Cuba calls and manit

Cuba has long been called Antille Pearl on the trade routes between North and South America, between new and old light. Poets compared her with a green lizard, swaying on the waves of the Caribbean Sea. After 1959, Cuba began to call the island of freedom.

Cubans have a lot of idols. This is a spiritual mentor of several generations of Cuban revolutionaries José Marty, and a prominent participant in the Cuban revolution Ernesto Che Guevara, and her chief inspirational Fidel Castro, in which 70% of the current population of Cuba was born and increased.

May Havana

Today, Cuba is a multi-ethnic state in which the descendants of European, African, American, Chinese, Jewish immigrants live. Such a variety of cultural influences formed the most interesting synthesis, why is the island acquires even greater attraction.

Rest in Cuba is not only traditional suns and beach suggestions. Cuba offers excursions, bus trips or car rental, walks, including boat, during which you can familiarize yourself with the cultural, historical and natural wealth of the largest antillest islands.

Those who intend to go on vacation to Cuba just need to start a familiarity with the island with Havana and her center.

Havana (historical title: San Cristobal de la Abana) – Capital of Cuba from the XVI century – one of the most interesting caribbean cities. Infinitely you can admire various styles in her architecture: it is Gothic, Baroque, and Rococo, and a colonial, combining the types of European styles and enriched with national culture, and Moorish, and modern styles. Of course, eclectica. It is worth walking along the four main squares of the old Havana: Cathedral, Armory, San Francisco de Asis, as well as on the old square, around which magnificent buildings and structures of the 16-19 centuries are grouped, walking along the famous embankment Malecon, where the young generation of Havana’s inhabitants.

Walking around the city, you will undoubtedly be able to breathe and feel the atmosphere that enjoyed and in which Ernest Hemingway, who lived in Cuba, a total of 20 years. It is necessary to go to his favorite places: Restaurant "Floridita" Bar "Bodegita del Medio", Where Hemingway treated famous guests with refreshing drinks Mojito and Daikiri. Roma Museum is located near the port of Havana. There you will tell you about the history of this drink, will show the layout of the plant in its manufacture, will share cocktails with recipes, in which the first violin plays, and they will be coax.

In Havana, you should visit the capitol, an exact copy of the Washington Capitol. Only unlike the American, in which Congress meets, the Museum is now located in Capitol. From the Capitol to the Embankment MALECON, you can go through the Paseo del Prado boulevard, once the formerly important central artery of Havana. The same glance is involuntarily falling on the building of the Bolshoi Theater Havana. If there is time, then it is necessary to visit it. This year, the theater celebrates the 170th anniversary, and Cuba national ballet troupe – 60-year-old. It was created by the world’s famous at all by Alisia Alonso. It is noteworthy that in Cuba is strong, both classic ballet and modern.

Cuban Modern is famous not only in ballet. European millionaires are ready to go on a lot to ensure that their collections are replenished with objects of modern Cuban art, painting. The most famous names of modern Cuban artists: Roberto Fabelo, Thomas Sanchez, Pedro Pablo Olib, Side Del Rio. Creation of these and many other artists can be seen in the National Museum of Fine Arts Havana.

Guests of Cuba must definitely ride a taxi. In old, but good-quality American cars, any girl will feel in place Marilyn Monroe, and a man – Frank Sinatre.

Cuba entertainment

On musicality and greasibility Cuba is not inferior to any of the Latin American countries talking about "Everyone is dancing on the street". About Havana say that she "Doesn’t sleep until morning". And it is true. In the city boils nightlife, a lot of disco. Special flavor, for example, you can feel in the club "Casa de la Musica", where among visitors a lot of Cubans themselves, and it is "Sign of quality".

There are many musical national hits in Cuba, which can be heard at any restaurant, bar, cafe. For one peso you can order and loved "Guantanamera… Guajira Guantanamera", and "Hasta Siempre… Comandante Che Guevara", and "Chan Chan". I guarantee that without music discs you will not leave this country. We just can not.

Cuba calls and manit

To visit Cuba and not visit Tropican Cabaret – Unfound! It’s like Moulin Rouge in Paris, the view of Flamenco in Spain. They say: "If not on the show "Tropican", was not in Latin America". Men certainly will not argue with this, because in the enchanting view about a hundred semi-fitted women participates. Famous Havan Kabarea "Tropican" appeared in 1939. In 1940 he got its name, as the owner was fascinated by the song of the same name. "Tropican" I gained great fame in the fifties, when Cuba was actually under the rule of the United States, continued his existence and after the Cuban Revolution and became one of the places that tourists arrive at Cuba.

The secret of long and happy life

There are many long-livers in Cuba, there are people who are 115-120 years old. When they are asked what is the secret of such longevity, they answer: "We are smoking Cuban cigars". For many connoisseurs, word "cigar" Associated with Cuba. To date, about 80 grades produce on the island and produce about 35 brands. Cigars differ in size, fortresses, taste, aroma. Cuban cigars are rightfully considered the best in the world. All recipes are held in the strictest secretion. However, it is known that they are all produced from natural raw materials and do not contain any chemical additives.

Even a non-smoking man will leave Cuba with cigars, let them bought as a gift. May not doubt it will be appreciated.


Cuba due to its successful geographical location and climatic conditions boasts the sun all year round, wide beaches with snow-white sand, transparent turquoise ocean water.

This island state with its capabilities will satisfy any tastes. It is the attractions in Havana and other parts of the country, and entertainment, fun, holidays 100% in Varadero – most popular at the country’s resort. This is the perfect suitable place for family holidays or honeymoon on the fabulous Islands Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and others where you can stay alone with each other and nature.

Palm trees, coconuts, breeze, saving from the scorching sun, comfortable hotels, first-class service – all this will make rest unforgettable and smacks a positive energy for a long time.

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