Travel and Transit Period Atsee Airports"

Alexander – Glavred site

And you consider wrong. You flew on Monday, but not in Hurghada! There are no direct flights. With which transplant you fly? When you flew exactly in Hurghada?

Alexander – Glavred site

COVID-19 in Egypt - Rules for tourists

For example. You fly through Istanbul. Fly 2.5 hours from Istanbul in Hurghada. It turns out that you flew out of Istanbul in Hurghada at 9-30. Test in this case is overdue.

Alexander – Glavred site

Vlad. I ask you to. Read the rule thoughtfully. "The dough pressure is calculated as the difference between the moments of the sample fence in the laboratory and flight departure to Egypt".

What is the difference, what time you flew out of Domodedovo? Important how much you sit on the plane to Egypt.

Alexander – Glavred site

Now I quote Aeroflot Rules: "All passengers aged 6 years, including citizens of Egypt, arriving in the territory of Egypt, should have a certificate with a negative test result on COVID-19 made by PCR by no earlier than 72 hours before departure to Egypt."

I understood. You mean the flight of Istanbul Hurghada. Then you are right to fly to Egypt.

Alexander – Glavred site

I will definitely add about the case with a transplant. Thank you Vlad, that our case filed an idea!

thanks for the information. We had such a question. We plan to fly to Cairo, spend the night at the Cairo Hotel, then go to the holidays in Sharm el-Sheikh for 11 nights, and then return to Cairo on 2 nights again and fly from Cairo. The question is: whether you will not be required from us a fresh test for Cake at the Cairo Hotel (in which we settle on the way back)? When booking the hotel, in a note to all hotels it is indicated that the hotel requires a test for Cake, surrendered in 72 hours (but not clear. 72 hours before checking in the hotel or before arriving in Egypt?)

Alexander – Glavred site

As far as I know, now there is no compulsory test dough in Cairo hotels. Perhaps this hotel’s initiative is to require a test when. I would clarify this issue with the hotel. I would search for a hotel without such a requirement or removed the apartments where exactly do not require anything.

Do not tell me the express test for the Cake in Domodedovo for 2 hours is suitable in Sharma or not. And then I do not have time to do a test

Alexander – Glavred site

Theoretically, it turns out. But consider that at any airport now there are hellish queues for a test. Better inform your route completely so I can advise something specific.

I did not ask you about time and whether the express test of PCR is suitable or need a standard PCR test to fly from Domodedovo through Istanbul in Charm in January

Alexander – Glavred site

This question is better to set the laboratory in Domodedovo. +7 495 933-66-66 . At least their information will be 100% accurate.

Hello. I’m completely confused. If I have a test made 48 hours before arriving in Egypt, I will be allowed without problems?

Alexander – Glavred site

Yuliya. You are confused because you do not read as it is. Arrival time does not matter. Departure time is important. In any case, if you have a test of 48 hours (the difference between the beamaterial fence in the laboratory and arrival in Egypt), then there will be no problem.

So you need to buy a visa in Hurghad, or it is only Sinai with Cairo"

Alexander – Glavred site

Visa in Hurghada is now free.

Oh, Gran Merse. Let it be the price for PCR))

Tell me, they write that it is necessary to preserve the insurance covers treatment from COVID-19 – this is true? or insurance simply want to bet on it. thanks.

Alexander – Glavred site

In terms of insurance, the question is complex. For example, Aeroflot about insurance says nothing, Egyptair also. But if you walk through the sites of embassies and consulates of different countries, then there they write everywhere what is required.

On Egypt.MID.Ru is not said about this, so I do not say about it.

good day! We fly to Cairo for 4 nights (we take a test in MSK), then fly in Sharm El Sheikh. On the inside of flights, you do not need a re-test?

Alexander – Glavred site

Sasha, as far as I know, do not need test on domestic flights.

If in Cairo immediately by arriving transfer to Charm, a visa is also sure to take?

Alexander – Glavred site

Free distribution of visas ended April 30.

And if we fly out of the Hurghada to Russia through Istanbul (a single book – back), the airport does not change in Istanbul, then you need PCR test when landing on the aircraft. Letim Turkishmi. Like without dough.

Alexander – Glavred site

It’s a difficult question. The rules of entry to Turkey says that the test requirements do not apply to transit passengers. The TURKISH Airlines website says the same. So should land on the flight without dough.
But how will be in fact?? I can’t be sure. I would like an airline in your place to find out the exact answer.

COVID-19 in Egypt - Rules for tourists

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