Sea cruises

Sea cruises – Especially popular among tourists from around the world. The view of the rest, which combines accommodation on luxury liners category 5 *, affordable prices and versatility.

And indeed, sea cruises are available for the overwhelming majority of travelers: the times when the rest on the sea cruise liner could only be allowed to be allowed to be allowed to be allowed to go to the past. And nowadays, the journey through the sea on the ship has become available for almost everyone. By the way, an interesting fact: the cost of the tour in the category 5) category 5 * is even lower than accommodation at the hotel similar category!

This section contains interesting and detailed information about marine cruises, descriptions of cruise liners and leading world cruise companies. In addition, in this section, tourists can see photos from the sea cruise of other tourists, familiarize themselves with the video guides of cruise liners, which is better to navigate and choose the most optimal route for sea cruise.

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What good sea cruises?

Sea cruises are suitable for any tourist: during this maritime travel, you can visit several countries, arrange a magnificent romantic walk through old cities. Sea cruises allow you to travel with the whole family or in proud loneliness: Believe me, while traveling new acquaintances you cannot avoid!

In addition, in the framework of the marine cruise, it is possible to organize business events, negotiations, tourist training. Sea cruise allows for several days to visit various countries and historical cities. And all this – on a luxurious "five-star" liner, where 24-hour service is being conducted, in stock Excellent infrastructure, which includes various restaurants, bars, gym, swimming pools, concert halls and theaters, casinos and spa salons, numerous duty-free shops and Required – a cinema in which you can see the newest movie.

Sea cruises: marine travel costs – myths and reality

We will remind travelers that sea cruises are a very favorable view of the rest: as a rule, the cost of the sea cruise includes food (except alcohol) and all sorts of entertainment (except spa and cosmetic procedures). We also note that excursions on the shore are also paid additionally.

Cruises Marine Reviews Travel Guide

If you compare the cost of a sea cruise with accommodation at the hotel of the same category (4 * and 5 *), it turns out that the sea cruise is even cheaper – by about 30%. In addition, the "highlight" of the sea cruise is elevated compared to many hotels, the level of service, while the pastime options in the sea cruise is much more diverse.

Sea Cruises: Travel Geography

To date, the geography of sea cruises is distributed worldwide. The most popular among tourists from Russia enjoyed cruises on the Mediterranean and Nordic countries. More experienced tourists attract sea cruises to the Caribbean or Hawaiian Islands, to Australia or New Zealand, South and North America or Southeast Asia. During the winter season, such marine cruises are relevant as traveling to the Persian Bay and the United Arab Emirates. Thus, during the round year, the traveler may pick up a suitable cruise.

Sea cruises: entertainment on board liners

As soon as the new cruise ship is commissioned, the tour operators offer travelers a variety of new products in the field of onboard entertainment: so, on modern ships, the cost of which can reach about $ 1 billion), tourists are offered exotic entertainment as climbing on board, visiting bowling, water slides and rollerrromes, golf simulators, Formula 1 racing and artificial ice-coated rink.

Sea Cruises: Types of cabin on modern liners

All cruise liners have cabins of various kinds in which televisions, refrigerators are located, soft lighting of different levels and even climate control systems. Among Russian tourists, cabins are most popular with a private balcony, which is so nice to relax, sitting in a lounge chair and watch beautiful landscapes, breathing with clean air of the sea. As part of the economy class cruise, tourists can stay in the inner cabins of the liner without windows.

Safety during marine cruises

All modern cruise liners have complex navigation and stabilization systems that guarantee tourists safe and comfortable journey for any weather. We add that on modern liners, the pitching is practically not felt.

How are sea cruises organized?

Prolonged marine transitions within the framework of the cruise are carried out at night. Cruise liners make stops in different ports during which tourists go ashore and have the opportunity to explore the sights of the next curious city. It should be noted that you can travel both independently and as part of a tourist group with a professional guide. More leading Russian tour operators who are engaged in sea cruises make up a tour vaporroups exclusively from Russian-speaking tourists, with each group assigned its own representative. It is noteworthy that the instructions and menu on cruise liners are translated into Russian.

As a rule, travelers who have committed a seabed on a cruise liner respond about the sea cruise as a wonderful view of the rest, adventure, which can be called one of the brightest in life. At the same time, many tourists, barely returned from the sea cruise, immediately begin to plan the following journey. In addition, it is noted that the tourists-lovers of marine cruises are the most returnable category of travelers. We recommend that you go to the sea cruise!

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