Crisis – what direction will cause more?

Thoughts about the current economic crisis in Russia do not leave Russians, and I do not exceed. I love to reason and in this record decided to tell about my opinion on how the tourist destination more than others will suffer from the current deplorable situation.

I will not take into account the very expensive and distant directions, like, for example, Australia or Brazil. They may not just suffer as a result of the crisis, but simply disappear. Take popular countries from Russian tourists.

My favorit

So, my favorite on this issue is Dominican. This direction is actively "gained momentum" in the last two pre-crisis years. Already in 2011, the voucher was more or less accessible to the ordinary tourist, and the real "boom" began.

Tours in the Dominican Republic were always expensive. I always loved the joke when I was asked how much to fly to Dominican Republic, I answered a question for a question "to you in hours, kilometers or dollars?". In the price of Turputovka more than 50% is the air ticket, and it is this fact that determined my choice.

On flights it is difficult to save. At least much more difficult than the hotel. The cost of the air fuel is always measured in US dollars, as it is made from oil, and oil – stock exchange. And although the exchange value of oil has fallen recently up to $ 60 per barrel, the Russians did not help make distant travel cheaper. Russian ruble depreciated even stronger.

And how everything was good before

And what was a convenient country for tourists! Rather, the Dominican itself is not doing anywhere, it just became less comfortable. Dominican Pesos cost approximately as the Russian ruble or even cheaper, it was convenient to buy souvenirs from Dominican, as it was not necessary to strain the brain with complex mathematical operations (see: the current course of the Dominican Peso to the ruble).

I remember my colleagues at work reasoned that they choose: Punta Cana or Boca Chiku. And now the same colleagues do not choose, they think how to pay for car loan. The crisis touched each.

And now

And now everything is bad, the dominica is almost no one interested, the prices are "biting". And, before, many did not want to go here, as the flight time Moscow-Dominican is 12 hours, now it has already been frightened, the price tags are scared more.

Curious observation

I will share one very interesting fact. Prices for tours, of course, rose, but no one does not complain about them. I have not yet heard the words "Ah, what kind of dominica are expensive tours". But then I hear complaints every day about what now has to buy a currency for a trip, and the dollar is "mad" money. Usually, such a complaint sounds like this: "I went to the exchanger to buy dollars (or euro), such prices!".

And money on the trip is always needed. Already at the entrance to the country you need to pay 10 US dollars. The visa in the dominican is not needed, but for a special "tourist map" you need to pay.

And more gifts, and still excursions, and also buy something in the store. Tourists can understand, have full right to complain.

But let’s think about the middle tourist spends 3,000 US dollars on tour in Dominican Republic for two, and exchange only 400 to 800 on a trip. What’s the logical to complain about? Over, the cost of the tour itself. But, here is a paradox, no one complains about it.

The reason is simple. Prices in travel agencies are exposed in rubles, and the tourist is simply not led how much this tour is in dollars. These are we, people who relate to this business, are accustomed to everyone to measure in the "bucks", since I understand perfectly well, this is the main landmark. Behind me notice an amazing habit even ruble prices for tours instinctively translate to US currency, and already for this figure, it is expensive, expensive or cheap.

A small splash of activity

Crisis - what direction will cause more

On the trips to the Dominican Republic since November there is a small surge of demand. That is why many market experts will not agree with my opinion and do not count the Dominican Republic to the treasures in terms of sales.

First, this is a new year, which many of our fellow citizens still hope to spend fun in the resort. Most were extremely surprised by new numbers in the search bases of tours, but sales still "go". Not so actively as I would like, but still.

Secondly, this is the weather in Dominican Republic, which has to rest in winter. In winter, there is no rain at all, and you do not risk spending the day in the hotel’s room because of the shower, as it can happen in summer.

Many relaxing lovers in Dominican are already accustomed to come here in winter and they partly formed this satisfactory situation with the sale of tours. Do not decease, the worst figures of economic indicators are still ahead.

What do you think about this in the Dominican itself?

Everything is very simple. They do not care. Tourists from Russia have never constituted a significant part of their customers. They are focused on other countries.

This is primarily US. In the Dominican Republic, the gambling business is allowed, and the Americans are for the sake of this here crowds. Recall at least Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana – a very popular institution of hotel business. And these two countries are located very close.

These are the countries of Western Europe, from where to lie in Dominicanin closer, and more tourists are solved on the flight, and the wallets of the British, Germans and the French "thicker".

My forecast

Already by the summer of Dominian will become a country by Russian tourists. As she moved from Luxury’s discharge to the list of popular in 2011, so they will come back back.

Crisis - what direction will cause more

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