Cuba – rest for all

"My Planet" picked up the most interesting places for different types of travelers in Cuba.

Adventure seekers – places where you really find them, romantics – Streets of vintage cities, iconic attractions and best beaches, families with children – all variety of wildlife, pirated locks and much more.

Note. Two currencies operate on Cuba: Peso for locals and cook (Peso Cubano Convertible, CUC) – for tourists. 1 Cook = $ 1. Prices are given in dollars.

For seekers adventure

Light rum, fragrant cigars, incendiary night discos – all this can make your holiday in Cuba unforgettable.

Bar "El Floridit" in Havana

Facade Bar "El Floridit". © Istokphoto.Com

It is one of the brightest sights of the Cuban Capital. And thanks to Ernete Hemingway – For 15 years, the writer came here every morning to drink his favorite cocktail – double daiquiri. It can now be seen in the bar – the truth is already bronze. Dad Ham behind the counter, live music, colorful audience, delicious daiquiri. To visit Havana and do not go to "Floriditu" is impossible! Address: ul. Obispo, 557.

Show-cabaret "Tropican"

Show-cabaret "Tropican". © Istokphoto.Com

Although there are different opinions about the show, from enthusiastic to skeptical, it is still worth a visit to draw up. Tropican – enchanting costume performance in open air with incendiary dancing, bright costumes and live orchestra music. And this is one of the oldest entertainment sites of Cuba – Cabaret openly since 1938 and survived the revolution. At the entrance, each man is handed a cigar, and a lady – carnation. At the table, you can taste the Cuban Roma and order Langustov. The costumes of artists during the presentation are replaced continuously and are very original. Each speech is a separate performance that sometimes it can be like a circus representation either on theatrical drama. Address: ul. 72A, near the Institute José Marty. Tickets are about $ 80, you need to order in advance.

Salsa Club "Makumba"

Famous Cuban Salsa.

If you arrived in Cuba, it is worth at least one evening to spend in some salsa club and learn several movements of this incendiary Latin dance. "Makumba" – an authentic Cuban club, not yet known among tourists, but, nevertheless, popular among the local population. It always provides a living holiday atmosphere and communication without barriers. Here you can drink some delicious mojito, get acquainted with the local and find teachers or partner in dancing. Login costs $ 2, on weekends – $ 5. Address: ul. 222, 37.

Roma Museum in Havana

Museum sign on the facade of the building. © Skydream.Travel

Lovers of strong alcohol will see here the whole process of producing the famous Cuban Roma – from the fermentation of sugar cane before filtering the beverage at the final stage. Rom on the island appeared in the XVI century, and the recipe for its manufacturer was improved over time. Today Cuban Havana Club is famous and popular worldwide. Production of Roma Bacardi also began on Cuba, but after the revolution moved to Puerto Rico. A little secret: on weekends in the museum, jazz and salsa concerts are arranged on which you can dance. The museum is located in the Old Havana, on the coast, near the port, at the crossroads of Sol and San Pedro streets.


Ikakos Peninsula, on which the beach Varadero is located, extends 20 km to the ocean and has a width of 1.2 km in its widest part. © Jettravel.Ru

Varadero is a long, a few kilometers, a strip of small sand beaches, where the most popular nightclubs, restaurants, bars and discos are located. Life is hurting here, and even bored with one way to tourists. During the day you can sow on the beach or go to some tour, and at night to dance the salsa under the open starry sky.


Cuba is the island of romance, here you can spend an unforgettable time with your loved one and visit the paradise corners, which will forever leave the mark in your hearts.

Lane Ammel and Paseo del Prado

Walking through the streets of Old Havana will transmit all the unique atmosphere of Cuba: Colonial houses, colorful linen on the ropes, street vendors, artists, musicians. In Amel Lane, you will get acquainted with the work of Afrokubyvy and you can buy some unusual gift for your second half. And Paseo del Prado, which goes to the area of ​​the revolution, – a brisk, lively afternoon and very romantic and cozy street in the evening. She laid back in 1772 French landscape architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Foresta. Now it is a shady alley with marble benches, fountains and bronze sculptures.

EL-Temple Church

If you stayed in Havana, you must certainly go to this old chapel, which is located on the central square – Plaza de Armaas ("Arms Area") in the Old Havana. Construction of the city began precisely from here. Corinthian portion of the chapel resembles an antique temple, silence and peace reigns inside. Before the entrance grows a huge tree Seyuba, which you will not see in the northern latitudes. There is a belief that bypassing the sacred tree and guessing the desire, asking will certainly get what he needs.

Waterfall El Nicho

In Trinidad, where the waterfall is located, the real miracle awaits you – the sunset on the observation site © iStokphoto.Com

Paradise – waterfalls surrounded by giant blooming trees, tropical palm trees and karst caves. It retained the pristine charm, as it is located among the forests and away from civilization. There are almost no tourists here, and therefore you can get enough to get naked, and also take a walk in the virgin forest – dangerous animals will not meet here. Near the waterfall there is an observation deck with which a breathtaking view of the gorge and endless green forests. This paradise is near the city of Sienfuegos.

Pilar Beach

Pilar Beach is the purest ocean water, white sand and fascinating views. © Istokphoto.Com

Pilar Beach is considered the most beautiful in Cuba: here are small white sand in which the busiles are delivered, the water of a soft blue color and almost always beautiful weather. Not in vain, it was here that a batter dictator built his best mansion and it was here that Hemingway lived when he was chosen to go fishing into the archipelago. On the beach there are several hotels for newlyweds with spa, massage, pools, also offer a romantic dinner for two right by the sea. For visitors "On the part", entrance to the beach is paid – $ 10, which gives access to hammocks and sun loungers, as well as drinks and fruits. Pilar Beach is located on Kayo Guillermo Island. You can drive to the island on the rented car through the Damb to Cayo Coco.

Mar-Azul Beach

Mar-Azul – Best Beach in Havana. © PassageMarket.Com

If you stopped in the capital and leave far in search of the beach I do not want, then Mar-Azul is the most suitable option. According to the majority of holidaymakers, this is the best beach in Havana. There are many inexpensive restaurants where you can eat seafood and drink cold beer. Getting to the beach is the easiest way to taxi from Havana, having agreed in advance so that you are taken away in the evening. The trip will cost about $ 10.

Families with children

Cuba is an excellent option for family holidays. There are many family hotels with a children’s menu and pools for the smallest, as well as various amusement parks and dolphinarias, not to mention the beaches with azure and warm water.

Botanical Garden

Cuba - rest for all

The huge territory of the garden covers an area of ​​600 hectares. © beregirodinu.Com

Botanical Garden in Havana, one of the largest in Latin America, covers an area of ​​about 600 hectares. Here are collected plants from the tropics of Africa, South America, Asia. Children will probably enjoy walking through the Amazonian jungle, and adults will not leave indifferent wonderful Japanese garden with a pacifying atmosphere. The garden is south of Havana, where you can get by car on the highway El Rosio.

Ceremony shots

At first, the shot was made from one of the vessels of the fleet, but later the procedure was transferred to the fortress. © Istokphoto.Com

In the castle of El Moro (he is also called the fortress of the Magi) in the old Havana every evening, for many decades in a row, a gun shot ceremony is held, to look at which people are going from all over. An old gun is taken to the wall of the fortress (no many XVII century), tightened soldiers in the parade form marching to it, check availability and give a loud volley. Shell with loud cotton flies in the open sea, as it happened and many centuries ago. Despite all political changes in the country, the tradition has survived. The fortress itself was built in the XVI century the Spaniards to protect against the attacks of English pirates. From here, a picturesque view of the city and the bay. Fortress takes visitors from 10:00 to 19:00, the gun shot ceremony occurs daily at sunset.

Cafe-ice cream opposite Yara

View from the cafe on the cinema "Yara". © Istokphoto.Com

In Cuba, excellent ice cream (the taste of Soviet seals is the taste of childhood), although, of course, there are a variety of fruit tastes. The best ice cream cafe, where you can go away with the whole family, is located in the Vedado area, opposite the cinema "Yara", on the corner of the streets 23 and L, and called "Coppelia". In the cinema itself, you can see Cuban cinema or cartoon. Cuban films are not bad, with humor – can be interesting to our compatriots. There are also films for children, for example "Long live Cuba" (Viva Cuba), the cartoons are mostly shown by Russian or American. It should be borne in mind that all films are demonstrated in Spanish.

Prehistoric Valley in Santiago

Cubans – the resourceful people, they made a landmark in a while. Although how to say on the smooth. © Istokphoto.Com

Bakonao National Park near the city of Santiago de Cuba is a prehistoric valley. Here, the whole family can be stroll through various geological epochs of the Earth, being somewhere far away in the past. The valley built layouts of various prehistoric animals, including 15-meter dinosaurs of Zauropodov. Giant Pterodactyl Togo and Looks down from the stone, the ancestors of rhinos are grazing under the trees – in general, young paleontologists will be delighted. You can get here by car, from Santiago – hour drive.

Dolphinarium in Varadero

Prices for tickets to Dolphinarium are really pleasing. © Istokphoto.Com

If you go to the West car from Havana, you can admire the beautiful scenery of the province of Matanasas, peacefully grazing cows, mountains, palm trees and dazzling sea. A few hours later you will arrive in the city of Varadero, which is located on a small peninsula. In this place – the best beaches for family holidays, with a small white sand and a calm azure sea. And in Varadero itself there is a dolphinarium, where the show with trained dolphins is satisfied daily. Dolphinarium is open from 9:00 to 17:00, the show is carried out at 11:00 and 15:30, the entrance costs $ 15.

Turtle Farm on Kayo-Largo

Kayo-Largo Island is 80 km from the mainland in the center of Cuban archipelago. © Innasky.Com

See and touch the little sea turtle will delight not only children, but also adults. On the island of Kayo-Largo there is a great place to visit the whole family – Farm Sea Turtle Hatchery. There for $ 3 you will become a real turtle mom: you dug in the hot sand of the eggs, and if you are lucky, then the hatched turtle. Those who are ready for a big and adult life, take away from the pool to the sea, following the seagulls to damage them, and let go to the will, wishing long life. You can get to the farm on a small ship that departs from the beach of Siren.

Santa Lucia Beach

The resort is famous for large sandy beaches, ocean clean waters, lush vegetation and well-developed tourist infrastructure. © luxe.Ru

This beach is considered the safest and ideal for relaxing with young children. Bottom off the coast of the hob, smooth and with a soft sand, almost no waves, and the water is warm and fabulous, turquoise shade. Santa Lucia Beach does not walk buses, but can be reached by car, it’s 110 km from Camaguei. In the extreme case, you can take a taxi in the city itself. Also on the beach you can choose a dwelling for a short or long stop among different family holiday hotels.

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