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Externally, the island resembles a sleeping crocodile, but it does not scare tourists at all. The question of the visa remains relevant in October, despite the so-called period of hurricanes. Cuba is hospitable for their fans, but they are ready to accept them for a period not more than 30 days. However, if desired, the tourist will be able to extend his stay on the island for a month. Make it can be maximum twice, for what you need to contact the migration service. Visa extension will cost about $ 30.

On the border you will be asked to prevent passport and return tickets. Apparently to be confident that you will not stay on the island forever. Also, do not forget the migration card in two copies.

How to fly?

Direct flights to Havana only company «Aeroflot». Airplane from Sheremetyevo Airport crashes. On board you have to spend at least 11 hours, be prepared to eat, sleep, view all popular filmons and several times from nothing to do carefully read the airline log. However, many tourists prefer direct flights «Aeroflot» More comfortable flight with a change in Amsterdam and Paris companies «KLM» and «Airfrance».

In addition, you can fly immediately at the airport of the resort town of Varadero, without stopping in the capital. With a change in Dusseldorf (Germany), take 14 hours with companies «S7 Airlines» and «Air Berlin». However, with the same situation on the road, you can spend 40 hours if you stay in Germany for a day. When selecting air tickets, some regularity is traced: the more transplants, the cheaper. So direct flights are the most expensive — from 130,000 rubles. on November.

Prices for tickets in November fluctuate from 79,000 rubles. and two hundred thousand are not limited to. Yes, the journey is not cheap. Statistics argue that people with income above are flying in Cuba. But if you ask the goal, you can pick up a cheaper tour.

What to see?

From José Marty International Airport, you can go to the hotel in the very capital or choose any other resort. The Republic of Cuba consists of 16 provinces and social municipality of the Island of HosenTud. In the capital it is worth stroll through the historical center of the city — Old Havana, and in the morning to arrange a jog in the famous Malecon Quay. In Matanasse, soak on incredibly beautiful beaches of Varadero. In Villa Clare, it is in the resort of Elgea in healing mineral springs and take a picture of a large artificial lake Anabanilla. In Camaguey, go to the Karmen Square and meet the Cuban Theater «Princepal». The province of the Granma is known for the Drembarco del Granma National Park, the walk through which will be accurately remembered for a long time. The park declared UNESCO in the property of mankind.

But, of course, the most important attraction of the country — These are people and their culture. Solar and original, they do not seek to wealth, because they live in the conditions of socialist building more than half a century. Salary on Cuba is very low, but every month Cubans receive some material support from the state. The basket includes a dozen eggs, liter of vegetable oil, a couple of kilograms of sugar, rice, kilogram of beans, as well as some meat, chicken, fish and sausages.

In this country, they raise well-known ballerinas, and the Cuban baseball team and today remains the best in the world.

What to do in Cuba?

Cuba Information about the country

Dance! In Cuba on offer to dance answers «I do not know how» and «Sorry, do not want» not accepted. Cubans are literally born under the rhythms of perky salsa and bacats, so the movement in the tact of music in their blood. Amazingly, but even the old men are dancing here. There are so-called gardens for older people on Cuba. In the tight schedule of the day of grandparents, there are also dancing classes.

Unofficial anthem Cuba «Guantanemer» Sounds from each second window. This trend does not depend on the season, Cubans are proud of their country year-round. You can listen to music in live performance on Varadero: Rock in the club The Beatles and Jazz in Havana Club. It is there you will see how plastic Cubans move. Young people are spinning from these open-air institutions daily and enjoy learning dance passenger.


Cuba is not called the island of freedom, buses here and the truth run freely, outside of all scheduled. This is one of the reasons why tourists do not recommend using them. You can simply not wait. The second reason — not everyone can survive such strong impressions. Hold on to the handrails will have to be struggling, for in Cuban roads shook pretty. Passengers are not always benevolently tuned towards tourists who, in their opinion, are able to spend money on a taxi.

In tourist centers, such as Varadero, Trinidad, Havana, almost all retro factors are used as a taxi. However, taxi drivers are forced to pay rather big taxes. For example, on Varadero, this amount is 20 cookies per day (about 1200 rubles. in a day). For Cubans, it is very expensive, so the high cost of taxis is justified.

In 1898, after a three-year war, Cuba gained independence from Spain. However, all Cubans are now spoken in Spanish. For those who are sent to the island for the first time, a universal phrasebook is provided. Below is several phrases that Cuba is more often needed.

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