Cuba: Snow White Beaches, Cigars, Rum, Mojito, Daikiri.

Many go to Cuba for a dream, for the legend, even by a moment, to feel unlimited freedom, about which they dreamed of youth or about which they were told in childhood … For tourists, Cuban exotic is an atmosphere of universal carelessness, a unique socialist life and retro cars on the streets of the city – the real automotive museum in the open sky.

Surprise that you experience in Cuba, akin to a pleasant discovery. And the sea, and the greens are brighter here than in the brightest advertising booklets. Think you fly in "Bastion of Socialism", And you find all-inclusive hotels.

"Life is good", You see, being in the resort Varadero, which is 140 km from Havana. Depression is destroyed as smoke, in front of you kilometers of purest beaches, absolutely white Cuban sand, sea, palm trees, coral reefs and "daiquiri" in an ice glass. Varadero is nothing but a narrow braid cut into the Atlantic. Since the hotel was built in the 50s "INTERNACIONAL VARADERO GRAN CARIBE", From year to year with enviable periodicity in the resort there is some new super-hit: promising comfort four-star or hotel categories "lux" With all the pleasures that arise from here – fish restaurants, round-the-clock bars, animators and discos.

At Varadero, there are very many incendiary discos: both traditional, and exotic, somewhere in the cave or on the galleon. At the tip of the peninsula there is a national park with gigantic, above human growth, cacti. In addition to overgrown with cacti, on Varadero, you can find the cave of Abrosio with drawings of a prehistoric person and the house of the founder of the resort of Dupona with a luxurious interior, marble floors and a ladder from a mahogany, in which today is a restaurant "Las America".

Separate landmark Varadero – Sport instructors with Tarzanov figures, which go crazy to Armenian Europeans. Scuba diving fans can go along with them on a 30-meter depth to admire the growing black corals there. Another traditional entertainment – marine fishing. Dorada, tuna or barracuda here is provided even to the most unbelieving fisherman. Task Maximum – Catch Blue Marlin.

Havana is a separate story. No matter how good coastal beaches were good, the capital of Cuba immediately and forever clings you to the hook, as an experienced fisherman of unlucky fish. The historic center of the city is an excellent sample of spanish colonial style. Majestic Spanish architecture, located on the verge of complete destruction, gives the appearance of the city a special charm, which is difficult to describe. In fact, that good can be in the dilapidated buildings?

However, a walk through Havana, especially night, undoubtedly the best occupation for her guests. The lungs of the facades, hurried pieces of walls … passing by these dilapidated quarters, gradually realize that he got into some completely different world. In its central quarters, you can see a lot of baroque palaces, the extraordinary beauty of the old cathedrals and, so that absolutely unexpectedly, the Capitol is an exact copy of Washington, built in 1929 by the pro-American dictator of Herardo Machado.

Walking along the Havana, you can just go past a luxury hotel, but, turning on the next street, find yourself in a real slum. Shady Jose Marty Boulevard connects Central Park Havana with Malecon Embankment, Semikilometer Arc Embiring Ocean. Especially good here in the evening, when her wind-overwhelmed houses are neldeled in the rays of the setting sun.

Cuba Snow Whole Beaches, Cigars, Rum, Mojito, Daikiri.

By the way, to the topic of the night walk in the city, in Havana is absolutely safe. If, of course, you yourself are not looking for adventures on your head. Yes the head at night should be preserved, in the literal sense, but not from the gangsters, but from. Royal Palm. They are in Cuba everywhere. These trees have very straight smooth gray trunks, often with a little thickening in the middle. Royal palm trees symbolize the free spirit of Cuba, being her national tree depicted on the coat of arms of the country.

In the evening, life in Havana hits the key and, literally, rakes in a night cabaret "Tropican" At the corner of the 72nd street and the 41st Avenue. In full accordance with the title, its tables and the scene are located in the tropical garden, among palm trees, highlighted with multi-colored spotlights. Slightly glorified by Hemingway "Floridita", immediately behind it – "La Bodeguita Del Medio", One of the favorite visits of bars, in which the best mojito in Havana is preparing. It was here in the 40s of the last century that this cocktail was born.

The second largest city island – Santiago de Cuba, pressed the mountains of Sierra Maestra to the sea. These mountains announced by the natural historical monument, witnesses of almost all Cuban liberation wars.

The main shrine of Islands is 16 km from Santiago de Cuba – Church of Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre. Cubans believe that objects assigned to her altar help in the performance of desires. Another 70 km can reach the American military base Guantanamo, around which endless banana plantations spread out. Barakaro lies behind her – the first city laid down by the Spaniards in Cuba and her first capital. This seaside town, founded at the beginning of the XVI century, is famous for the fact that it is here that Christopher Columbus stepped into Cuban Earth. Water in the Bay of Tacos is so clean that the bottom can be seen even in the deepest places – about seven meters.

You can safely live, never having never been in Cuba, you can never see and not "Try" Cuba. So, you can live without all this and content with stories or similar articles. But remember the Soviet cartoon about the train, who loved to meet the dawn? Remember the phrase: "If you do not see the dawn, then you did not live life. " Cuba is a dream! She is talking now "Chains". This is the corner in which thoughts will be made in cold, stuffy, rainy cities, and wherever you are, in thoughts you can always drive very far from it, where the eternal salsa and Daikiri, where the air is impregnated with the Spirit freedom! For this, it is worth visiting this wonderful island and see Cuba with their own eyes!

Cuba Snow Whole Beaches, Cigars, Rum, Mojito, Daikiri.

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