Cruise along the Volga

Travel starts at the Northern River Station of the Capital. The building of the river station is gradually destroyed, but the shape of the ship is guessed in it unmistakably. It was built in the style of Stalinsky Ampire and crowned with a star, once shining at the Spare Tower of the Kremlin.

What I like in cruises – constant shift places. Every day brings a meeting with a new city, big or small, there are green parking. Impressions will be required, do not doubt, and the class of animators will do everything possible and impossible, so that the passengers do not bored: ducks under the bayan, dance lessons, evening show programs.

This summer I was in a cruise to Elabugi, Myskin, Uglich, Kazan, Cheboksary, Gorge, Ples, Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma were also included in the route. The whole trip took 12 days, I will tell you a little about every city.

Myshkin – Cute little town, provincial, unhurried. There are many different museums (boots, flax, of course, mice). There is an antique mill with a surprise (how – see yourself), art gallery.

Uglich – quiet and green. You will definitely tell about the circumstances of the death of Tsarevich Dmitry in historical decorations.

Kazan – Fashionable, young, energetic. With a beautiful and majestic mosque Kul-Sharif (main mosque of the Republic of Tatarstan). Do not forget to visit Kazan-Bogoroditsky Monastery!

Cheboksary (or Cheba, as the city itself is called) – the capital of the Chuvash Republic. Photo lovers need to visit the Park Victory – Luxury views. I recommend to enter the Chuvash State Art Museum to go to the Chuvash State Art Museum, he recalled the Tretyakov Gallery in Miniature. From here to Moscow at Valentina Serov’s exhibition brought the picture "Oak".

Gorodets – One of the oldest cities on the Volga, pleased with the unusual exposition of the Museum of Samovarov. Do not forget to buy famous gingerbread.

Ples Located on the right bank of Beauty Volga. Insoligably linked with the work of the artist Isaac Levitan. Do not miss the sunset!

Nizhny Novgorod Located at the site of the merger of Oka and Volga (I recommend all the photographers to the appearance of the arrow). Beautiful and majestic Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. Not far from Nikita Mikhalkov rented his chief masterpiece – "Burnt by the Sun".

Cruise along the Volga

Kostroma It is included in the gold ring of Russia, this is the homeland of Snow Maiden, the cheese and jewelry capital, the cradle of the Romanov dynasty, the place where the "Cruel Romance" Eldar Ryazanov took.

Elabuga – City at Kame with a thousand-year history, green, cozy. A place associated with three well-known people (every one can learn in the relevant museum):
– His earthly path graduated here in 1941, the poet Marina Tsvetaeva;
– here was born, lived, worked by an artist-landscape system and.AND. Shishkin;
– The first in the Russian army female officer Nadezhda Durov (Cavalist-Maiden) held here the residue of life after resigning.

  • Charging on the sunny deck (not be lazy, it is worth it);
  • breakfast;
  • Parking – a walk around the city with a guide (there are additional paid excursions for those who have already been in this city and want to see something new);
  • Return to the ship, lunch;
  • Quiet hour (I never miss – here is a great opportunity to get over for the whole year);

As it was already possible to notice, I often go in cruises, and therefore I will allow myself to give Several tips Novikom (I really hope that there will be such):
1. Take warm clothes, comfortable shoes, windbreaker. Remember – no bad weather, there is an incorrectly dressed tourist 
2. To save a little:
– Buy cruises in advance through the site of the selected company – get a good discount;
– bunk cabins are cheaper than one-tier;
– Do not take souvenirs directly on the ship – they are more expensive.
3. To start, go to the cruise of the weekend, understand – Do you like this holiday.

Cruise along the Volga

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