Croatia in the 95th

All newspapers reported all newspapers to our departure to Croatia, all newspapers were reported on rocket. Meanwhile, it is these cities to us, Russian journalists, invited to the tourist union of Croatia, and had to visit. When Aeroflotovsky, that sat in Zagreb Airport Pleso, it seemed possible to wait for any surprise. But on the flight field, the only signs of the Balkan conflict were white hangars Unprofor and camouflaged technique.

Croatia, a significant proportion of the treasury of which brings tourism, recent years tolerates serious losses. Armed conflict significantly reduced the number of tourists on the shores of the unique Adriatic and turned into nothing former 1.5 billion dollars, which the country earned every year. Croatia tried to correct the situation by starting an advertising campaign of the tourist opportunities of the Republic. In Zagreb, conducted an international tourist fair (only representatives of Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina came from the shelling for her), invited journalists from different countries.

Immediately from the airport we were lucky in the mountains of amazing beauty in the surroundings of the Zagreb. Smelling blooming acacia (here she has a jasmine smell), slightly cool air, gentle greens of plane fees, neat houses, multi-colored chickens, breaking among flowers, were soaked. No longer wanted to look out on the forest glades tanks, and in the sky – combat aircraft.

Soon there appeared a bus with colleagues – German, Austrian and Slovak journalists (their program began a day earlier), and we went to the home of the first President of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito, in the village of Kurovat. This village still at lifetime three times of the Hardwood Hero Sforging became the ethnographic museum of the life of the Croatian Peasantry.

Comrade Tito, all the bronze, stood in military uniform: Swipped overcoat Stopped the gymnaster. The statue resembled pain acquaintances similar works in the spirit of socialism.

But Zagreb nicely reminded the separated Tallinn, firing a cocktail Gothic and Baroque, blooming pink chestnuts and an abundance of all sorts of statues.

Croatia in the 95th

But the architectural beauty of the zagreb was interested not all. Journalist from Slovakia went to find a place of falling rocket. It happened in the center, near the incredible beauty of the opera building. The search for funnels were crowned with success. An hour later, aware of passersby showed a slight recess in the asphalt left by a cassette projectile. But the city seems to have already forgotten about a terrible episode, and life leisurely went to her. With a criminogenic environment in Zagreb, everything is in order – walking around the city at night, you can meet only lonely standing "Priests of love" and kissing teenagers. By the way, in Zagreb is very pretty planned "underground" Network of all kinds of entertainment.

In Dubrovnik, the main dream of the Sovpeurists of the 70s, most restaurants are simply closed: it makes no sense to maintain them in working condition due to the lack of guests. Closed and many hotels. In the best hotel "Dubrovnik President" In addition to our journalistic team, only two elderly English couples lived, which, however, it was easy to suspect into belly to Unprofor. Elevator and pool did not work. The tourist season has not yet begun.

It is possible that the absence of a resort fuss and attached a special sad beauty to the handsome to the handsome to Dubrovnik, its ancient fortresses and washes by ultramarine waves, as if toy embankments.

And prices in Croatia are quite high. Restaurant – almost Moscow. However, pay for local fish dishes, they are tasty and diverse. But with meat kitchen – at least for the Russian taste – things are more difficult. So it remains a mystery, why pork here is usually tough. Whether this is explained by the specifics of local culinary recipes, whether the breed of pigs is special. Shorter, delicious meat dishes have failed. And it was the only disappointment in our trip. In fact, Croatia looks even more beautiful than its promotional photo images. Our last excursion – on the Riviera Dubrovnik, to the Bosnian resort town of Heum. There is no border control between Croatia and Bosnia. Policeman, seeing our car, pulled his hand, but immediately calmed down, the Croatian numbers envy. We drove small towns – Zaton, Orashek, Slane. Here, unlike Dubrovnik, the war left a serious trail – broken by the projectiles at home, mutilated bullets Road signs. How it was not combined with the insane beauty of the nature of Croatia, a beautiful country of thousands of islands.

Croatia in the 95th

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