Cruise on the Nile on the route Luxor – Aswan

Visiting Egypt You can take advantage of the opportunity to go to the cruise on the Nile on the Luxor Aswan route. During the tour of the river, you will have time to see the sights of Egypt in large numbers: as you know, most of the preserved masterpieces of the ancient Egyptian architecture are located along the Nile.

For a cruise sailing on the Luxor Aswan route, there are many cruise ships, including modern luxury liners SteiGenberger Minerva and SteiGenberger Legacy. Your program will start with Luxor. Depending on the program, the price may include a transfer from the hotel at your resort, or you have to get on your own. In Luxor, you need to be early in the morning.

In Luxor

The ancient city of Fiva (now the city of Luxor) was the capital during the heyday of the new kingdom of Egypt. The most majestic structures of this ancient city managed to preserve to this day. Therefore, together with modern buildings, the temples of the pharaohs, with which more than 3,000 years.

First you visit the Luxor Temple, which is built in honor of the Deity of Amon RA at the Board of Amenhotep III and Ramses II. Pharaohs complemented the construction of new columns and reliefs of their exploits several centuries.

3 kilometers from it is located Karnak Temple. This temple complex can be considered a separate city, so large-scale – its length is 1.5 km. With the Luxor Temple, he was connected by the Alley of Sphynxes with Baranje Heads. Part of it is preserved.

Then you will see Colosses of Memnon – two huge 18-meter statues of Amenhotpa III, who will be guarded by the entrance of the temple of Pharaoh. Unfortunately, the temple complex itself has not been preserved.

In Luxor, you can visit the Khatsepsut Temple, the famous Women Pharaoh. This is a stepped structure carved into a rock. Outwardly, it resembles Greek temples with proper forms and proportions.

The next excursion object – the valley of the kings, where the famous tomb of Tutankhamon, who survived the Marauders and gave the Cairo Museum half of the exhibits. After a saturated program on Luxor, you are waiting for lunch on the ship and settling in the cabin.

What to take with you in a cruise

The cruise liner can provide the FB or All Inclusive power supply system. With full board (FB) water, tea, juices and alcoholic beverages are paid separately. They stand from 6 to 80 Egyptian pounds. Alcohol in Egypt is slightly cheaper, you can buy in the Duty Free on the boat or in the city, but not for each liner you can take your spirits. Cigarettes in Egypt are not sold in a large assortment, especially on the ship. That on the water that on the shore they cost $ 2-3.

Additionally, you should not forget to take the cream from sunburn, hats and Egyptian pounds. Egyptian currency is recommended to stock various bills to buy souvenirs or items of daily necessity, as well as to pay a taxi in emergency cases.

Cruise without poisoning

The most unpleasant moments of rest – acclimatization and food poisoning. Before the cruise on the Nile, if you ordered it already staying in Egypt, you managed to acclimatize. And if you did not have time to get poisoning in the hotel, then this does not mean that there is no such threat on the ship. Since the climate is hot here, the products are spoiled from great speed. Therefore, it is better to listen to experienced tourists who know how not to poison in Egypt:

– Do not have ready salads, especially with mayonnaise. Salads are often preparing vegetables from not. Beware of dishes, they are very often incredible;

– Egyptian water from the water pipeline sisit bacteria. Take drink only water in bottles and do not drink dubious drinks;

– Take with you just in case activated carbon;

– Wipe the dishes and cutlery with antiseptic napkins before starting to eat;

– Egypt’s kitchen is rich in meat dishes with seasonings, but when they are excess, it is possible to suspect the use of stupid meat. Immediately refuse it and accept activated carbon.

How to get rid of marine disease

Traveling in Egypt with children in the summer season is not easy. And not only for you, but also for a child. Breast children are at all undesirable. The child is more susceptible to the development of seaside disease, although in adults may have a weak vestibular apparatus. To make it easier to transfer swimming on the ship, you need:

– Do not overeat (in this case, it is better light snacks);

Cruise on the Nile on the route Luxor - Aswan

– do not eat fatty food;

– periodically dissolve mint lollipops;

– Drink more often, but in small portions, it is possible with the addition of lemon juice.

Stop in Edfu

After breakfast on the ship, you will go on an excursion to the Edfu temple dedicated to God Mountain. On his walls are carved inscriptions, the images of God, battle scenes and rituals. In addition, the temple has a nomometer and the chapel of the goddess. By scale, the construction is slightly smaller than the carnak temple.

Stop in kom-ombo

Kom-Mesbo Temple is decorated with thematic bas-reliefs dedicated to the triad of the deities – Sebeke, Hathor and Honsu. There are also mummies of crocodiles. They are the symbol of the deity of Sebeca, the patron of water and the ruler of the Nile. Therefore, it is not strange that on one of the walls of the temple you can see a nometter.

Arrival in Aswan

Excursion to Asian includes visiting the temple of Isis, the ruins of the temple of Khnuma and Netaneb, Botanical Garden and Asuan dam. Most excursion programs are completed and all return back to hotels in their resort towns. But in some there is still a nice bonus – a trip to Abu Simbel to the Temple of Ramses II.

Last stop in Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel – Rock in the south of Egypt, in Nubia, below the river from Aswan is 280 km, where the temple complex of Pharaoh Ramses II and his queen Nefertari was carved. The entrance to the cave temple is decorated with four 20-thimeter statues with the image of Pharaoh itself and many small sculptures (3-6 meters), symbolizing Nefertari and Egyptian deities.

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