Cryribi. Resort town in Cameroon

Atlantic Ocean, Beaches with snow-white sand, Comfortable climate, National Reserve and Fantastic Waterfall are waiting for everyone who will come to rest in a small Cameroonian city of Cryris. It is located in the south of the country on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea and is the administrative center of the Osean Department.

About 70,000 people constantly live in this resort town. His population has a mixed ethnic and religious composition. In Krimi, you can meet representatives of different tribes and hear their speech. Most often here speak fang. Today, Crif is considered one of the best resorts not only the country, but also central Africa.

It is perfect for family holidays. Belly you can come here and older people. Will not be boring here and young people. In winter, the air temperature is rarely lowered below +25 °C, and in the summer months almost always keeps near the mark +29 °C. Rains in these places are in spring and autumn, but usually they don’t spend hard vacation.

Guests of the city in Krimi are welcome to the seaport and a new airport. The city itself is designed more for walking on foot. Asphalt roads are practically no. Buses are the main city transport. Taxi drivers provide their services to tourists.

There are hotels and hotels in Cryris for every taste. Most of them are located on a picturesque coast, from their windows offer stunning views of the ocean. They offer numerous services to their guests and have a well-developed infrastructure. There are tennis courts, swimming pools, spa centers, sports and gym, restaurants and bars.

Those who wish can stay in bungalows, cottages, or even in the huts built in African-style from local materials. But it is worth noting that there is no official classification of hotels in Cryris. Their owners independently evaluate the level of service. However, many local hotels really liked tourists and got their good reviews.

Travelers come to Cryrib for its stunning nature and beautifully equipped beaches with snow-white sand. Lovers of outdoor activities are engaged in snorkeling, diving and sailing sports. Water center built for fishery fans. And just 10 km from the resort there is a delightful waterfall of the forehead, the water of which fall into the ocean from a huge height.

20 kilometers from Krimi is another popular tourist attraction – Campo Maan National Park. Elephants and monkeys live here. On its territory there is a beach where marine turtles are withdrawn. Pigmeys live in Campo Maana. Their growth does not exceed 130 centimeters.

Cryribi. Resort town in Cameroon

Historical attractions in Cryrization a little. The most beautiful is the Cathedral, erected in the XIX century. Lovers of nightlife await numerous clubs and city bars, the best of them are located in the areas of Lodge and Ebunzha. In local bench, tourists will be able to buy spices and handmade spices and products. Carpets, paintings and ceramics enjoy the greatest popularity.

The doors of numerous cafes and restaurants are always hospitably open in Cryris. Most often, holidaymakers visit the institutions whose menu includes dishes from marine delicacies. Many local restaurants prepare only national dishes, offering to try, for example, a varana or pangoline meat. It is easy here to find both institutions with continental dishes.

Cryribi – Safe city. He is very well guarded by the police. However, being on the beach, it is necessary to relate to your things attentively, because sometimes small thefts happen. Local water must be boiled, and vegetables and fruits thoroughly wash. Before traveling to the resort is better to make the necessary vaccinations in advance.

Every year more and more tourists come to Cryris. And recently not far from it were discovered by the deposits of volcanic salts. They have a unique composition of trace elements that are very useful for a person. Now in plans for investors and the city authorities to build a large balneological resort complex in these places.

Cryribi. Resort town in Cameroon

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