Crowns in the Czech Republic each buys in its own way

Czech Crown is one of the oldest monetary units of Europe. It leads his story from the XII century, when the Czech Kingdom was founded. In Czech word "crown" still meaning the national currency, and the crown – the symbol of the monarch of power. Because of this word game, as you may, remember, one of the characters pleased in the real shot "Brava Soldier Schwejka". In the beer, he made a bet on the fact that the tank shot will fall into the crown, and was immediately captured for the preparation of the attempt on the Austro-Hungarian emperor.

In the modern Czech Republic of political troubles due to the crowns, fortunately, there is no. What are some subtleties of local currency rules to foreign travelers to know unfinished.

Import and export of foreign currency in this country "traps" in yourself is not tatt. For foreigners, in any case. For Czech citizens, there are some restrictions on the purchase and disposal of SD abroad, but the Czech customs officers crossing the border of foreigners are practically not interested in wallets. In the customs declaration, information about imported and exported amounts are not entered.

In the Czech itself, calculations in cash foreign currency are not practiced. Even a taxi driver or the owner of a small private shop is unlikely to agree to accept any money, except local crowns. Consequently, the currency should be changed to these crowns. Here, foreigners usually lie down different surprises.

Exchange currency in the Czech Republic in various institutions: banks, exchange offices, travel bureaus, hotels. All of them establish the exchange rate independently.

It is usually most profitable to change money in banks. They sell crowns at the rate close to the official (at the end of last week, it was approximately 25.8 crowns per US dollar), and charge for its services from 1 to 5% of commission.

Exchanged items, turbo clubs and hotels are usually a less profitable course for foreigners, in addition, their commission reaches 8-9%. In some exchange offelaces, the course depends on the amount that the tourist passes: the more the amount, the more profitable for him. In some places, a fixed exchange fee is charged, which at a certain interval (let’s say, from $ 20 to $ 1000) does not depend on the amount of the operation. In this case, it is extremely expensive to change the minor amounts: passing, for example, $ 20, you get in crowns an amount equivalent to $ 11-12, and $ 8-9 item just leaves "For work". The situation is complicated by the fact that if the signs indicating exchange rates in the changing shops still post, then there will be no explanations about the procedure for calculating the commission on their walls. This should be asked directly to the cashier, and since most of them do not want to speak Russian, but in English – can not, the conversation will cost you some efforts. If you speak Czech or German, it will greatly facilitate the task.

Search exchange points in the Czech capital is not long. Acquaintance with them can be started directly at the Prague International Airport: one branch of the bank is located there before passport control, the other is immediately behind it, and then there are several turbule, which also change money. HE Very large Vaclavskaya Square (by which almost no one who came to admire the Prague beauty of a foreigner) and the surrounding streets shelted about a dozen exchange offices.

Crowns in the Czech Republic each buys in its own way

Banks in the Czech Republic work on weekdays from 8.00 to 18.00, with a break for lunch. Many exchange offices, especially in the city center, operate around the clock.

In banks, when exchanging, it is usually supposed to present a passport. Banks issue certificates of perfect exchange. Exchange points on passports do not pay special attention, but also the issuance of references do not bother.

And you have such a certificate. She will need you if you don’t be able to lower all your crowns in the Czech Republic. The inverse of their exchange for SLE can cause some difficulties. In hotels and turbo clubs often do not make this operation at all. In banks or on the border point, the crowns can be back, but at the same time (especially, if we are talking about a more or less solid amount) you will most likely be asked to confirm (certificate) that these crowns were purchased for SLE.

Czech drugs are produced in the form of bills of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 kroons. In circulation there are also metal coins in dignity 1, 5 and 10 kroons. There is also a small exchange coin – gellers, but it practically does not use it.

Crowns in the Czech Republic each buys in its own way

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