Cry brandy. Strong alcoholic drinks Spain

Cry brandy – This is brandy made of sherry. This brandy has a certain features that distinguish it from other brandy.

Hired Brandy – Brandy de Jerez – Sherry Brandy (not to be confused with Cherry Brandy – Cherry Brandy!) It is the name controlled by origin and production and excerpt of this drink is carried out only in the "sherry triangle", areas between the cities of Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa Maria and Sanlucar de Barramed.

For Exposures of the Jersey Brandy Barrels used in which the sherry was previously kept, and the barrels with a capacity of less than a thousand liters.

Like sherry excerpt, the excerpt of the dressing brandy is also carried out in the system of soleber-cry.

Exposure period longer than a minimum set by UES standards for ordinary brandy.

One of the main features in the manufacture of the Meretny Brandy is the use of barrels in which the sherry was withstanding, each of which has a capacity of less than 1000 liters, most often it is a barrel for 500-600 liters. During the time the sherry was kept in barrels, they were impregnated with them and absorbed a part of his substances, which are then moving into the Jersey Brandy.

If in these barrels used to be stored dry sherry Finno pale-golden color, then the brandy will be light color, and if there was kept tool, semi-sweet sherry of a darker color, then brandy will be darker. If, in barrels was Jerez Crim or Pedro Jimenez, then the brandy will be even darker and slightly sweet enough.

System System Creemae

This is the same system that is used for ripening of serebs. It consists of a series of barrels laid horizontally into several rows, one over the other. The salker is called a series of barrels, which lies directly on the floor, the barrels of the second row are called the second salker, the barrels of the third row of the third salker and T.D.

When the brandy is bottled, part of the contents of each saline is extracted. In the system of Solera Creemaider, no one of the barrels never devour. As a result of this operation, which is called "SACA" (seizure), all the contents of the barrels are mixed together and bottled. The amount that was withdrawn from the barrels saline is replaced by the same amount of brandy from the barrels of the first cereder, which is over the salker. This operation is called "Rocio".

Thus, it turns out that each of the barrels in the 1st cryader is nominically empty, and the amount is replaced by the brandy from the second cry and so on, and finally the latest creech is filled with young brandy from another saline.

Every time the operations "Saca" and "Rocio" are produced – this is called "Change levels".

Types of sherry brandy

The Jersey Brandy Board allocates three types of dressing brandy, depending on exposure time:

Brandy de Jerez Solera (Herky Brandy Solera). Brandy amber color slightly stralery, if he was kept in barrels from under Jerez Fino, or with vanilla tones, if it was kept in barrels from under Toleoso. Exposure time at least 6 months.

Brandy de Jerez Solera Rezerva (Hired Brandy Soler Reserve) Dark color than brandy salzer because of more exposure time, more sophisticated and complex taste. Exposure time for more than 1 year.

Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Rezerva (Crane Brandy Solera Gran Reserve) Brandy with a complex bouquet and taste, mild taste, long aftertaste, with a distinct taste of oak tannins. Exposure time for more than 3 years.

How to drink brandy brandy

The glass should be of very thin and transparent glass, the form in which brandy and brandy are usually served, nor too big nor too small. Pouring such a quantity so that, putting a glass of horizonatal, brandy did not pour out of it.To fully enjoy the taste and aroma of the drink, it is better to wait a few minutes.

Which of the Meretny Brandy to choose

Cry brandy. Strong alcoholic drinks Spain

It can be said that there is a warm brandy for every taste, from completely dry to a slightly sweet, in color from pale to very dark. The big impact on the taste and color of the Jersey Brandy has a barrel in which it is withstanding, depending on which type of sherry in it was stored before. Each view has a completely unique style.

Recipes Cocktails with Jereb Brandy

Hired brandy with Coca-Cola.
Mix one part of the dressing brandy, two pieces of Coca-Cola and add ice cubes.

Hired brandy with orange juice.
Mix one part of the dressing brandy, two parts of the orange juice and add ice cubes.

Cocktail "Lumumba" – Hired brandy with cocoa.
Mix one piece of dressing brandy, two pieces of cold cocoa and add ice cubes.

Hired brandy with tonic
One piece of the dressing brandy, two parts of the tonic, a few drops of lemon and more ice cubes.

Brandy Sling
3 parts of the sherry brandy, 1 sugarpoon, lemon half juice, water

Place the brandy, sugar and lemon juice in a tall glass with 1-2 ice cubes. Complete water and decorate lemon slices.

Good morning
3 parts of the Jersey Brandy, 1 part of anise tincture, 1/2 liter of fresh orange juice, juice of half lemon

Mix all the components in a decanter with plenty of ice and immediately serve in nullochy glasses.

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