Cruise. How? When? And how much?

Food on the "All Inclusive" system, the highest level service, as well as the ability to visit many places in a short time, moving in very comfortable conditions – only a small part of cruise benefits. However, in comparison with other options about this form of tourism, we know not so much.

How to save on buying

Unlike most truols, where buying directly from the supplier saves your budget, the cruise is best to buy from travel agencies. And cheaper to turn not to domestic, but to foreign travel agencies. Some tours are generally impossible not through intermediaries.

Being relatively free with dates chosen for swimming, you can also be pretty saved. To you (and your wallet) will play holidays in the so-called low season. But here you need to know the measure. For example, around South America in the summer period of cruise offers, since there is winter. Keep in mind that now the port fees are added to the cost of the voyage, which are comparable with the price of the cruise with the prolonged round. Tips ($ 10-12 per day per person) can also be attributed to the so-called mandatory additional spending. This amount is divided between the staff, which is directly engaged in your service. However, from Tipov, if conscience allows, most often you can refuse.

Pitching and sea disease

The prospect of paying money and all the way to suffer from the mentaling few people can attract. However, experienced travelers know that the intensity of the rocking of the vessel directly depends on its size. The larger the liner, the more stable and the more comfortable passengers. So, if you booked a trip to Harmony of the Seas (the largest ship of modernity), exceeding the size of the "Titanic" more than five times, you can relax and do nothing to worry, the waves will not disturb you. There are also special bracelets from the indication, the mechanism of operation of which is aimed at charging pressure points and an obstacle to the development of seaside disease. Medical preparations, such as bonine or dramamine, facilitating symptoms.

Cabin selection tricks

Cabins are four kinds: internal (cheaper than all), with a window (more expensive), with a balcony (even more expensive) and suite (real apartments). And then the trick is that you can choose not a specific cabin, but only to specify its type. Most often, you will make a free upgrade of the room during the settlement at the time of settlement for the same money. Note that the balcony is not always a good solution. In the autumn-winter period and in northern latitudes, it will only create additional discomfort due to cool and windy weather.

Internet and mobile communication

Shipping Internet Communication is provided at the expense of satellites. Therefore, it is, firstly, very expensive, and secondly, there is a low speed. You can use wireless Internet in a cafe on land. If you need blood from the nose to enter the Internet network on board, be prepared to pay a round sum ($ 0.75 per minute). Offer on board and batch offers by 100, 150, 250 minutes for $ 60, $ 75 and $ 100, respectively. Do not forget to close the Internet session at the end of use, otherwise the money from your card will be treated even after disconnecting from the network.

Subtleties of Gardeck

Depending on the duration of your tour (from three nights to four months), take the appropriate number of clothing sets. Please note that air conditioners working on a ship support the temperature of about 18-20 ° C, there is also quite fresh on the open deck, so that the things warmate will definitely use you. Another point concerns the adopted dress code in restaurants, where you are hardly empty in shorts or pareo. To the place there will always be a smart causal style. Also capture a couple of outfits from the series "for special occasions" to organically look at special evenings organized several times at the tour.

Copies of documents

Documents along with money – the necessary Mast Hav, without which your stay just will not take place. Just in case, make several copies of your documents (leave to relatives or friends). When entering the shore, as a rule, you do not take documents with you. In case of being late until the next closest port, you will get yourself, but you will send an agent with your things.

Cruise. How and how much

How to save on a trip

Add potential costs to travel budget: excursions, spending on board, not included in the tour price (for example, massage in the spa, dinners in restaurants a la cards and alcoholic beverages). Alcohol can be taken with you in advance. According to the rules, you can carry a bottle per person, but if we put one and in the manual sting, and in the suitcase that will be shipped separately from you, it turns out to be twice. Also, if you buy excursion programs not on the liner itself, but directly from local agencies, the savings will also be significant.

Be carefull

Liner is a whole city afloat, and passengers, no matter how tritely sounds, may be different. Here the advice are not new: not too frankly with strangers, close the doors, do not take a lot of cash with them, keep valuable things in the safe. Near the tourist shops and street artists in stop points often wipe local fissors. Be a bow. In advance, count your route and attractions that you want to visit, get acquainted with local prices (especially for a taxi), avoid little badly illuminated places.

Carefully observe hygiene

Simultaneous finding a large number of people in a closed space is fraught not only by incidents, but also potential problems of the sanitary and hygienic plan. One of the dangerous threats can be infection with intestinal infection. And although all the staff constantly monitors the cleanliness, high attention to personal hygiene will not be accurately damaged. The simplest, but at the same time and the effective rule: a thorough hand washing after visiting the toilet and before eating. There is another nuance that is capable of overshadowing your perfect swimming, wheels – bugs. On the first day, check your bed and bedding.

Buy reliable insurance

Although, according to UNESCO, cruises are the safest view of the rest, common sense and foremost nobody hurt anyone. Pick up insurance in a proven company in advance and examine all possible insurance cases before starting the fight. Insurance should work in the region where you are heading. The cost of ship honey services will not be exactly pleased. Simple consultation – from $ 75 to $ 250, depending on the company. Calling a doctor to her cabin will cost more, and if such a need arose at night, the markup will be even higher.

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