Craftsman’s life rules from the island-hail Sviyazisk

V Sviyazh I moved at the invitation Republican Foundation "Revival" eight years ago. I then taught the ceramics of students of the Kazan Technical School of People’s Art Fields and lived in the capital of the Republic. In 2010, the President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev asked for exemption from office to focus on the revival of two ancient cities in the region: Bulgaria and Sviyazhsk. Established the Foundation, and on the island there were light, gas, water, made underground sewers, began to relocate people from dilapidated and emergency housing. And for the development of tourism, the Fund invited masters.

"Why not?"I thought I agreed. Craftsmen provided premises under workshops, initial equipment, and we began to be equipped, acquire assistants and make every product.

The first time about good housing and speech was not. Together with other invited, bought a layer of Lena, bought clamshells. So we lived in the workshop. Then they moved to the stable.

On the island, then everything was repaired by archaeologists and builders, Tourists were little. At work summer flew unnoticed. I did not have time to realize all the ideas, so I decided to stay for the winter.

And when I had serious health problems and needed softer conditions, removed with my wife’s one-room apartment, repaired and started living. It was 2015. The plot adjacent to the apartment in one hundred became our garden: on one half the flowers were planted, on the other – vegetables. Local do not forgive when you do not have a garden. Good neighbors for this strictly followed.

We live three dogs, as many cats, Korsun and Chinchilla. So spend your free time mainly with them. Sometimes we accept guests – fry meat, fish. By the way, fishing in Sviyazsk is excellent! The river is clean, and pecks very well. But youth to do on the island there is nothing. There are no clubs and sections for hobbies. In the evenings, everyone is just going to companies and walk.

At the local school are trained to the ninth grade. Then young people are forced to leave to enter educational institutions. Most often choose the nearest cities: Kazan, Zelenodolsk, Innopolis – yes there and remain. Only those who could not give rise to anywhere. On the island, work in trade or service personnel always exists! So in the summer, when the tourist season begins, youth becomes especially a lot. Almost everyone come to earn money in a complex of historical reconstruction "Lazy Torzhok".

On the one hand, tourists for us benefit, as, thanks to them, we have a job. The main professions are guards, guard, handymen, caretaker in museums and monastery, souvenir sellers and T. D. I, for example, sell pottery tourists who make up with the assistant. I am interested in developing new brands, reconstruct ancient things, make replicas of ancient ceramics. And here without assistant can not do, especially in the summer season.

There is another side: sometimes it seems to me that I live under a microscope, And tourists consider me. However, to some extent it is even useful because disciplines. I’m used to. It happens, of course, that I want silence and loneliness, but for this there is a night.

Because of so close attention of the yawak many times rose to leave. And you would like, if under the door they were lit or looked into the windows? But it’s worth going to the mainland, how pulls on the island. Probably also because I immediately remember your wards of four-legged and bird. How will they be without me?

Hurt here not fashionable. In the go joke, that diseases – for weaknikov and whinics. Everything is simple: no Pharmacy in Sviyazk, like a clinic or medical center. Only Feldsher walks on disabled and makes appointed injections, puts droppers. The nearest pharmacy – in the village of Lower Viamnaya, which is 16 km from Sviyazhsk. So we are treated by folk remedies, the benefit of therapeutic herbs grow almost all. But I have not paid attention to the cold for a long time. The last serious illness was cancer – fortunately, the operation was successful and after the recovery period I work again.

Craftsman's life rules from the island-hail Sviyazisk

Tourists are different, and with violators we try to deal with yourself. Lynching, of course, not happy, but clearly explain that the litter, put up a fight, we can not steal. The policeman is there, but the area had a large, because it includes not only the island, but also the nearby villages. Therefore, we see him rarely. And not always when it is necessary.

Wind then walks in summer and winter, but I even like. Winter morning here begins with the fact that we have to dig threshold of the house and clean the snow from the track, including tourist. At this time of the year who want to admire the beauty of the island is much less prevent biting wind and snow. However, I feel a bit uncomfortable only in the off-season.

Heard that before the 2010 winter had to walk several kilometers over the ice, to get firewood, bread, matches. And to the hospital and cemetery, located on the other side, at all did not reach. Before he has not found. But I can confirm that now the roads are good, it is easy to move around, even in winter, of course, if there are no drifts. However, the car is allowed to have only locals – tourists leave their vehicles in the parking lot nearby.

Shop we have, but the prices there – Mama Do not Cry! Many are trying to be purchased in Kazan or Lower Elm. I have a motorcycle, and I dissect it from early spring until late autumn or early winter. If it is necessary to get to Kazan, join someone from friends or order a taxi. But this happens very rarely.

Move to Svijazhsk possible, but difficult. Bulk sale of land no longer takes place. Build a home is very difficult, not only because of the limited area, but also because it is first necessary to coordinate the project with the administration and conduct archaeological work. The house needs to be some allusion to the building of the XIX century: to be built of brick with wooden frames and not more than two stories. Many conditions, and to comply with them can afford not to everyone. So buying land for the construction of cottages only very wealthy people.

I do not want to sound funny, but the ghosts here have seen all of the locals. Moreover, and they see and hear so far. And not only at night. Yes it is not surprising if you know the story of the island! Before Ivan Grozny, there was a big touch. Of course, he was demolished, but from this place did not lose its strength. Discuss the anomalies that occur on the island is no longer fashionable. So I try to bypass this topic by the Party. I will only say that there are no mass hallucinations. Fortunately, all this does not interfere with us, but maybe it’s another reason why I can not leave here? Sviyazhsky attracts me like a magnet?

Craftsman's life rules from the island-hail Sviyazisk

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